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Stuck in a Diamond Part One: A Dying Child

Short story By: Mikey CD

Meet Leo, a dying child and his amazing past. Learn about him, before it's too late...

Submitted:Jul 7, 2012    Reads: 61    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Hi, my name is Leo. I am a wizard, and I am stuck in a horrible spell. I am trapped in an armor of icicles with my childhood friend, Jazz. I feel so weak, and Jazz is yelling at not to fall asleep and just to look at her eyes. Those beautiful emerald eyes, and I wish I could stay awake, but even a healthy fifteen year old wizard has to die. I can see my life flashing before my eyes.

I see myself born, and with a crying lady, holding me tight in the hospital bed. She whispers to me, but I can't hear her. I wonder why she is crying. Finally I start to hear it again. "...it will be alright. Shhhhh. I will tell you all about him." she says, sobbing in between lines. Now I remember. My dad was an average human, and my mom was a feared witch. As it happenned, he met her at the Halloween fest the town held annually and they fell in love. I remember Mom saying he was a nerd, and his love of science couldn't be stopped, even after he found out about my Mom being a witch. He died in a horrific car crash, and I can't help but feel guilty, for he was rushing that day to see me be born. Dad, I'm sorry...so sorry...

Jazz is hugging me now, crying a bit, apologizing. I hug her back, but the pain is so powerful, and as I see her blonde hair and elvish face, I remember the first time we met. It was a cloudy day. Due to the fact that I was a wizard, I was sworn not to tell any humans about my lineage. I wasn't very social, so I was alright. I was quite a nerd back then, but being a lone wolf had one perk, which was being ignored. I was ignored so much, the bullies wouldn't even target me, but I guess that was because I spoke Latin more often than English, and that was weird for every human I met. Latin is how wizards use spells. And I was kicked out of school for accidentally setting the teacher on fire. But I was bored that time, and I needed to learn Ignis. After being kicked out, because my mom was wealthy in the magical world, she arranged me to school in an Elvish parish. It looked like a church outside, like St. Peter's Basilica, but inside it was more like Harvard. I was eight at the time, and during break the principal, an elderly elf by the name of Bacchus, introduced my class to his great granddaughter, Jasmine. When she came in, her blonde hair flowing, her elvish ears up and her smile, so cute, I fell in love with her. Since elfs, dwarves, and humans all knew magic, we held Alchemy classes, and she was my partner. I remember how awkward it was, how tense the air was. I then introduced myself, and she did the same. She warmed up to me eventually, and showed me that elves were not the cold reasoning people humans portrayed. How true...and how amazing she was.

I start closing my eyes, but she begs me not to. I remember what happened. A week ago, I learned Jazz was having a bit of trouble in Locaritus, or armor, spells. We went to the lobby of an abandoned house near the school. I brought my lunch, and Jazz brought her famous Elvish tea in a blue thermos. I taught her how to move her hand, how to say the words. When she cast it however, she accidentally pointed upwards, and said "Locaritus Tinsel", and we got trapped in a tight green armor. We couldn't reach the food, and had only the thermos.Yesterday, the thermos ran out, but the hunger was at its peak. And at the present, the hunger is unbearable for a wizard like to handle. I talk to Jazz one last time.

"It...wasn't...your fault. D....don't be sad."

"I'm sorry...so so sorry..." and she starts to cry even harder. I forgive her, and I close my eyes one last time. Goodbye Jazz, I love you. And I'm sorry, but as I finally end, I hear her scream one last time.


I'm sorry, but this is it...goodbye...



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