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Confusion-filled Reality (chapter 11 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo is lost forever.

Submitted:Jan 13, 2009    Reads: 93    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

"I-I'm sorry!" He blurted out a quick apology once he noticed me looking at him. I simply giggled, making my face even more red, if that's possible, then before. Akimitsu looked up at me, befuddlement visible in his eyes. "You don't have to be so polite all of the time. I know that you think you owe Hisae-sama, but I'm not her and you're not your father. So, relax it'll be o.k. the world's not going to end." I stated in an attempt to comfort him. He was so polite and nice and I definitely didn't deserve it.

He stared at me with a mixture of happiness and confusion palpable in his expression. I was beginning to worry about him. "Thank you Kaori-sam-Kaori-san. No one has ever said anything like that to me. Because my father died after the incident and I'm his only child, everyone always told me to pay off his debt, almost as if it was my fault and not his, but here you are telling me the complete opposite." He began to laugh loudly and I had no choice but to join him.

Ryo's point of view:

This was all so confusing! It was like having "the talk" with my father all over again! The cat-eared man then developed a stern expression. "Hitsuji, look around you! You're stuck in an insane asylum -and for what- For enjoying yourself a little bit?" "But, I killed two innocent people, well, seven if you count the police men. O.k., seven and a half if you include Jayme-the point is I belong here!" He then raised a well-groomed eyebrow and smirked at my self-accusation.

"Do you? Last time I checked you were a good student, polite; friendly-do you really belong here? Was it alright that Jayme did that to you? Was it right for Kaori to just jump to conclusions and decide that you cheated on her? "For a long while, I just sat there staring at the floor. He was right, wasn't he? I hadn't done anything wrong and then, out of the blue, I'm being kissed by a total bitch, being accused of being a "cheater", and now, I'm in the crazy house! If karma is real, then what'd I do to deserve this!? I began grinding my teeth as anger filled-and would probably overflow from inside me. He seemed to like that-my anger. "You know, if Kaori were permanently gone, you could live a happy life again." He said in a coaxing voice. And for some reason, his words made perfect sense! "No, what am I, crazy?" I scolded myself for even imagining causing Kaori-chan pain. But that thought was fading quickly-as if it was being drowned by my sudden need to serve this strange man. Why was I so willing to obey a man whom I barely know?

He grabbed my chin and pulled my head upward so I was looking him in his eyes. "Listen carefully Hitsuji, I want you to kill Kaori-and if Akimitsu is still alive, kill him as well." I couldn't think, nor could I speak, all I could do was nod. It felt as if I'd been brain washed-as if my only purpose in life was to do whatever he told me. Go to the woods next to the area clustered with old buildings, the portal to "Buyu Gercek" should open for you now. Then, without a single irresolute thought or objection, I left to kill my only love.


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