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The Biogentic Weapon (Chapter One)

Short story By: MurderousSweetTart

I may turn this into a book as well but I am making a deal with myself. Finish The Vampire's Kiss first. Anywho, this is about a girl who is a weapon that two "tribes" are fighting over. The Rebels and the Imperials. Well, tell me what I need to fix. I forgot about this piece, been on my computer for months.

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Feels like forever since peace on these lands. One after one, the people die off. Not all because of famine but because of murdering. The imperials keep killing my people and the opposers amoung us.The Imperials say we are impure and in no need to live anymore since we do not have a purpose. They call us the Rebels. In a way, they are right about everything. That does not mean they can kill us off though. I beleive that we have rights to live. My brother was trying to kill an Imperial from killing me, I remember this vividly. His soothing voice telling me every thing is going to be ok. Telling me that I will be safe and he would be fine. When the Imperials broke into the house with weapons I have never seen before, they found my brother ready to fight. They told him that they did not want to kill him and all they wanted was me. My brother, being himself, said that he would rather die then see me with the Imperial Army. That is when the Imperials got mad... They talked amoung themselves then pushed him out of the way. They grabbed me and tried to take me away. My brother did not approve of that, so he started to fight back. He got free of the Imperials on him and made the Imperials with me, drop me. My brother caught me and held me close. "When ever you want to use your biogenetic weapon you can. You will not kill me with it, so do not worry." He said to me holding me tighter. "Close your eyes, and whatever you do, please do not open them." I said in a soft tone of voice. He closed his eyes and I pressed a spot on the back of my neck. I felt a soft stabbing pain and both my eyes changed from bright green to one being crimson red and the other a rich black. I held onto my brother and then exhaled deeply. "You cause me pain, you only want me because I am a weapon. This is revenge, and revenge never tasted so sweet." I said in an eerie tone of voice. All of a sudden, a loud pulse was heard and waves of energy from my body were sent out. I heard my brother grunt from the pulses, it hurts him as well but not as much since I am holding onto him. When ever I hold onto people when using this power, I protect them but at a minimal. The Imperials dissolved and their ashes were scattered around the room and some went out the open window. After those uses I fainted. That is all I remember until I woke up again...

"Arax, did you have the dream again?" My brother asked me. I opened my eyes and saw Aylamer hovering above me. His scar across his chest is still visible from my weapon... "Yes I did Aylamer. I guess it is trying to tell me something..." I said with a deep sigh. My brother, or Aylamer, put a baggy white tee shirt on and then threw clean clothes at me. "We have a meeting with a person today. Someone to watch over you while I am gone on trips I am going to take." Aylamer said closing the door to our room. I stood up and got undressed out of my oversized tee shirt. I grabbed a dress that was a crimson red colour with black lace as the sleeves and part of my skirt. I quickly got dressed into it and put on the head dress that came with it. I looked into a mirror and remembered my mother. I look just like her right now... "Arax, I know you miss her. Come on, she would be proud of you right now. You have gotten this far and you are still going." Aylamer said giving me a big warm hug. I sighed and walked out the door with my dress following behind me slightly.

We sat politly in the big empty room, awaiting the arival of my new caretaker. The other ones ran away once they found out I was the biogenetic weapon. The authentic vintage Japanese paper doors slide open and a man entered the room. "Nice tea room you rented Aylamer." The man said outstreching his hand out to Aylamer and shaking it. "Elsdon, that you for coming in to met Arax. She is a bit timid and shy so give her some time to warm up to you." Aylamer said softly. "Hello Arax, I am Elsdon." I looked at him and felt a good aura coming from him. "Just to let you know, I am the biogenetic weapon the Imperials are searching for." I said coldly. Elsdon jumped a bit and his dark brown eyes got wide. "I am in the presents of a treasure to great for anyone to have." He said bowing. "Aylamer, I want to leave." I said to my brother with a worried look on my face. "What is wrong Arax?" I stood up and felt a slight pulse. "When I feel this pulse... I feel scared and it feels as though something bad is going to happen..." I said walking around the room searching for the main cause of the pulse. "Arax, just relax. Nothing is going to happen." Elsdon said rubbing the back of my neck and shoulders. I stopped and let Elsdon rub my neck and shoulders for a bit. "There, you feel any safer?" He asked. I nodded and looked at Aylamer. "Thank you Elsdon, I think she will be safe in your hands." At that, we went our seperate ways for now... Until tomorrow according to my brother that is...

Crashing and banging all around me. The cold nights air rushs onto me and slowly devours every inch of warmness in my body. Screaming and loud explosions are heard from every inch of the room. I cover my ears and close my eyes tightly. Then, a moment of silence and peace. There stands a lady in white robes, coming down from above with feathered wings. Her pale skin and caring expression reminds me of someone who I lost... It cannot be... It is my mother. Her light brown hair, dark blue eyes and kind smile make me remember long ago when we were with her. I drop to my knees and softly sob. Then, a bright light from my mother and the light slowly engulfs me into a dark abyss. That is when the banging and screaming came back to me, and that is also when I woke up from the nightmare...


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