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Above- The Place Between Heaven And Hell

Short story By: littlerose33

Anna died when she was seventeen, and she wishes she could be back home with her Mum and her sister. She's stuck between Heaven and Hell. Torn between her guardian angel, Caleb and his demon brother, Byron she tries to make a choice, but it could put her, and her family, in danger...

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The clouds tickled the tips of my feet, the harsh wind hitting me quickly. I looked down at Manhattan, my home. Or at least it was my home... I died when I was seventeen and haven't been home since.

I still remember Mum and Molly, I still remember everything. The harsh reality is, I couldn't go back, I just have to sit and watch the world. I looked to my side, there was somebody beside me. It was Caleb. You see, where I am now, I'm not in heaven or hell. I'm above, somewhere in between both places. And Caleb is my guardian. I looked at his face, a golden sparkle reflecting on his cheek from the beaming Sun. "Are you alright?" he asked, a hand on my shoulder. There were tears in my eyes, and I tried smiling but I couldn't. I just fell straight into his arms. "I'm sorry," I said, my voice muffled. He lifted my head up and smiled. He ran both hands through my hair catching the ends in his fingertips. I rested my head on his shoulder, grateful for his touch. And then he lifted his head, and walked away quickly. "Byron!" he said, through gritted teeth. Byron was Caleb's brother, a demon from Hell. I looked at him with spite as he came towards me. "Stay away from her." Caleb snapped, pushing back. Byron laughed a deep laugh in his throat that sent a chill down my spine. "What are you going to do, Brother?" he asked, mockingly. Byron ran a cold finger down my cheek, but I pulled away. "Ooh, feisty." He laughed, in a droning voice. He stood up, his weight breaking the cloud in two.

He grabbed me, quickly, taking me away through Hell's Gates. I saw Caleb out of the corner of my eye, and I shed a tear. As the rusted gates creaked open, I looked back at those who were above. They looked so peaceful, so happy. When I looked through the gates, I saw the difference. I was being led through the darkness, the terrifying darkness. I was being devoured by the jaws of Death, unable to call for help. When Byron let go of me, I looked at the bruises. He brought me towards him, his grip now around my waist. His long, cold fingers twirled a piece of my golden hair and he was humming. "You're beautiful, Anna." He said, in a soft whisper. I could feel heat in my body, but it felt pleasant. I was crying, cold wet tears that spiked my vision "My brother didn't protect you, you're better off here." He reassured, his voice droning in my ears. I tried to agree, but I didn't want to. I didn't like admitting it, but I loved Caleb. I have been above for a long time, and I missed having a friend. Suddenly, very quickly, Byron placed a gag toward my mouth and tied me up. When I opened my eyes, I saw what I never wanted to see. I saw that day, the day I was killed on Samson Beach.

It was a hot summer day; I could hear Liza's voice from behind me. She was waving her new sunglasses at me, her smile widening. I felt a wet tongue on my face, looking down at the bounding dog playing in the sand. "Ted!" my Mother called. My Mother was always elegant and fashionable, she made shorts and a t-shirt look like it was from a Vogue catalogue. Behind her sunglasses, her eyes were tired and wary. She hated taking Ted for a walk, I knew. I jumped up, kicking some sand behind me. Taking hold of Ted's lead, I began walking. "Are you sure you don't mind?" My Mother called, but I had already made my way up the beach. My seven year old sister, Molly, proceeded to follow. "Go back to Mum." I said, my voice slightly angry. She was just standing there, her twinkling blue eyes brimmed with tears. Molly was a smaller version of my Mum, I realised. She had the same eyes, and her curly blonde hair was almost to her shoulders. I smiled at her, grabbing her hand tightly. The cold, fizzing waves hit the backs of my feet and I laughed. We walked up the docks, or rather we chased Ted up the docks, the wood splintering my feet. Suddenly, I lost track of Ted and Molly, and I was panic stricken. I was choked up with tears, my feet burning as I ran quickly up the dock. "Molly!" I screamed. And then I saw her and Ted, and a stranger. He was playing with Molly, and I rushed towards him. My fists clenched, I came straight for him. "Stay away from my sister!!" I shrieked, slightly tearful. He let go off my sister, and turned fully toward me. When I caught a glimpse of his face, I gasped slightly. He was mesmerising, his blue eyes as deep as the ocean and his golden, curly hair streaked with silver. "I'm sorry, I didn't hurt her." He said, truthfully. I ushered Molly away, Ted bounding beside her, and I confronted the stranger.

"You could of hurt her, do you realise how stupid you're being?" I asked. He didn't reply, but his throat formed a chuckle. "I'm sorry, can I make it up to you?" was his reply. I thought hard. I had never been in this position, but I was captivated by his beauty. "Yes." He took my hand, leading me toward a boat. The words Golden Eagle were engraved in the side of the boat. I narrowed an eyebrow at him. "Is this your boat?" I asked. "It was my Fathers." I nodded, I have to admit, I was impressed. He untied the boat and led me inside. When we started to edge slowly away from the beach, I was apprehensive. He sat beside me, clutching my hand. "Who are you?" I asked. "My name is Byron, Byron Gold." I watched as the boat glided through the sea, the white ripples hissing against the boat. "The sun set is beautiful." I said, in a low whisper. And then I felt him grip around my waist, and I squealed. "What are you doing? I don't even know you." I said, alarmed. He turned towards me, kissed me on the cheek. He said "I'm sorry, Anna…" And then I heard the trigger being pulled...

I squirmed out of the rope, untying my mouth. "It was you." I said, in a bitter tone. I looked up at Byron. "You were the one who killed me!" he was laughing now. I could feel cold, wet tears pricking in my eyes. "You were trying to make me fall in love with you, but it didn't work…" There was sadness in my voice, because I thought I loved him too. That night, at least. There were people all around me, who I guessed where Byron's helpers in Hell. I wanted to get out, but I couldn't. I looked out of the corner of my eye, Caleb was standing there. I just wanted to leap straight into his arms, and never let go, but I couldn't. There was no getting out of Hell, now that Byron was controlling me. I just watched. "I came for Anna." He said, anger shaking in his voice. Byron laughed the familiar, evil laugh I'd heard that night. "There's no way you're getting her, she's my property, Brother." I watched his lips part, and spiral into an evil smirk. That's when I brought myself to stand up, to fight him. I pushed and shoved Byron. He fought with all his might, but I knew I wasn't defeated. I was stronger, now that my guardian was beside me. "You can't fight me, Anna. You have no idea what I am capable of." Suddenly, I froze. I knew what he meant. He was going back to Earth, and he was going to hurt my sister…. "I'll do whatever you want." I said. Byron turned toward me. "If you let me have a moment with my family. On Earth."


When I opened my eyes, I saw Samson Beach. Mum was sitting there, with Molly. Ted was bounding down the beach, his black eyes staring straight at the sizzling sausage on the barbeque. Liza was with them. I sat beside them. Molly noticed first, her hands trembling and shaking. "Mum!" she shrieked. Mum turned around, and saw me. "You're looking as beautiful as ever, my darling." She whispered. When she tried kissing me, she just fell through. I watched her pull out a spotted hanky from her pocket and wipe her eyes. Liza looked at me. "I miss you." She said softly. I blinked, Liza looked very different from last time I saw her. She wasn't wearing make-up, her bright eyes now tired and sad. She didn't look eighteen, she looked in her late-twenties. I looked at Molly, who hadn't changed at all. "How's about we take a walk on the dock?" Mum suggested. I flinched, slightly apprehensive of the idea. I agreed, of course, I didn't want to waste the time I had left with them. I clutched Molly's hand tightly, and Liza's and Mum's. The Sun was setting, placing a shimmer around my transparent body, and I sighed. It was so peaceful and I never wanted to go back. "I love you guys, so much." I said, tearfully. They looked at me, their eyes all tearful. And then I saw him, standing where he usually does. His arms were folded, the same twisted expression on his face, he came towards us. I wanted to shout, but my throat felt like it was closing over and I couldn't call for help. Byron came towards us, looking straight at Molly. Stay away from her, I wanted to scream, I wanted to fight. I was fading away, and I couldn't stop it. I watched from a distance, as Byron snapped my sister's neck. And all I heard was his laugh. That laugh.

When I returned to my home in the clouds, I ran to Caleb. His arms were comforting and warm, and my cries were muffled. "He killed my sister." I mumbled. Caleb gasped, stroking my hair. "I'm so sorry." He said. "I could have saved you, in fact, I should have saved you." I looked back at him. He was my guardian, but he hasn't protected me once. I felt confused, sad and torn. I was on the demon's side. When Byron reappeared, my sister under his arm, I came for him. Hitting, cursing and crying I tried my best to fight him, but I knew he was stronger. Molly wasn't supposed to die, and it was my fault she did. I could've shouted, I could've screamed. I didn't. Instead of being scared or upset, Molly came straight towards me. Her arms open wide, the silk of her blue dress soft against my skin. Byron shouted, Molly rushing to his side. I protested slightly, but Byron didn't complain. "I have what I want, Molly. Now, you can retire to cosy Heaven with my Brother." He said. I sighed. This was the decision, the final decision and I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy being on the good side, with the one I truly love because I wasn't sure I loved him. I was drawn to his brother, my killer. So, when he retreated to Hell, Molly beside him, I followed him. Even though Caleb protested, I resisted. I knew where I belonged. Forever.



'They say the stars in the sky,

Are the people you love,

Who have sadly departed,

Looking out from above'

I hated Samson Beach, because it was the place I died at. The place I was murdered. Now, as a ghost, I glided down the desolate docks. I chuckled slightly at the sight of The Golden Eagle, the family boat. This was the place where Anna's limp, lifeless body still laid. And mine was not far from it, I realised with a shiver. I didn't want to remember my death, but just seeing the majestic boat and the grey sea brought the memories back. Byron looked at me, his wide eyes blood shot and careless. He barely opened his mouth when he said "Brother, I didn't expect you to come here." We were on The Golden Eagle, and he shifted toward me. He looked speechless, almost nervous. The door to the cabin was closed tightly, and he had his hands over the handle. "What's wrong, Byron?" I asked. Byron loosened up, but turned away from me. "My feelings surely don't concern you, Brother." He mumbled. I was concerned, but I didn't want to cause anything so I just stayed put. I looked through the window, the salty water splashing on it. There was somebody in there, I saw, and I felt a scream surface in my throat. "What did you do?" My voice was shaky, like I was being strangled. "She was a special girl, you know, you would've loved her." That was all he said. I blinked. When he opened the door, I saw her body. Golden hair tumbled straight down her back, cuts on her feet from the splintering wood of the dock. I looked down at the ground, a tear hitting the boat. Anger surged in my body, my blood boiling. "You said you weren't going to kill anymore, what happened to that, Brother?" I asked, hurt in my voice. He looked guilty, but I knew it was false…he didn't care. Byron was my half brother, his descendants demons, my descendants were angels. Byron came towards me, his fists clenched. "If you care so much about this girl, why don't you go with her?" he said, a manic laugh stuck in his throat. And then I watched as he led me toward the edge of the boat, leaning me towards the edge. And then he pushed me over the edge.


It was bizarre, but as I sunk lower and lower to the ground, I could almost hear her voice. She was calling my name, from Above. And just as I thought I was finally going to die, her hand touched me. When I opened my eyes, I saw her face. She was glowing golden and she looked like a beautiful angel. She was stroking my hair, her touch soft and delicate. When I lifted my head, I felt weak and lightheaded. "Don't stand up, you'll only hurt more." I looked at her. "My name is Anna." She said. "I'm Caleb. And I'm grateful you saved my life. Thank you." Anna stood up, bowing her head in appreciation. She gripped my hand, and I smiled at her. It felt like a dream, a dream I didn't want to wake from. And then my eyes fell open- Byron was playing with my mind. Again. My Brother always showed me things, things I never intended to see. He showed me my death, and now he showed me what I was missing. In reality, Anna was gone. My brother had imprisoned her in Hell, for an eternity of darkness. I rushed over to him. "What are you doing, Byron? Anna is an innocent girl, she doesn't deserve to be played with." Byron laughed, placing his arm around me. "I am just simply creating a new race. A new race that shall rule Hell. A human and demon child, a child that shall be Anna's." my jaw dropped. "This child, this child could kill her!" I snapped. When I looked back, I saw Anna. She smiled at me, slightly. "Caleb." She said, her lips parting slightly. She fell straight into my arms, sobbing her heart out. I ran my fingers through her hair, and I sobbed slightly too. "I don't want you to die." I whispered softly. "I love you." She smiled. Byron dragged her away and I glanced back. I'd lost her for a second time, and I was heartbroken.


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