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Carmella Feeds

Short story By: MssJenn

Carmella is now a demon and not much of her past human life is left but her Demon lover. Demon who made her into what he is. Demon who loves her the only way a demon loves; with the body.

ok so i decided to do a second part to carmella's story. is not as good as the first but i think i ran out of ideas for perish's contest. hope like it

Submitted:Aug 7, 2009    Reads: 102    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

He was mesmerizing to say the least. Clouded blue eyes giving him the wicked look him and only could earn. Mesmerizing, can't stop from repeating it, he just was. I haven't seen man like him before, but he wasn't just a man after all he was Demon, Son of the Lord Satan. He was as I am.

He stood resting his weight by the wall, with the foot pressed to the wall. A low cut black jeans with a black belt was all that covered the amusingness the was his body, I could see his hipbones fighting from under his skin, tempting my hands to be run against them.

His face was down but he was looking at me from the edge of his cup of blood.

Shit! If I still had a heart it would be beating fast now, but I don't. I lost my heart to the prospect of becoming Satan's youngest one. Of becoming Demon.

"Perish… perish" I took a step towards my man, my next meal. The demon stepped away from the wall and walked to me, his hips swinging from side to side in a seductive dance.

He smiled his maroon lips curving maliciously up; he licked his lips with his burned demon tongue. He was my all in that moment. Before and after, he was my all.

He had sworn to our lord to protect me, I had promised to be his company for an eternity on hearth. He was to feed me and I was to love him. Love, was a human feeling demons only dream to posses, for love comes from the heart and we a heartless. Still with the years, maybe millenniums our body stop missing a heart and learns how to love with the body. We demons are more powerful than humans can ever be, but we long for what they have and never realize could lose. Love.

Perish had told me I once loved as a human woman loved a human man, he tells me this once and once again but I don't remember those days. All I can see is fire, I need fire!

I need to feed my body. My always thirsty body longs for fire, for blood and pure and incandescent lust; nothing more.

"With time" he would say "With time you will remember how love feels. With time your body will know how to make it… with time" I just feed.

As he drank more of the blood his returned to his demon red, hiding the blue that could have been their color when he was not demon. But not even I knew when that was. He couldn't remember before not being Demon same as I didn't.

His chest almost touches mine before he stopped and offered himself once again as my meal. My nails dig into his collarbones skin and I pulled the thick demon skin that protected him burned insides. The skin will regenerate soon, it always does.

After drinking the blood from his skin-naked chest I burned the skin in my hands and feed my hunger for fire out of it. The ashes disappeared through my skin.

He drank a mouthful of blood, the blood going in between his ribcage and falling out of him to soak his jeans. We demons don't have stomach, maybe it all gets burned when the change is done.

He took me hard by the hair pulling me to him. Pain took fast my body, pain was love. Pain as love was the first lesson as a Demon.

Eagerness was drawn on his eyes, for my last hungers was to be fulfill now. My hunger for sex.


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