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Crimson Magic

Short story By: MssJenn

Anastasia is (more than just) a witch that lives in Salem.

This is an idea that might turn into a novel after i finish some of the ones I'm working on. the novel would be in 'present' this would be just a flash back on Anastasia's story (if i do make it into a novel)

Crimson Magic.

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I could hear people running to get together in front of the next witch to be executed. "Witch! Witch! Witch!" they yelled in unison as I pictured the thick rope was put in place around the young girl neck. When you live in Salem you had to play by the rules. Don't be too sexy, because sexy women bewitch men and that is black magic. If you are single you're any men's property so learn how to deal with this. If you're a real witch you know how to not get caught, the ones that usually got accused of black magic or devil worshiping were the those woman that wanted to go against society and what it really meant to the wealthy and important people to be a true respectful human being at all.

It was 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts and I was about to take my first sip of blood of the day. My little house just outside of Salem was light tight but as I always lamented not sound proof. I could always hear the last sounds of these women's, and most of the time just girls, death. Most of them were not witches at all, just people that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. By now there have been fifteen witches and so call wizards had been killed, but I new more were to be killed and many more had been killed secretly by the people. There were people that complain and went the trials to help the accused to get out of the big dilemma.

"Aren't you afraid you might get accused again of practicing black magic?" asked with little curiosity the sturdy man that I like to call my Repas (meal). I turned my back from my black pot, where I was working a concoction to make my skin look more alive, more human, and looked him to the eyes with a tight smile adorning my face.

"Albert," I startled him one more time by moving from about five feet away from him to be in front of him in less time that it took to his human eyes to catch on with. I brushed my fingers on his jaw line and felt him shivered under my touch. "I do not practice black magic. This is just some herbs and the force of my will that makes the magic. There's nothing black about it. I do not harm anybody with my spells and potions, and I doubt there are many black magic practicing is this town any longer" I explain to him for the third time this week. He just shrugged and kept a sad stare at me.

Albert had been my repas (meal) for less than two weeks, after his sister was killed for black magic. She was my repas for over two years. At first people tough were two single young women that lived together to share expenses and make each other company, but after awhile gossip starts to run around that we were lovers and the community accused us of black magic. What saved us at the moment was the little fact that I was William Mather's, the wealthiest man in Salem, mistress. He saved us from the accusations, but this didn't save Marie's, my repas, life. The town had organized an execution themselves for the both of us, and one night while I was with William, a group of people broke into the town house I used to live and took her. They burned her in a big bonfire.

I moved to a little house not far from the town, but this time I put a disguise spell on the house, it doesn't matter if people walk by this house or see me or Albert coming out of it, they just can't put too much tough about it because they just forget and think about something else.

I heard as Albert sigh and closed the distance between us to give him a kiss. Our lips were almost together when he pulled fast apart exhaling noisily in surprise. I glared at him.

"Don't you like women?" I threw the question with anger. I wanted to console him from his hurtful memories and he just refuses it. Isn't that how human comfort each other when in a non-physical pain? Physical pleasure always heal the spirits, at least I thought so. I hissed before I could stop myself, I was an animal after all. And human feelings sometimes were alien to me. "I wanted to comfort you. You are my repas and I am your ma�tresse. It is my duty to make you feel better. But hell with it if you refuse my company" I splat and in a smooth movement sat on the kitchen table. I saw the surprise on Albert's face when he saw me just slide to the center of the round table with a soft jump, in a way just my kind could do, and I smiled; I loved to surprise humans sometimes.

"My sister loved you… Did you even knew that? That's the only reason I'm here with you!" his eyes were getting red but no tear came out. Actually I've not see him cry at all, just sometimes he went for a walk and I could hear him in the distance as he whimpered and sobbed, I guess men don't like to be seen as vulnerable. His hands were in a thigh fist that I knew must hurt him, but maybe not as much as his inside must hurt. We just stare at each other for a minute; I guess he was waiting for an answer that I was not planning to give.

"I deserve an answer Anastasia" he finally said, his voice was no more than a whisper as he brushed his finger on his hair. It was true as my repas he deserved no secrets from me, well at least that's how I tried to do things.

"You know what I am. I can't get attach too much to humans, they tend to die on me Albert. Love is not an option for me and even if it was I don't think my kind have the power to feel it." My voice came out dry and careless as I lean back and lay on the table my knees bend up. My skirt bunched on my hips leaving my legs for him to see, but Albert didn't even waste a glace on me. Oh shit how much I miss Marie these days she would appreciate my little teasing and even play the game.

"Your kind? You're so embarrassed of what you are that you can't even say it" he said the sadness gone from his tone, now he had found -again- a way to taunt me. I growled at him.

"If anything you should be the one ashamed of being human. You are weak and almost blind. Grrr and so stupid sometimes! Killing each other for no real reason…. And you are just food for us" I talk slow and with a fake calmness, lifting my head to see him to the face as I talk and when I said the last I saw him react in a way that I couldn't decipher what was. "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to…" I sat up so he could see that I was really sorry, remorsefulness was a human feel but I knew how to play it. He waived a hand in the air in dismissal. "I really appreciate you Albert… and Marie too. You maintain me alive and there is no way I can repay you for your service… help- for your help." A smile appeared on his face because of my babbling.

"Say it" he was grinning with his hands on his hips, which draw my eyes to his body. He was tone and lean with muscle only hard work could make possible. His skin glowing with real life, the pink of his lips calling for me, I guess he remind me a little too much of Marie but the pull I have been felling for this human this week has been -if I dare to accept it- stronger. His blood was tick and satisfied my hunger longer than any I've taste before. I too grinned.

"Vampire" I hissed between my teeth. "I'm a vampire" in that moment I hear in the distance the last take of air of a woman before she died.


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