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A tale about a beautiful mermaid by tigerluvur1000 and I

Short story By: nid

Tags: Fantasy, Love

We both worked on a different story set in a magical world and the main character is Celestia the beautiful mermaid!

Submitted:Mar 28, 2009    Reads: 204    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

A Tale about a beautiful mermaid

In the 21st century there erupted a world of science and creation and there came a time, when all the sea creatures including the fairies became united and were very friendly towards each other. Happiness was all around the ocean. But little did the forest animals and human beings know that all the joy around the ocean was due to a singing mermaid who sang by the shore. The sea- kingdom and all the sea creatures would flock together to hear her beautiful voice. Nature responded to her voice, by supplying cool breezes. Her voice was so excellent and melodious that even the heavens spilled gold and the tides descended. Celestia was her name and as to the origin of her name, she was from the celestial world. Her body was in pink and she wore the most glamorous clothes. The eel always sat near her to hear her songs and the nightingale in the tree was always jealous of her voice. As time passed by, the mermaid earned name and fame throughout the sea-kingdom. But alas! A day grew near when the mermaid's voice started to weaken. Her voice lost the glorifying touch. The melody in it disappeared. And soon, the voice sounded screeching. "O ye Celestia of Splendor and magnificence, what happened to your beautiful voice?" asked the eel. The mermaid now couldn't even raise her voice to speak. She knew that she had become dumb. Very soon, everybody avoided her. The eel swam away. The nightingale flew away. The heavens stopped pouring gold and the tides raised and fell. The mermaid dejected with life and her voice, decided that she should end her life. She lost all her power and magic. Such was the plight of the beautiful mermaid. The land of the mermaids,and all the other lands, for that matter, mourned the loss of Celestia. The trees began to grow weak and children could not climb, the flowers began to wither, so no butterfly was fed, and the seas dried up. "Why has our Celestia left us?" asked the fairies. "Now nobody can sing the children to sleep." " I can." said the nightingale. "I have memorized all Celestia's glamorous songs and tunes. And with that, the nightingale began to sing. Everyone listened as the nightingale began to sing, but the nightingales voice did not come out, Celestia's did. "You've stolen Celestia's voice!" cried the mermaids. "You were so jealous, you cast a spell on her and made her lose her voice! Shame!" And then, the nightingale began to cry. "All I wanted was peace!" "It was more peaceful with Celestia. Now youv'e killed her." said the crowd. And with that, they cast a spell on him! "You shall be made to sing for the rest of your life. Humans will listen to you in their back yards, they will tell you 'sing more!' They will make you sing until you can't any longer, and then Celestia will get her revenge by watching you wither." And that is why nightingales have such a beautiful voice, the voice of Celestia.


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