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A Simple Conversation

Short story By: omgitskandice

Rachel just wants to vent to someone, but she realizes that when your friend is consumed by a Deadly Sin, they sometimes aren't even capable of a simple conversation.

Submitted:Jul 26, 2010    Reads: 75    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

Evie- or Envy as she was professionally known- could be found anywhere there were people, but her haunting of choice was a park bench right in the center of New York, where she could watch hundreds of people passing by. She spent most of her days there in the park, watching the others, because while she fed on the raw jealousy of the humans as they walked by, she was also consumed by it. Like many of the other Sins, she was obsessed with it, unable to escape it- unable to think of anything else except for herself and her envy.

She looked mostly human, except for the odd greenish tint to her skin and the pure blackness of her eyes, both easily hidden in this day and age. Her long, stringy black hair was piled on top of her head in a lazy bun, and she was dressed in a myriad of colors and patterns, layered on top of each other, like a woman who couldn't decide what to wear so she just wore everything. Her attention was locked on a mother and her child so intense that nothing could break it.

Except a thin, redheaded woman who sat down next to Evie, drawing the Sin's attention. "My, Evie, aren't we looking positively green today. I bet we're feeling extra envious today."

Evie stared for a moment, looking the woman up and down.

"Rachel," The Sin said warily, thrown off by the woman's presence. It was odd to see both of their kinds together like this.

"Don't look so worried," Rachel said lightly, giving the Sin a pat on her arm, "I'm not here to start any trouble. I just need someone to listen while I vent. I had such an awful day."

Evie blinked and stared at the red head curiously, if a little bit disapprovingly.

"Oh, don't give me that look," Rachel chided, "you know very well the only reason I'm here talking to a Sin is because my own kind won't talk to me. I wouldn't be here otherwise."

Evie lost interest and went back to staring intently at the people passing by.

"Goodness, you'd think with your situation, your kind wouldn't be so judgmental," Rachel muttered, while making herself comfortable on the park bench. "But no, all of you are so judge-y. You know, that could be the eighth deadly sin. You'd all be guilty of it. And the humans, too. It's ridiculous how harsh they are on each other."

Evie's gaze flickered to the redhead for just a moment, giving her a dark look, then returned to her watch of the people. A woman had caught her eye.

"Anyways," Rachel continued, "I've digressed. You and your issues isn't the reason why I've come here. I really need to vent. You just won't believe what happened to me. I had a horrible day. It all started when I went to the cookie shop on Main this morning…" And the woman proceded to talk, though her words fell on deaf ears.

Evie was busy wanting, staring at one man's hat enviously. She needed a hat like that. It would look good on her- better than it did on him. Really- he didn't even have hair for the hat to cover. It would look much better on her. She should just take it. The man passed and her eyes fell on a woman in a black dress.

"…so then I told her that she could just stick it-"

"Where do you think she got that dress?" Evie asked abruptly, speaking quickly. "Do you think I could wear it? She thinks she looks so good in that dress, but I could wear it better. I so could. Don't you think?"

Rachel pursed her lips as she looked at Evie. "Then why don't you?" She asked in a terse voice. "You must have at least seven dresses that look exactly like that one. Why don't you just wear it? Oh, right. But you don't have that one." She shook her head. "E, do you mind paying a little attention? I'm trying to tell you a story."

Evie went quiet and searched for the woman in the dress. She was gone, but Evie found another to concentrate on.

"Where was I?" Rachel asked aloud. "Oh, yes, she told me they were all out of chocolate chip cookies. How can they be out of chocolate chip cookies- they're a cookie store! So I wasn't going to have that. I mean, it's just ridiculous. What cookie store doesn't have chocolate chip cookies? Everyone has chocolate chip cookies! And then she offered me oatmeal cookies. Can you believe that? Oatmeal! If I had wanted oatmeal cookies, don't you think I would have asked for oatmeal cookies? So I told her just where to put those oatmeal cookies. Evie, are you even listening to me?"

Evie, who had been staring at a man in a suit suddenly burst into dialogue. "He gets to wear a suit. Look at it. He looks so cool in a suit. Why can't I have a job where I can wear a suit? And look, he has a briefcase, too. He must have such a cool job. I want his job. Where do you think he works? I could work there. I totally could."

The redhead sighed this time and shook her head. "What about the dress?"

Evie looked at her companion cluelessly. "What dress?"

"Gah!" The redhead cried, throwing her hands up. "Oh my god. I hate you, I really do. All of you. It is impossible to have a single simple conversation with any of you. All I want is someone to vent to, but no- you're off being jealous of anyone, and everyone, who walks by. I bet you haven't even heard a single thing I said. All of you Sins are so into yourselves. One of you can't stop eating, the other can't stop sleeping, and another can't stop yelling. All of you are just impossible. Even Greedy-" Rachel stopped talking as the thought crossed her mind, her head tilting up so that her dark eyesaught the sky. "I haven't talked to Greedy yet- or whatever her name is. Do you remember what Greedy's name is, E?"

Evie shook her head without tearing her eyes from a young teenager who had stopped to make a phone call. "Names mean nothing."

"Hmm," Rachel said, amused. "Yes, well, that is what I'll do. I'll go find Greedy. She can't be that bad."

Evie perked up and showed the first interest she had in their conversation so far. "You're going to see Greedy? I want to see Greedy. Do you-"

"No!" The redhead snapped. "You can't come. You don't even like her. You only want to go because I'm going."

Evie was quiet, and the redhead hoped that it was the truth soaking in, but the Sin opened her mouth and showed that yet again, she hadn't heard a thing Rachel had said. "Why can you see Greedy and I can't? Huh? That's not fair! I want to go, too."

The redhead took a deep breath and flexed her fingers threateningly. "I'm going to kill you. I really am. I want to freaking kill you. You are so dense."

"You know," Evie said brightly, "people love how you get so angry so quickly. I wish I could get angry that quickly. Then maybe people would love me. Do you think people would love me if I got angry like you?"

"I'm leaving," Rachel announced, "because otherwise I am going to murder you. Bye, E." She stood and stomped off, and the Sin watched her leave, saying nothing, but yearning for her ability to get mad so quickly.

As soon as the redhead was out of sight, her eyes locked on another, this time a woman laden with jewelry and all thoughts of Rachel were gone. And Evie went back into her routine as if never disturbed.

That woman's jewelry was so flashy and shiny and everyone couldn't help but look at her. Evie wanted to be looked at, too. She could wear that jewelry. She totally could...


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