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There is boy named Steive, he is just a normal lazy teenage boy. He only lives with his mom and his dad past away when he was young. Steive finds out how important his mom is to him, he'll have to learn how to save her from the unknown froce who toke her. He'll have help from his most awesome uncle. Later on he finds out something that he thought that would be impossible and somehow it is all connected to the Chickens (the animal ones) XD

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"Steive!!! How many times did I tell you to keep the chickens in the cope!!" Steive's mom yelled from outside. Steive was to busy playing video games, to listen to what his mom said. She came in stomping inside, face scartched and mud in her hair. she grabbed her son by the ear and pulled him unto the porch. Still not letting go of his now red ear.
"Ow ow, Okay I'll put the chickens away."
"Good and also do the dishes when you come back in or bye bye video games." His mom said letting go of his ear and went stairt back into the house. He sat there on the porch step and sadly starred at the chickens. All the chickens looked at him quickly and quietly went into the chicken cope in a single file line. He got up surprised and closed, than locked the gate. Throwing some extra corn in as a treat.
"Mom, where's the dish soap." Steive yelled from the kitchen slash dinning room.
"Steive! You can't be donw that quick. Putting the chickens back in the cope already." She said walking in and seeing him prefectly clean.
"Yeah I am, they went in the cope all by their selves." He smiled a very happy smile to. his mom quickly went outside to see and came in with a shocked face. Then it turned into a angry looking one.
"Hahahaha, sorry mom the chickens just don't seem to like you."
"That is not cool, for once your not the one who is dirty."
"Mom cough it up, you lost the bet. You owe me ten bucks and the brand new video game you bought two days ago." Steive grinned and held his hand out. His mom handed the money and the game to him, with a great big sigh.
*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*
"It's the police!! Open up!!!" Mom's eyes went wide and quickly went stairt to the front door. he stood there waiting for his mom to come back and say it was nothing, but she didn't come back. The house dead slince and he started getting this sicking feeling in the bits of his stomach. He quickly ran to the front door and instead of his mom being there. It was partically a dead man laying there infront of him and his mom was no were insight.
"Shit Shit Shit Shit!!!! What the hell am I going to do know?" Steive swore and his fist hit the door frame leaving a dent. He was so lost and didn't know what to do frist.
"Ugh, That damn dickhead I am so going to kill him." The dead guy said as what steive thought was a dead guy.
"Who the hell are you?.." Steive watched as the bloody slashed hooded man got up. When the man was fully up his hood fell off and revealed who he was.
"Uncle Tom.......?"
"Hey buddie, sorry for the trouble..um..just so you know....what I'm going to tell you. Is beyond what you'll think would ever be possible." Tom said gescultan when he spoke. Steive shook his head in furstration and glared at his uncle.
"Where the hell is my mom?! I know you have something to do with it and don't try to lie about it."
"Well long story short" Tom said running outside and disapeared into the trees, steive ran out after him. He was long gone and steive was pissed and started throwing everything in the house and broke somethings while he was at it. He slide down the wall and looked at the picture of his mom and dad that fell to the ground during the rampage. He felt so mad, but so confused at the same time. He just kept looking at the picture and tears started pricking at his eyes. He sat there until he fell fast asleep, while holding the picture near his chest.


Steive's mom sat up holding her hand to her forehead feeling a gash. She looked around to see where she was, but new she didn't know this place at all. She sat in a bird cage high above the ground, at the sametime it looked like she was in one big huge tree. When she looked over the edge of the bird cage she noticed dozen of chickens running across, but only heard human voices no clucking from the chickens. She looked even more to see if there was anymore humans, but she only saw one or two humans and the rest chickens. She held her head in her hands as the pain shot through her head. She was lost confused and didn't know how she got here. She toke the aporn she was wearing off and held it to the bleeding gash in her. When she sat there, she felt the cage start moving down

..........I'll continue later.......


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