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Inner Beauty (Dreamer1031 Picture Challenge)

Short story By: mommy3

Cassandra is an average sixteen year old girl who has low self-esteem and thinks herself an ugly duckling. Cassandra is a very sweet person in the inside and very nice to everyone. However, her life is about to change dramatically when she finds this strange woman in the forest. What will happen to Cassandra’s life when she meets this strange woman? I won 3rd place in the Dreamer1031 Picture Challenge. Thank you Dreamer1031 for hosting a great challenge. :)

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Like every day in her life Cassandra dreads going to school and does not want to go. Ever since she was little she was always picked on because of her appearance. She is a young woman who has some disfigurements. She has burn marks all over her body including her face. Even her hair is somewhat burned.

"Cassandra it's time to get up and get ready for school." her mother yelled.

"I don't feel like going mom can't I just stay home."

"No you need to go otherwise you will get behind in your studies. I know it's hard going to school when everyone makes fun of you but you need your education. "

"Okay I guess I will go."

"If things get out of control just call me and I will pick you up. I love you honey."

As Cassandra gets ready for school she waits for her best friend to walk with her to school. They have always been best friends. Even after the horrible night when Cassandra was left for dead and burned almost alive. She remembers everything that happened even though she wants to forget it ever happened.

She was seven at the time when it happened. Her father always disliked her and decided to burn his daughter alive. He always thought that this little girl could not be his since his wife was unfaithful from what his friends told him. So he decided to start a fire in his own house and make sure his daughter and him were the only ones there.

He remembered hearing his daughter cry when the flames started burning her body. He could not stand the noise and decided to leave. Well if it wasn't for her mother to come home early Cassandra would probably dead. Her mother saw the house and called the fire department to stop the fire.

At the time she did not realize her daughter was in the house until she heard a faint noise in the background. She heard crying and a faint help that sounded like her daughter. She knew it must be her daughter. She immediately ran towards the house to get her daughter out.

While she tried getting to the burning house the fire department showed up. The fire men saw what she was going to do and stopped her. She screamed hysterically at them and told them her daughter was in there.

The fire men were shocked and immediately one of them went into the burning house to retrieve her daughter. What the fire men saw was a little girl unconscious with flames on her little body. Immediately he extinguished the flames on the little girl's body and picked her up.

Once her mother saw how badly she was burned she fainted from the sight. Her poor little girl was not even recognizable. She had third degree burns all over her body and her face was burned the most. She was also unconscious and not breathing.

The fire man continued doing CPR on her to get her to come back to life. Finally after about the fourth time he was able to revive her. He was thankful she was alive and was overwhelmed with emotion.

They knew this little girl would go through serious surgeries to get her skin back to being healthy. They just hoped that her mother would support her all the way. They have seen many cases like this turn out badly.

Cassandra did go through many trials in her life. She had to have about ten to eleven skin graphing to get her skin back to being somewhat normal. Even after all that she still had burn marks all over her. She was a burn victim.

She still can't understand why her father did this to her. Ever since that incident her father never saw her or her mother again. She was kind of glad he didn't since he tried killing her. The funny thing is she still loved him even after what he did to her. Her mother was a different story and said I will never forget what he did and I hope he burns in hell.

Cassandra has been made fun because of her appearance and even though all through the teasing she is still the nicest person. She never became bitter or resentful to anyone especially those who treated her badly. It was the strangest thing really that she held no harbor feelings towards anyone.

While she and Amy were off to school they ran into the most popular girl who hated Cassandra. It was Katie who always made fun of Cassandra. Amy at times wanted to slap the girl in her face at times for making fun of her best friend. Amy loved Cassandra and would always be her best friend no matter what happened.

They were best friends since children and Amy always stuck up for Cassandra. She thought Cassandra was the most beautiful girl inside and out. She did not even comment on her best friend's burn marks. She thought Cassandra was the most brave and nicest person she has ever known. Amy never looked at her burn marks at disgust or ridiculed her like most people. Some would even have the audacity of cringing when they saw Cassandra. Amy knew it hurt Cassandra but she would easily distract her and come up with a funny saying to make her feel better.

"God Cassandra you look hideous you might want to get a brown paper bag to cover yourself." said Katie.

"Shut up Katie otherwise I will smack you across the face you bitch." Amy screamed.

"Amy it's not worth let's just go." Cassandra said.

So they walked away until they met with the jocks at the door in front of the school and started teasing Cassandra again. Cassandra tried ignoring them but one of the jocks said something so hurtful she started crying. She ran to the bathroom to escape the tormentors.

Amy sick of hearing the tormentors especially the one who hurt her best friend kneed him in the groin unexpectedly. He was caught off guard and fell to the ground. Then Amy told all of them to go to hell. She went to the bathrooms to search for her best friend.

Cassandra was so sick of getting made fun of she decided to call her mother to pick her up. It wasn't her fault that she got burned. She wished she was somewhere else or had a different life.

"Cassandra where are you? Come on were going to be late for class. Don't worry about what those guys said it's not true someone will marry you." Amy said.

"No they are right I will be all alone. No one will ever marry me. I mean just look at me I look disgusting. I am so ugly."

Don't say that you are beautiful and some man will look at what is inside of you than on your appearance." Amy declared.

"No I will just be an old maid. Oh well I guess that will be my life."

"Stop it. I will not listen to anymore of this crap do you understand me." Amy yelled.

"Please just go away. I called my mom already and I am leaving to go home. Just go to class Amy. I don't want you to get into trouble."

"Okay. But call me all right. I love you and will see you later."

Cassandra went to the office and told the principal she will be going home. The principal understood and felt sorry for her. He just told her okay but please try to come back tomorrow.

While Cassandra waited for her mother to pick her up she noticed something strange. She looked over to the forest and saw this strange woman. She decided to go check it out.

The strange woman saw Cassandra and bowed down to her. Cassandra was confused and asked the old lady why she was bowing. The lady said you are a long lost princess and I have to bow to royalty.

"What are you talking about? I am no princess." Cassandra said.

"Yes you are and I have long last found you. You must come with me your future husband awaits for you."

"I am sorry but that is not just possible. I think you are confused."

"No I am not. You are a princess from another world. Why do you feel like you don't belong here?"

"How do you know that? I never told anyone that."

"I will tell you once you come with me. Leave this life behind and come with me."

"No I can't leave my mother of my best friend they will be heartbroken."

"You must your husband needs you and the people as well."

"Let me get this straight I am not of this world. I am a princess and I have a man who wants to be my husband. Plus you want me to go with you and leave this life behind. Did I leave anything left out?"

"No you did not if you want you can leave a note for your mother and best friend. Let them know you are fine and just need to be alone for awhile."

"I am sorry but I just can't. Please understand I love my mother and best friend."

"You leave me with no choice. If you do not come I will have to force you to come with me. Please just come otherwise things will get nasty."

"Okay I will go but wait till my mother comes so I can tell her goodbye. Can my best friend and mother come with me?"

"Fine they can come but no one else. Will you leave with me then?"

"Yes as long as I have them with me. I will go with you to your place."

"All right we will wait until they are both here and leave this place."

Cassandra called her mother and texted Amy to meet her at the forest. They both came and saw a strange lady with Cassandra. Cassandra told them what the lady told her and they agreed to come with her.

They were all curious to find out who the husband was going to be for Cassandra. Cassandra was nervous and anxious at the same time. She wondered if her soon to be husband would be disgusted by her face and body. She hoped not and was hoping he would see her inner beauty instead of her ugly appearance.

They arrived in the land of Sangria. She saw a handsome man sitting in a chair reading a book. As soon as she entered the room he looked up and saw her. He smiled when he saw her and she noticed there was no look of disgust on his face.

Amy and Cassandra's mother were shocked at how handsome the guy was. Amy was glad for Cassandra and wished her the best of luck. Cassandra's mother was also happy for her daughter it was about time her daughter deserved happiness.

The man actually ended up being the fire man that saved her life when she was a little girl. He does not look older in age because he was not human but neither was Cassandra. She did not know it but she was an elf just as he was.

Her mother never told her anything of this. Her mother at the time went against her parent's rules of not getting involved with a human. Her mother had a relationship with Cassandra's father and ended up getting pregnant. Once she told her parents they told her to leave the kingdom and not come back. So after that she married and had her daughter.

The man stepped up to Cassandra and welcomed her. He gave her a hug and a light kiss on her cheek. Cassandra almost fainted and couldn't believe this man was not disgusted with her face or her body. Cassandra started crying and couldn't seem to stop. The man noticed this and calmed her down by kissing her on the lips.

Cassandra was in heaven and did not want him to stop kissing or holding her. She knew right then and there that this man would love her no matter what she looked like. She fell in love with him and agreed to marry him. She knew her life would never be the same but was happy she no longer felt ugly. She was loved and finally realized that even if you have appearance problems someone could love you.

They were married and they lived happily ever after.


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