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Red Rose Angel

Short story By: Lincarsou

Have you ever heard of an angel who kills? Meet Chad. As a kid, he was tainted by Lucifer himself, yet his angel side saved him. Now? He kills in the name of god, those tainted by Lucifer. Ironic huh. When he is sent to kill a girl who is unoblivious to everything, for once, he couldn't do it. He turns his back against God and tries to save the girl. Sparks fly while Chad tries to keep her alive. (written for coolkidrox123 contest!)

Submitted:Jul 27, 2011    Reads: 32    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

A/N: This is just chapter one! There's gonna be another chapter soon. Hope you like it! Comment, like wtv :) Next chapter there will be more explaining

I'm Chad, an angel, innocent, pure and I help cure the ill. Not. I kill, in the name of god, those who have betrayed Him, those tainted by Lucifer. The ironic thing is, as a kid, Lucifer himself tainted me, but my angel side saved me. Thus, the black wings and the reason why I was chosen to kill the devil worshippers. Now back to present.

I went up to the door and rang the bell. As footsteps got closer, I braced myself. It was him.

"Who is it?" The moment the door opened I rammed myself into it. The door slammed into him, making him fall back on his ass. I walked inside the dark house, kicking the now lopsided door shut. I stood there grinning at the dazed figure sitting on the floor. The moment his vision cleared, he scrambled back frantically.

"No. No! Not yet! It's too soon!" His eyes widened.

"Any last words? I will past it on for you" I said smirking. He started screaming.

"Shut it! Here I am, nicely asking you if you wanted to say anything before you die. And you scream? No one can help you, ya know." But he wouldn't stop. The moment he stood up, I punched his solar plexus, cutting off his air. He doubled over, gasping for breath.

I stared at him with cold eyes, his fear rolling off of him like waves. I could sense his every emotion; and right now? It was his fear of death to the extreme. His emotions were so intense it gave me a headache.

"Please don't do this. I'm BEGGING YOU!" His blue eyes filled with fear and regret as he continued to speak. "You're an angel, are you not Chad? So why are you doing this! PLEASE just let me go!" His voice cracked as he finished the last word. Sweat and tears ran down his grimy face as he grabbed his wet, blonde hair, covering his face with his arms. I took another step towards him. He cowered back into the wall, his body trembling with dread for what's to become of him. And suddenly he stopped. Everything. He was still scared, yet calm. He took his hands away and stared at me once more. It always got me confused, but it has happened before.

"Before you do… let me see your wings? Please. Just once before I die?" I nodded my head and unfurled them. They were a black beauty emitting a strange white glow, instantly brightening the dark room. He seemed confused at the color of my wings, yet mesmerized. After awhile, he nodded his head. He was ready.

"I'm sorry." And with that, I sucked in a breath and let out bursts of white. His body disintegrated within seconds. He didn't even scream. Well, he didn't have a chance to. With my job done, I sighed and took one last look at the ashes. Just as a turned to leave, I took out a red rose, and threw it by his remnants.

altChad (Imagine darker wings.)

altThis is what I imagined him to look like. Well maybe with a fiercer look :)


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