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By: Meggie Crow

Page 1, Inspired by \'rise of the guardians\'. Hope you enjoy this short, very short story.

Night stood in front of me. His snarls brought forth thunder and lightning as his sword of darkness made contact with my armor. With every blow I felt my strength gave way, but I won’t stop fighting until my final breath, maybe not even then. I knew somehow I’ll get out of this chaotic battle between me and Night and that somehow I’ll be able to rejoin Winter at the fort. Yet, I still had this fear that nipped at the very core of my heart.  Maybe I won’t survive? What will Winter do? What will I do? I didn’t have any means of support for her. I had plans to marry Winter as soon as this war was over, but I always thought we would be together forever, that we both would walk out of this battle against Night alive. Still, that fear…that fear which Night brings with him along with the darkness slowly etched its way throughout my soul, tearing it apart piece by piece. If Night were to accomplish his task, I would truly be defeated, but for right now I was winning. The Children of Earth still had hope and as long as they believed Night will never win and that is what helped me endure.

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