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The Vampire Erickson

Short story By: MssJenn

The vampire Erickson wants to be a rock star like his idol.

(this is a short story of a character of a future novel. A SHORT STORY )

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The vampire Erickson

The vampire turned on his boots' heels.

Should i do this? He had question himself many times, always when having to make a decisions.

Turning back to the sales lady he smiled his most charming smile, to which she smiled back. She couldn't help it, he had just such a talent with girls.
Taking a step towards her, he liked his dry lips. His smile widened and the girl gasped in surprise at the look of his short but pointy fangs.

"You have great... fangs. You could play that vampire from the book in a movie." Yeah yeah That vampire from that famous book was Erickson's inspiration.

"I'll take it." he ran his long fingers on the guitar and gave the girl a last fang showing smile.

"Perfect! you'll look even more like him with a guitar! You have a band? i would love to see you play. you play, right?" the girl was babbling and Erickson could hear her heart beating faster and faster.

"Nah. no band, but I'm working on it." the girl clapped her hands and jumped giggling.

She giggled? I bet her blood tastes like candy.

Erickson payed for his guitar with his latest victims money. He didn't want to make this an habit. he didn't want to be a vampire thief, The problem was that he really needed this guitar to make something of empty existence. and he really needed the penthouse with look to central park. He really needed those biker boots and leather jacket. and don't even start to question his judgment because the most he needed was the bike to go with the look. He would have killed the owners of this things anyways, he didn't want to leave their belongings just being wasted.

He opened the store's Cristal doors and the cool fall wind hit his face, it felt like freedom to him to walk the cool night.

"Hey! one sec! hey!" the girls voice came from behind Erickson. He turned and gave her a questioning look when he found her running to him with to big bags on her hands. "My shifts is done... do you want to go out- you know and have a drink. My friend's bands is playing just a few block from here. Would you like to join me?"

"It'll be my pleasure"

Guitar on his shoulders Erickson took the girls hand and shook it.

She simply said, "Caroline"

"Eric" he said while waving his finger with hers.

Tonight I'll have a banquet. Tonight is my night, sweet blood. candy red.


Before Erickson could notice they were standing in the front on the of the run down bar. The sign read 'Bloody Peter'.

How ironic.

"It's still too early the band wont play 'till two hours. want to go in and have a drink?" Erickson hold her hands tighter. For some reason he didn't know he found her sweaty hands and her fast heart beats exciting.

They made it into the bar before Erickson hold her the neck and kissed her with a deep thirst. Digging his fangs into her lips he drank a little of her blood.

"Mmh- you cut my lip" she pulled apart and licked off the blood from her lower lip. Erik almost felt his heart beating but it wasn't. He was feeling her heart beating on his chest.

"Hey Caro! Go get a room!" Somebody yell to them. Somebody that knows Caroline Erickson noted. He must not himself been seen. Not when he was planing on drinking her blood. Not if he wanted to come back to this bar and actually see the band play.

Caroline giggled again.

Breathing on Erickson's neck she lifted her lips to his ear and whispered, "Lets go to the back." She kissed him again before pulling him to a back door. Erickson made sure to hide his face on her hair and neck while walking close to the people.

The iron door slammed close and Caroline jumped to Erickson wrapping her legs around his waist.

Their breathing synchronized. Erickson was feeling her heart inside of him, her blood running on his dead veins. His breathing was hers.

"Mmm you cut my lip" Erickson said while running his thumb on his lip.

"You owned me" she said before kissing him again, this time pulling hard his lip with her teeth.

Erickson tasted his own blood mixed with hers, and he couldn't stop himself. he dugg his fangs fast to her neck drained her of her life before he could notice. Her blood wasn't as sweet as he thought it would be.

Fixing his shirt he took the guitar from the wall he had put it at. The girl broken on the floor, her skin already looking blueish.

Erickson stood for a few seconds staring at her body, wondering if he should take her money.

His hunger was gone, but this feeding felt wrong to him. She had put her trust on him and he ... killed her.

I'm just a killer. Killers don't feel bad. This is what i have become and i should learn how to live with myself.


"New York Times! Get your New York Times now!"

Erickson stared to the vendors eyes for a few seconds before talking, "You want to give a news paper"

"Why would I do that for!?" The short man frown at Erickson.

"Look to my eyes. You want to give me a news paper now."

"I don't know what you inhale but i won't gonna give you shit! It's 10 cents my friend"

Nop, don't have this ability like vampires in movies either.

Throwing the dime to the man Erickson took the news paper and walked away.

The only reason he wanted the news paper was the picture in the front page. Such a beautiful girl.

Erickson read the headline, Mayor's Daughter Commits Suicide.

"Damn to fucking hell! why all pretty girls are taken or dead? Just my luck"

He read the article until it stopped talking about the girl and started talking about her fathers politics. But now he knew things about her. Her name was Amanda and she was 22 that day. Her fiancee had said her suicide was his fault, they had fought really badly and he felt guilty of her taking her own life. Erickson knew better. Erickson knew the girl in the picture was smart and she hadn't kill herself, at least not because of this guy that sounded like he just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. No, she was a woman he could fall for. He had felt for.

Erickson stared at Amanda's picture until dawn, then he dreamed of her.

He woke up with the idea he could make her into a vampire even though she is long dead. He didn't feed that night thinking on how to make this dead girl his companion. Erickson didn't know any vampire. He had no sire. He had one but he didn't know him -or her for that matter. Erickson still felt his sire was somewhere and he wanted now more than ever to find him and asks all the questions he had for him. The most important at the moment was if this girl could be made into a vampire and be his company.

Maybe she knew how to play the bass.

Another day dreaming of Amanda.

The sun went and Erickson awoke feeling like a new man. A man that will have a adventure.

Amandan had been buried earlier that day, and Erickson planned on stilling the body. He fed good before going to the graveyard. He grave was covered in fresh flower in many colors and a big picture of her was there. Big problem was she wasn't there. The thumb was empty, her coffin was on top, open and empty.

"Hey! who's there?" flash lights appered and two men ran to him.

In a few seconds everything was done and Erick had fed for the second time in a night.

Empty hand he walked the streets, trying to figure out what had happened to Amanda's body. Nasty thief! but any way he knew it was too late for the girl to be made into a vampire, he was just in need of an adventure.

The vampire with the most boring life, he thought to himself.

walking in front of a bookstore he saw the book of his idol vampire. I should get to read that book, i know i should, he thought before breaking the glass and taking a book with him.


Reading was never Erickson's past time.

He walked around the penthouse for the tenth times. Giving up his reading, he took his leather jacket with plans to actually go see the band tonight.

Before he could reach the door he heard steps on the hallway. Who could be visiting? Moments later a knock on the accompany the steps. It was the doorman, Erickson could smell the cheap rum he always had. By there was somebody else with him, somebody that smelled like... himself.

My sire! , Erickson hold his unnecessary breath while opening the door a little.

"Yes?" He asked the drunk doorman while looking around the hallway for the person with such a smell. A smell he had only smelled on himself. It smelled like dead mixed with something else Erickson hadn't decipher yet. But if this was Erickson's sire he would decipher all the mysteries of this vampire life. Al he wanted was to know what he was and what he wasn't, and his sire will tell. Was his deed after all.

"Mr Conelli there's a lady... looking for you here. I think she needs an ambulance but she refuses." The doorman was on his late fifties, his uniform all discolored and part of his latest meal was on his chest. "Look she pasted out!"

A moment before looking to the floor Erickson had the crazy fantasy that it could be the senator's daughter. Maybe somebody made her a vampire and faked a suicide! that makes so much more sense than Amanda killing herself.

In this short three days Erickson had started calling the girl by her name, like an old friend. A wall in one of his unused bedrooms was covered in newspapers with news of her. But to his surprise the girl on the floor wasn't Amanda, It was Caroline.

Caroline the sales lady he had killed three nights ago. At least the one he thought he had killed.

"Mmm she will be ok. She is just a... junkie! yeah she is a drug addict and I'm helping her with her problem. Don't tell anybody you saw her here. Thanks for your help." The man looked the girl for a moment, her clothes were as dirty as her face.

In a second Erickson had go and come inside his place, coming out to the door with the finest rum the old owner had left behind.
Erickson could drink alcohol, in fact he does all the time, but getting drunk was something he hasn't been able to do yet. He gave the crystal bottle to the drunk man just before he ran out to take back his place in the front desk.

"Oh how did you survived little girl? Most important, how did you found me?" Erickson took the girl on his arms. She smelled just like him, but having her closer she smelled of blood too. She had killed already, she fed a day ago.


"What's that?" Caroline's voice came from the couch next to Erickson.

"It's an Atari! just the best man invention so far" Erickson looked to her with a slow smile. he had thought about her all night and dream of her trough out the day. He had slept with her in his arms, there was no coffin for her and the apartment wasn't light tight at all.

Caroline looked frightened after a moment of thoughts, "How did i got here?" she sat up.

"Don't ask me, I just opened the door and the there were you" Erickson keep his eyes on the TV screen, not knowing what make out of this. She was a vampire now, he had made her into a vampire, but how he did it?

Caroline stood up and sat next to him, too close for his comfort. "I think I killed somebody... i know i did. A man... I- I had sex with him on a alley and" She whispered even lower, getting her lips closer to Erickson's ear. Her lips were brushing his skin and Erickson shivered. "- bit him. you see?" She pulled her lips open with her fingers showing short fangs to Erickson. "Eric? you see?"

Erickson stood up fast making the girl blink a few times to make sure she saw right.

"... the fuck?" the girls stood up as fast as she could, yet not nearly close to Erickson's speed. "What the.."

"I see." Erickson's voice was calm but inside he was a troubled. "I see you have fangs. I'm sorry it was a mistake." placing his hands on his tight jeans' pockets Erickson started to pace in the living room.

"The hell it was a mistake" Caroline sat pulling her knees to her chest and hide her face from Erickson. Oh the fuck with girls drama, Erickson thought when he smelled the salty tears. "I killed a man. Eric. I. Me! I. Killed. A man."

Erickson sight and kept pacing around the couch Caroline was on. "Congratulations. You enjoyed it, right?"

"Yes" her voice came from her knees. "I've never enjoyed sex more than... than-"

"I know."

She lifted her face to see Erickson's scared face. He was remembering the first time he saw himself covered in blood, it was the best and the worst time of his life. He had walked all New York looking for something he himself didn't know what it was. Now he was thinking maybe he was looking for his sire, only his sire didn't want to be found.

She found me here. Why couldn't I find my sire when i was looking?

He had nothing to teach Caroline, but what he learned from the few movies he had saw. But from those movies almost nothing was true. A least he didn't know how to do most things vampires are suppose to be able to do.

Caroline's face was covered in pink tears, soon they'll be blood red tears Erickson knew that. It happened like that to him too.

"You are vampire now. An animal that feeds of humans." He continued his pacing, "You must not regret your killing because is for your survival. Like you never regretted eating a cow when you were... alive, human." The young vampire frowned at him.

"Actually, I was a vegetarian"

Erickson almost laugh but he somehow found himself thinking about Amanda. She was so beautiful, how can he not think of her. Was Amanda vegetarian too? how would her blood taste? i bet she had a sweet as hell blood.

"Eric? are you listing?"

"No" Erickson walked away from Caroline's babbles and into the room he had covered in Amanda's newspapers. But Caroline followed.

Shit, I'm obsess with a dead girl as pretty as she was she is dead. I have Caroline now, at least i think i do.

"Do you hate me because of what i did to you?" Erickson was staring at the news papers while he spoke, he wasn't used to having talks. His mother and girlfriends always liked to make him share his feelings. But now that he was vampire, had been a long time since he had a real conversation with a person, or a real feeling for that matter.

"I'm not sure yet."

"I'm not sorry. I killed you, that's what i do, and i don't feel sorry about it. Now what do you think?"

"I still don't know"

"I guessed that much." Erickson said.

"Why so?" Caroline looked to him.

"I don't know. When- - Since I died I'm never sure of my steps. I never care for much things... or feel remorse for the things i do... Don't get me wrong i do feel bad for the kills, but is more like i feel bad for not feeling bad. Does that makes sense?"

"It does" Caroline was staring at her hands when Erickson looked to her. "I want to kill you right now. For no reason. I don't think i care about anything but the fact that i don't care."


"What?" asked Caroline.

"I said Soul-less." They stared at the news paper in an immobile state only the dead can do, until the sun came up and Caroline hugged to Erickson and slept the day.


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