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A Fairy, A Prince and A Kiss

Short story By: MissChildish

Eloise Taylor Sunn was a normal, happy girl until her fifteenth birthday came around. A family secret she has trouble accepting comes out and Eloise is forced to keep up with her rapidly changing life.

Will she be able to take control of her new life??? Or will she abandon family for her old one???

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My Awesome Super Fun Challenging Challenge-AngelicAttitude
I was crouched downlow in the dark green bushes that were thick with undergrowth. Above me the midday sun tried in vain to make it's way past the thick foliage of the huge trees that dwarfed my tiny frame. I brushed my short, dark brown hair out of my golden brown eyes, which were staring intently at the huge stone castle in front of me. A gentle wind blew around the thick, brown tree trunks, ruffling the soft, floral dress I wore.
"Hey you okay?" someone whispered behind me. I jumped violently and twisted to see who was there. A boy of about my age was crouched behind me, watching me intently with coco brown eyes. His short black hair was spike up around his round face.
"Not with you sneaking up on me like that, Eldon" I snapped. He held his hands in an 'I surrender' position and nodded towards the castle.
"You ready," he asked, nodding towards the itimidating structure.I gulped audibly, my heartbeat speeding up, as I nodded. I couldn't quite get the air to my lungs as I pushed through the undergrowth out into the open patch of grass between the lucious forest and soaring castle wall. I stood in the shadows of the trees a metre away from the huge, forbidding pearl white castle. "You sure about this?"Eldon asked,coming to stand next to me. His five-foot frame just reached my shoulder as we both looked up trying to see the top of the colossal tower.
"Why do such small people need such large, goddamn buildings," I muttered. Eldon shrugged next to me, a smirk playing around his thin lips.
"How the hell are we getting up there," I replied, crossing my arms as I stared straight up, looking at the blacony we were aiming for. Eldon chuckled to himself with a knowing smile.
"We fly," he answered simply.
"Right," I mouthed slowly, eyes wide. I still was getting used to the fact that that was an option. Next to me Eldon spread out his delicate-looking, deep-blue, butterfly-like wings. They seemed to glow from the inside outwards in the warm sunlight. He then waited patiently for me to release mine. The almost translucent deep forest green wings seemed to just appear on myback.
I couldn't believe that yesterday I'd been a normal five foot eight girl, with long blonde hair,the only trouble on my horizon being the upcoming maths test. But last night as the clock striked midnight, clicking into my fifteenth birthda, I started to slowly shrink height-ways -and in the length of my hair. My blue eyes had turned golden and my hair had become darker.
Then me mother, who I found out was a bloody fairy, took me to my 'home town' a.k.a this crazy realm of fairies. But I wasn't good enough for the stuck up midgets and was being forced to leave. I never took well to rules and now me and a 'friend of the family', Eldon, were sneaking into the royal castle. The plan was to ask the prince to give me a couple of weeks to prove myself to my mum's village. Mum had talked me into it.
"Up, up and away." Laughed Eldon, grabbing my hand as he beat his wings and lifted off the ground. I had no idea how to fly - having had no chance to practise so far -but picturing my wings moving, while wishing to be flying with Eldon seemed to do the trick. My throat was so tight with fear I could barely breath as my feet lifted from the solid ground. "Calm down Eloise," Eldon ordered. I shot him a dirty look and concentrated on getting tothe window of the annoyingly, large tower.
We reached the large balcony and touched down gently onto the smooth marble. My breathing was strained and my heartbeat so loud I was sure someone was going to hear me. Eldon kept a hold on my hand as he led me through the opened sliding doors. Inside the large, royal bedchamber the air was a lot cooler and my eyes had to adjust to the darkness.
"Who's there?" asked a strong male voice from the direction of the king sized bed. I took a deep breath and went to answer but Eldon beat me to it.
"It's Eldon from the town of Fernystream," he told the Prince of Fairies clearly. "And Eloise the new comer."
Great, I wonder how long it will be until I live that one down?
"Ah yes the half-human, half-fairy I've herd so much about," the Prince mused. "Eloise, I am Donale, Prince to the fairies of Majixriver," he told me promptly,getting off his large bed to stand with us in the sunlight that streamed through his open window.
He was tall, for a fairy, at five-foot three. Mum said I would probably shrink to four-foot nine -oh joy. His long, layered black hair was styled to be off his face,but some still fell into his mesmerizing, deep-sea blue eyes.
"An honour majesty," I replied the way Eldon had told me, curtsying as best I could without snapping my ankles.
"But what, may I ask, brings you two hear in such a way?" Donale asked.
"We have to talk to you," I told him.
"Yes, I see that." He sniffed. "But why not do it the traditional way and tell me your problems on the eve of Sunday?"
"Eloise is being forced to leave at midnight tonight by your people, because she is half-half," Eldon explained.
"So we were hoping you would give me a pardon or something, and let me stay a while longer. Give me chance to prove I can fit in," I explained hopefully, knowing it would crush my mum if I was sent away.
"Well it seems like this is a matter between me and the young lady," Donale said smoothly. "You may wait outside... Eldon wasn't it?" Donale said, shooing Eldon out the intricately carved wooden doors of his bedroom. Eldon shot me an apologetic glance and shrugged his shoulders hopelessly. I bit my cheek nervously and tried to slow my rapid heart and breathing.
"Come, make yourself comfortable Eloise," offered Donale, gesturing to a large, comfy looking couch near the door. I nodded mutely and forced my stiff legs to walk over to where he pointed. I allowed my shaking legs to collapse as I fell back onto the couch. "You can put your wings away now, Eloise," he said, chuckling. My cheeks flamed in embarrassment as I quickly tucked my wings away.
"Sorry," I mumbled. Donale sat down next to me.
"Now, now none of that," Donale rebuked gently running his long, cold finger along my warm cheeks. I gave him a nervous smile before taking a deep breath and squaring my shoulders, moving my face away from his hand.
"Prince Donale," I started. "I ask if you could let me stay a fortnight in the town of Fernystream with my mother to learn more about fairies culture?" He smiled and leaned back, seeming to mull it over.
"Okay I'll let you stay, if you promise to live here at the castle with me for one of those weeks... and you kiss me right now."
"What!" I exclaimed, jumping of the couch, staring in disbelief at his relaxed form. "I am not kissing you. You're a complete stranger, and I'm not spending one of two weeks here, away from my fairy family," I ranted angrily, breathing heavily.
"Eloise," Donale seethed, standing up as well. "You will kiss me if you don't want to be sent away within the next five minutes." I swallowed, chewing the insides of my cheeks anxiously.
"Fine then send me home," I yelled. "I was only staying for my mum. We'll go back to the human realm and be happy away from jerks like you."Donale gave me a smirk that could only be described as evil.
"I never said I was sending your mother back with you," he informed. It felt like I'd been soccer punched, I stumbled back a few steps, head whirling.
"You wouldn't," I gasped.
"Wouldn't I?" he threatened. I felt like I was slowly being pushed into acorner. I could already feel the wall at my back.
"Eldon," I screamed racing over to the doors he'd walked through.
"Don't even bother Eloise I've personally charmed those doors only I can open them," he told me smugly. I ignored him and grabbed the cool metal handle and pulled with all my strength. My heart over flowed with relief when the large door opened without hesitation.
"Impossible. No one is strong enough to break a charm cast by royalty..." I heard Donale mutter in disbelief behind me. I ploughed into the stunned Eldon, throwing my thin arms around him. He now reached my chin -I was shrinking faster.
"Eloise? Eloise what's going on?" asked Eldon worriedly.
"It doesn't matter," fumed Donale. "I've ordered you to leave unless you kiss a prince within the next..." He paused and looked at his watch and laughed in amusement. "...ten seconds."
My heart plummeted in my chestand my shoulders droppedin defeat. A few brave tears escaped my eyes to roll down my cheeks.
Suddenly Eldon grabbed my shoulders roughly and turned me to face him. I looked down at him in confusionand saw steely determination in his deep, coco eyes. He pulled my head down and fused my lips to his just as I felt an unnatural force tugging at my body. It felt like hands were trying to grab at me and pull me away, but they couldn't find purchase on my slim frame. I held onto Eldon even tighter, refusing to let go. Then suddenly, the pulling stopped and I was left,still standing the royal castle, in the Fairies Realm. I just stared at Eldon in disbelief, confusion written clearly all across my face.
"Tough luck brother," Eldon sneered, spitting the word. "I guess just because you banished me from the castle doesn't stop me from being a Prince in the eyes of Majix. and howdare you try to take advantage of Eloise?!" he raged, forcing himself to take a calming breath beforecontinuing."And now that she's kissed a prince, she can stay in the fairies realm for as long as she wants according to your spell."
My heart swelled with joy and I hugged Eldon tighylyuntil hestarted complaining about me choking him. I laughed with relief as I pulled back. I could go to mum and tell her I could stay. Then to top all that off my first kiss was with a prince!
My name is Eloise Taylor Sunn. On my fifteenth birthday I turned into a fairy and found the man of my dreams.


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