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Stuck in a Diamond Part Two: An Elvish Past

Short story By: Mikey CD

Leo is dying, and Jazz won't take it. So she decides to do something that can bring him back from the brink of death, but can also kill them both. Will she save him, or will it be all in vain?

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He's fading away. I won't believe it! I hug him tighter, and pray to whatever god, divinity and any other heavenly spirit I could think of. Leo...don't...just don't...damn it! Why? Why?! WHY?!!! I can't do anything right! I always make things worse, so much even my dad is afraid of me messing up. Only Leo would understand, and to lose him would be losing the only guy nice enough to make me feel happy no matter what trouble I keep causing...please don't...I won't have the energy to live on without you. Wait, that's it! I might die, but I love him too much to back down. Leo...now i hope you can forgive me for what I am about to do...


...goodbye...goodbye...what the hell? I feel something surging in to me. I also feel a whole lot stronger than a few moments ago. I remember I was dying, but now I still live. Why? I look at Jazz, and I suddenly froze in fear. She's closed her eyes and is muttering an incantation. As she is saying this, she gets paler and paler while I get tougher and tougher. Oh no! No, not that! I realize what she is saying. It's called an energy transfer, and although many magical beings have been doing this for years, very few made it out alive, and virtually none recovered from it. I can't let her do it...I won't let her kill herself! "Stop it! You'll kill yourself, you idiot! STOP IT NOW!" I feel a bit guilty yelling like that, but she was being an idiot. "I won't let you die, Leo. Not now..." "Don't save me, you know it's dangerous. Stop it now!" Suddenly Jazz stops, and collapses on the floor. I pick her up, and I try to feel her pulse. I feel nothing. She's gone...Jazz...I started crying, holding her and begging in my mind to get her back. Then...I feel a faint gasp, so I take a look. She's alive, but she's now so weak, breathing for her was a labor. Oh, Jazz, why? What have I ever done to see you do this? She manages a weak smile. I embrace her as gently as I could, because she is now so weak. Now i need to signal for help, but for now, having her back, I can't do anything else but cry...


So weak...that was close. I nearly was a goner. Leo is crying for me now. How sweet...I wish my family was this caring. Since I nearly drained myself of my life, now the flashbacks start happening. So this is what "My life is flashing before my eyes," is like. Oh, how sad my life was...

Perhaps if I explain about what elves really are, then you will understand my past. We elves are not cold, reasoning creatures humans portray us, but mostly sensitive scholars who have a deep sense of freedom. We are playful and happy creatures, and we love to challenge each other in song and literature contests. Sadly, there are only a few elves left, about four thousand still live, and out of the that, approximately three hundred pureblood elves are still alive, me included.

I was born into a rich family, mostly because of my parents. My father, Olympus Titanson, is a Muneris, an Elvish soldier tasked with protecting the council of elves, specifically my great grandfather, Bacchus, our principal and head of the educational board for elves. According to him, he met mother, Anastasia, in school. She was a poor scholar, while he was a middle class student, but mother was very well known, while father had few friends. They never really talked until one day she was attacked by werewolves who plagued the neighborhood she was in. My dad used his magic to save her, but she was dealt a deadly blow, and he felt guilty, so he took her to the town healer. He kept visiting her after that, and they fell in love.

Only Bacchus agreed with this affair, as my grandparents opposed it greatly, and the rest of their families decided to ignore the issue, thinking it was just a phase. They were wrong about it, though, and after a while, my parents married. Soon after, my father went to serve the military, while mother became a healer. After a few years, my big brother, Apollo, was born. He is a playful gentile soul, but he can be quite a pain, very naive and always loves to play around in extreme feats of fun with his best friend, Harterstein, a Dwarf who is solid as a rock and very hard-headed. As she was pregnant with me, however, the werewolf's blow was starting to wear out mother's spirit. I never got to meet her, as I was cut from her, and she died soon after that.

My dad tried his best to train me to be like mother, and Apollo was playing around with me, but I felt as if they held me responsible for mother's death. They kindly kept that thought to themselves, but other elves openly blamed me for her death, and I was treated like a slave who defied his masters. When Bacchus tried to teach me magic, I kept messing up the spells. Once, I tried to summon a toad, but instead brought about a giant who destroyed part of the village. Since that incident, I was called Infelicia, which is Elvish for bad luck. My father was so sad, he barely talks to me at all, so Apollo was the only companion I had. I was all alone, and being stuck with Apollo was no fun, until the day Leo and I met. Now, we're doomed to die together. Oh, God, I mess everything up. I'm so sorry...


We're alone, and we have no way out. How harsh to finally acknowledge it, but that's the truth, the cold hard truth. I look around, trying to find a crack, or a fissure, or just about any weakness to destroy this damn prison. Jazz is barely breathing, because of the energy transfer, and I still feel weak even with the extra energy. How the hell do we get out? I keep looking, but I still find no error, no escape, nothing...we're trapped.



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