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What does it mean to be fully alive?

Short story By: lol

Kaena is a girl entering her teenage years. And she is a rebel... She is one of those girls who loves to make u her own rules and not listen as to what others have to say, especially her parents......

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"You're going to get into trouble!" Exclaimed Kaena's little sister, Nira. Kaena loved to bend the rules when it came to obeying their parents. Nira was standing on a hay stack in the backyard of their cottage; Kaena was on a tree ready to go on one of her many missions of the Poya forest. "I won't, plus mamma and papa are out hunting for most of the day in a complete different location of the forest. They won't know anything!" She shouted back at Nira. "But!..."
Kaena was gone before Nira could complete her sentence. "What next?" She thought with a frown on her face. Kaena on the other hand swung from thin branches and ran along the thick ones. She screamed with delight knowing that no one can hear from this far into the forest. They could probably only hear the werewolves when there is a full moon first full moon every five months. She looked below the tree she was standing on and saw a huge lake underneath. "One, two three!" she thought, at the end of three, she jumped.
She felt like a bird falling from the sky. Her hair blew behind her ears, arms outstretched in front of her she started her decent for the water below her. There was hardly a splash when she hit the water. Water hugged her body, surrounding her like a big blanket. Underwater, little fish darted away from her. Slowly she rose to the surface, she gasped as she broke it. From behind her she heard a splash. Kaena looked around and a shiver ran down her entire body forgetting that the water she was treading was warm. Kaena looked to where the sound came from and as she did a head popped up……
It was a boy, roughly around Kaena's age. 16 years old. His gold vampire eyes shone with wonder as he looked straight at her. The villages that were of vampires around the Poya forest are completely different to the others from around the world. The vampires of the Poya forest are able to go out in the sun, and are not allergic to garlic, the only thing we are allergic to is copper, and we cannot die when someone stabs us in the heart. It is virtually impossible to that, but the only way is to use copper pointed arrows, spears or copper bullets and to hit us preferably in the neck. They only have enough for the army but some families have made some illegally for themselves. The boy looked straight at Kaena, his black hair sticking to his head.
Out of the blue he swam towards her, she felt uneasy, but the boy didn't seem dangerous. "Hi I'm Kiros." He announced. Kaena got to see what he really looked like. He was very handsome with his bright gold eyes and pale skin, and his black hair that was as dark as night that touched his eyes and went to the base of his neck. How come she didn't recognise him though?
As if reading her thoughts, that no teenage vampire could do, which was quite weird for Kaena, he said; "My family and I just moved here this afternoon. We just came from the Mopa village." The Mopa village was a neighbour to the Poya's . Kaena only realised it now. She looked at his beige lips. There was a silence between them and it was growing awkward. "H-hi" She stammered.
"I'm Kaena" she introduced herself.
"Why did you leave Mopa?" she asked. At that question Kiros looked away. Only then did she notice that he wasn't wearing shirt. Water droplets fell down on to his shoulders and hit the water gently making small ripples. People didn't ever leave their villages, they weren't allowed to, and once you are born there you stay for the rest of your life.
"We were forced out; my father won't tell us why though." Kiros said quietly.
"Oh I'm sorry." Kaena replied. After that they had very easy conversations.
"I've been doing my own thing for most of my life." They both said coincidently. Kaena and Kiros looked at each other and threw back their heads dissolving laughter. They both knew they became friends that instant. They departed amongst the trees and said their goodbyes making sure that they will see each other in the village.
When Kaena reached the tree closest to her house she saw two figures, both very tall. She knew at once that they were her parents. They stood very still, like a tree, not moving one bit. You could honestly think they were sleeping standing up, except that their hands were one their hips and looking very serious. "Why are they home? They said they were going to be gone the whole day." Kaena thought glumly. She hopped down from the base of the tree and walked to where her two very angry mamma and papa were standing.
"How could you do that? You know you are not allowed to go out into the forest, you disobeyed us again!" Papa yelled at Kaena. Papa looked down at his daughter; he grabbed the table next to him and threw it up in the air, landing with a loud thump in wooden pieces all over the floor. "There goes another table, but don't think that I'm not mad at you young lady." Mamma warned her.
"That's it! From now on you are not to ever, EVER, go back there again, it's dangerous out there sweetheart, it is." Said papa softening down his temper. She nodded solemnly and walked to her room. But a soft smile played along her lips, and she whispered. "At least I know what it feels like to be fully alive." And closed her bedroom door.


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