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Finding John Titor

Short story By: Mark Healey

A young man, visiting a time travel site, is confronted with an alleged visitor from the future with a message for him and the rest of the world.

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Finding John Titor

By Mark Healey

Present day, 2013

I am going to tell you a story that nobody in their right mind would believe. What I am about to tell you happened to me thirteen years ago and it is by all accounts, my undeniable confession that time travel absolutely exists. I simply ask to those of you who are reading these words for the first time to keep an open mind. Most of what you will be reading, will be difficult to process, I'm sure. It is my hope that you will join me on this venture into the unknown and yet, a truth that must be told once and for all.

December 10, 2000 Oakville, Ontario, Canada

It was two weeks before xmas and I was running frantically through just about every store, tediously trying to get all of my christmas shopping done. I am the one who usually likes to wait until the last minute to get it all done, my constant procratination, always getting the better of me. Every year, it's always the same - a long list of all kinds of goodies to pick up in preparation for the holidays: egg nog, endless packs of hot chocolate, peanuts, two bottles of scotch, a case of beer, four bottles of champagne and orange juice to make mimosas! I sometimes will host a rather large gathering either at my condo or bring my assortment of goodies over to my sister's house, who always manages to host a huge Christmas party - a party to end all parties. Nothing could top my sister's parties - she was a natural at coordinating events, always making it seem all so easy and with very little stress in the end.

I was rather pleased that I was able to finish all my Christmas preparations a full two weeks ahead of schedule; it was not typical of me to get anything done this early, and since I had the entire month off work, I was trying to find ways to pass the time. I was more or less content with all that needed to be done, so I decided to Surf the net and see if there were any good deals for a set of speakers I was hoping to add to my home theatre system. Naturally, my mind began to wander and before I knew it, I ended up on a time travel chat line. Granted, I have stumbled upon this site many times before and have chatted with many users about quantum physics, the relativity of time, the space time continuum theory, not to mention, the one and only question that plagues our curiosity: does time travel actually exist? I must add that I picked the one day, the one moment of truth, if you'll allow me, to solely admit to myself, let alone others, that it is actually possible. Why? Because it was on this day that I spoke to the most unusual person who would convince me without a shadow of a doubt, that time travel is a reality; that we can in fact travel through time just as easy as if we were traveling from one city to another.

He said his name was "John Titor" and that he was a time traveler from the year 2036! I am often told that talk is cheap - that there is no credibility in just words alone - that action alone is the only viable way for one to redeem himself. I was intrigued enough to stay online long enough to learn not only about what this man had to say but that he was online to try to convince anyone that he was indeed, a time traveler. There were at least twenty people online at the time,and as you would expect, there were questions being directed at "John " from all angles - some good questions and others that were just plain idiotic.

According to "John", he was born in 1998 near Tampa, Florida, who was assigned to travel back in various timelines to complete a number of missions as part of a joint military/government project. He had allegedly traveled back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer which he said was needed to "debug" various legacy codes/programs in 2036. He also made claims that the world consists of a number of timelines - some that are similar to our own and others that have a much greater variance. He made several predictions into our not so distant future - that our timeline has been skewed by his very existence to prevent these occurrences. His own time, he professed, is much different than our own and that a world war was looming, causing mass destruction throughout the world, with our current society collapsing, with a staggering number of calamities and economies completely obliterated. In all fairness to our current timeline, "John" was here to change this ominous outcome by an initial stop to 1998 to warn us about the so called y2k crisis, which he emphatically stated, occurred in his own timeline.

To hear this at first, was rather disturbing to me and the mere thought of even attempting to manipulate time was rather perplexing and inconceivable. He thus made some rather peculiar predictions about where the world was headed in the next thirty years - a world that would ultimately revert to a lifestyle where mass production would become a thing of the past, the nation state becoming obsolete practically overnight; food, clothing and other basic essentials would be produced by smaller communities thus eliminating centralized governments and corporations.

I thought long and hard about our world's uncertain future, and yet, perhaps a cleansing of some sort was needed to be rid of all the apparent greed and selfishness that was consuming our world and yet, this alleged time traveler was trying to avoid this fate in this timeline. I had to concede the fact that the timeline theory could in fact be a possibility - that just maybe, this timeline would not endure the same fate as it did in "John's" timeline, that his presence could change the outcome entirely!

I was in a sudden trance while reading his posts, his ability to captivate every user online with his keen insight, and that together, we could change the course of our timeline with a clearer understanding that our current way of living will eventually consume us all. Personally, I had ( and still have) a much more positive outlook. I so much as posed this question to "John" himself - that it was a possibility that he could be mistaken about his predictions, that perhaps, this timeline is on the path to salvation and not self destruction. I waited impatiently for a response and somehow, he sought me out with a ready response.

" Please give me your email address and I will provide answers to your inquiries."

I didn't need to be told twice so I gave him my email address without further hesitation. I waited patiently for his email to arrive no sooner than I had gotten up to grab a snack and a drink. As I returned to my computer, I waited and waited and before I knew it, a message in great length was waiting for me. I could feel the adrenaline intensifying, my heart racing a million miles a minute, I slowly began to read "John's" daunting message...

Mark, it is not my intention to attract any attention while I am visiting this timeline. My mission was to return to 1975, go to IBM headquarters to take with me the 5100 back to 2036. Please understand that my reasons for visiting your current timeline is purely for personal reasons . It should not surprise you nor to the others I have chatted with online that it would only be logical and befitting to visit my mother, father and yes, my younger two year old self in your timeline ( 2000 ). I even traveled back to 1998 by sending a fax to the Art Bell Institute to warn of the global computer crisis - known to your timeline as Y2K, due to occur this past year. . As I have explained many times in my posts, there are an infinite number of timelines - and no timeline is exactly the same. Consequently, when the time comes for me to return home, it will not be the same 2036 I left only days before to complete my missions. I want you and everyone to understand that the longer I remain in this timeline, I risk returning to a 2036 that is unbeknownst to me. Therefore, I feel compelled to tell you and the rest of the the world in this timeline that it is once again, not my goal to be believed, but to simply convey a message in the hope that my presence here has changed this timeline's trajectory. I hope you will keep an open mind and heed this warning seriously and focus on the future and that knowing what you know already means that this timeline is already on a different path. Everyone and anyone I have had the pleasure of communicating with during our chats, has been nothing but stimulating. I am only here for a short time, a few months at the most. Many of you have asked me if I will someday return? Perhaps, but please know that if that should ever occur, it will be another "me" from a different timeline similar to yours. As I have repeatedly stated in my posts, time travel is not a secret in 2036 and there are plans for many more missions in our future. Now, let me ask you, are you personally ready to make such a leap anytime soon? I have sought you out to personally take a journey to my own time. Remember, that I am also here to take with me any documents and literature back home with me as much of it was destroyed in the war. Also know that what you post now, will undoubtedly be seen by either myself ( or someone similar to me )in my timeline in 2036, with the hopes of coming back for you to take such a trip and experience the world as you might know it in the coming years. You must also understand that if you decide to take this trip, you will not be able to return to this timeline - ever! Time travel, as you very well know is still a secret in this timeline. The decision will be yours to make.

To this day, I have not been able to trace "john's" email address.

March 25, 2013 Oakville, Ontario, Canada

As you can see, thirteen years have past and I know you're all wondering if I sent that post? The answer to that question is simply, yes! I posted it yesterday and from here on in, it is a waiting game. As I anticipate such a trip, I will have to keep strictly in mind that I MAY NOT be able to tell any of you about the experience. As such, when this does occur and I have every reason to believe that it will, there is the slight chance that I will make my way back home to write about all I have seen and done. The only question is, who will be posting my stories: me or an alternate me. Perhaps I am the one who has already seen it all and that I am merely in this timeline as an observer - just one of many alleged time travelers, other "John Titor's" trying to not only make a difference in this word, but the one that may already exist in an alternate timeline. Perhaps, I've already been there if in fact our timeline is different from the one "John" describes.

Wouldn't that be something?

Only time will tell!

***************THE END*************

Author's note: "John Titor" is indeed an alleged time traveler from the year 2036. Speculation and investigation about who "John Titor" was and why he was here ( between Nov 2000-March 2001) on various online chat rooms,continues to this day. Please visit www.johntitor.com for more information. Also feel to add me on facebook ( Mark A Healey ) and join my "John Titor" group page.


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