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Her hands would always be covered in blood

By: Livebecauseyoucan

Page 1, she had one chance, to save the world, one change to save her life. and she failed.

Taking a flying start, My knees bent, back defended as I went flying through the sky. Then cascading downwards towards the rocky ground. My feet hit the ground and I tumbled over them, swaying but eventually rebalancing. Taking a second to clear my mind, I let out a loud whoosh of breath. It was all over now, the blood and gore on my stained clothes were the only reminder that what had happened was true. I put out my hand, leaning forward and slightly pounding the ground as I slid down. I wiped my forehead, covered in sweat but signed when I felt a line of sticky sweet cold blood cleanse it instead. I closed my eyes, just for a second, all that had happened in the past week had worn me down. I was already slipping away into a peaceful dream, for once I could rest in heaven on earth. The I heard a click of a gun, like a bullet being placed in. "The very last one of them" he laughed, full of hate and bitterness. I scampered to open my eyes in time to move, but when I did, I already saw it flying towards me. Then It was like every moment, every memory I memorized, was replaying itself in my head. every family and friend, flashing lightning fast, but I saw all of it. I smiled, for this was the bit I liked before the pain came swooping on. I screamed, high pitched. My voice strangled with tears as I tried to apolige to the one person I had failed. my eyes fluttering on the last image I saw, The gun placed over my mouth. I closed them fully, fortunately I didn't feel the impact of this shot, for I was already dead. "Sorry God" I pictured my mouth saying, words coming out with meaning, but their was nothing. "Sorry everybody" I pictured my mouth moving in sync repeating those words millions of times. But I already knew I was gone, he couldn't hear me, nobody could. Then I took in the scene of- nothing else better described as Hell.

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