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Three friends Jackie, Myra and Alice meet every day before school. Today was no different and Alice was running late as usual. But when she finally arrives she brings shocking news to her two waiting friends...

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ZeroG57-Awesome Contest-Fantasy
The dark haired girl lent back against the graffiti covered brick wall. Her slim dark arms were crossed over her curvaceous chest as she stared at the cracked concrete ground in front of her. Short choppy black hair fell around her tanned face blocking her large, dark brown eyes from view. Her eyes quickly flicked to the small, cheap watch on her wrist and she sighed impatiently when she saw it was only five more minutes until she had to head into the school building behind her.
Her head shot to the side as her sensitive ears picked up the faintest sound of falling footsteps approaching. She peered into the crowded bulky trunks and small, scraggly bushes of the forest next to her. Suddenly a ghostlike figure appeared between the trees. Even in the thick shadows her pale white skin seemed to glow. Her light, silver eyes were bright and easy to stop. Thick, pin straight blonde hair fell to her mid back. She smiled a hello at the dark haired girl, revealing deadly sharp fangs.
"Took your time Myra, I almost thought you weren't going to show," commented the dark-haired girl, not moving from her place on the wall. Myra rolled her eyes and flicked her blonde hair behind her shoulder. She leaned against one of the tree trunks, staying well back from the edge of the shadow.
"It was tempting," Myra admitted. "I didn't even touch the revision for the test today."
"Same," the girl replied. Her eyes flicked to her watch again, two more minutes. "Where's Alice?" she muttered.
"Don't know," responded Myra. "She's always running late, you know that Jackie."
"Yeah I know," shrugged Jackie. "But she's normally not this late," she argued.
"True," conceded Myra. Just then both girls sensitive hearing picked up the sound of running feet hitting pavement as their friend rounded the corner. Her deep red hair frizzed around her head as she slowed to a stop beside Jackie. She bent over resting her hands just above her knees as she caught her breath.
"Unfit much Alice?" teased Jackie, but not unkindly. Alice glared up at her friend with crystal blue eyes.
"Well how can I compete with a werewolf and a vampire? You guys are naturally fit," she argued, straightening up. Myra shrugged her slim, pale shoulders.
"Not our fault. Couldn't you just wave your wand and transport yourself here?" inquired Jackie innocently, too innocently. Alice gave her an exasperated glare.
"You guys know I don't get my licence for another month," she sighed. Grins spilt across both Myra's and Jackie's blemish free faces. Alice clenched her jaw and kicked angrily at a loose stone, which landed near Myra's feet.
"Sorry Alice," apologized Jackie. "But you've been talking about it non-stop for a week."
"Yeah well whatever," Alice said waving if off as her face brightened. "Guess what I saw last night?" she asked excitedly. Myra raised an eyebrow prodding her to go on while Jackie glanced at her watch again.
"Where running late we better go," she voiced bending to pick up her overflowing school back from where it rested on the patchy grass by the sidewalk.
"No wait," Alice said grabbing the werewolf's shoulder and pulling her back upright. "This is important," she insisted.
"Fine," Jackie relented. "What did you see?"
"I saw…" she paused for dramatic effect. "A human!" Both girl's eyebrows shot up and eyes widened in disbelief. Myra recovered first.
"What are you playing at Alice, you know there's no such things as humans," she chided.
"Yeah they're just stuff parents make up to make us feel special and strong," agreed Jackie as she regained her composure.
"No I swear I saw a human," Alice persisted. They both rolled their eyes and shared a look. Alice had always been the outrageous one of the group. She'd blown up her charms class twice and broken too many cauldrons to count. She'd also claimed to be able to speak to mermaids in their native tong and stuck firm to the belief of humans. This was the first time she'd ever gone as far as to say she saw one.
"Fine what did it look like?" asked Jackie, humouring her. Alice's eyes lit up.
"Well she was short, only about to my shoulder," she explained gesturing animatedly with her hands. "Her hair was dark brown, almost black, smooth and fell to about her shoulders. She wore a tank top that's how I new she wasn't a witch she had no marks. She couldn't have been a werewolf last night was the full moon and her skin was a dark brown so that cut out vampire."
"Well the doesn't mean anything, she still could've been a fairy."
"Too tall and her ears weren't pointed."
"Um, a ghost, you know they look solid at night."
"Nuh uh, she accidentally bumped into a wall, clumsy little thing really."
"Well then, um…"
"Admit it! She was a human. No other species live in town and you know it!" Alice exclaimed jumping up and down.
"Well human or not we're late now," muttered Myra.
"C'mon guys this is cool," Alice insisted.
"Will talk later cause right now Mr Black is going to have my tail," grumbled Jackie, successfully reaching her bag and picking it up this time. Myra snickered and was shot an annoyed glare. "C'mon Alice let's get to school," mumbled Jackie.
"Oh okay, wait up," Alice called hurrying after Jackie's departing figure. She turned as she jogged off waving a hurried good bye to Myra. The tall blonde sighed. Jackie was always touchy after a full moon and was just touchy about being late all the time. She sighed to herself as she turned and slinked back into the trees and headed for the back gate to the school. The one reserved for vampires because sunlight never reached it.
I hope Alice doesn't talk about seeing a human she worried as she glided through the trees as silent as a ghost. If anyone heard her they'd send her to the loony bin. I mean seeing a human for crying out loud! That's crazy even for Alice!
Alice never told anyone else of her encounter with a human much to her friend's relief. But she was animate in her belief that they were real. There were such things as human.
A/N: Hope you all enjoyed! This idea's been stuck in my head for a while now!


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