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A Siren's Last Song

Short story By: PageTurner

Sirens are supposed to attract humans on the sea by singing enchanting songs. It's only natural - they are innate carnivores, human flesh is their supposed nutrition.

It would be a hopeless case to fight nature, wouldn't it?

Submitted:Jun 15, 2011    Reads: 74    Comments: 5    Likes: 6   

A Siren's Last Song

A lonely rowing boat drifted peacefully on the silent waters in Ilumina Bay, within its hold a dreaming sailor.

As I floated beside his sleeping form, my arms crossed over the wet wood, I observed his handsome features. No sign of a frown was displayed between brows, his mouth slightly formed a hint of a smile.

How I would like to watch his intended smile, directed at me - not this involuntary expression that was lessened by waves of sleep. And as I realized my longing, a sharp pain stabbed my chest.

Never would I be able to see him smile at me, never would I be able to even show myself. I would never know the color of his undoubtedly dazzling eyes, shining, sparkling...

Agony swapped through me, and my own eyes suddenly stung. I struck my scaled tail against a flow of water, lifted my arms off the boat and over my head and dove into the salt water backwardly.

The disappearance of the sailor's face from my vision didn't help to decrease my desperation in any way. On the contrary - the mountain of sadness weighing on my heart only increased drastically. It was almost too much to bear. The immense pressure of the water was nothing compared to that.

But under the surface of the sea, my tears could not be seen. Under the water, my trembling song could not be heard.

"Hear the sounds of her voice, purely echoing through waves." The first lines of an among my kind well-known attracting song left my lips. My voice was shivering in the cold flow of water while air bubbles rose to the sky. No one except others of my kind could hear me under the surface, the dividing line that split my world from the human one. An uncrossable barrier.

"Listen to that beautiful melody, in which tears are to be heard." Even though these lines were usually sung out of the water and meant to attract male humans to our traps, the melody portrayed my exact feelings at that very moment. Tears were indeed to be heard, invisibly spilling in the salt water - a giant lake of thousands of tears, from eons full of tragedy.

"On the harp a tune is plucked by her swift and slender fingers." I didn't have any harp, and I swore I would never touch one again. The harps of my people were commonly made of human hair and bones, so that the sound would echo well. The materials were usually leftovers from meals. I shrunk at the thought of another siren devouring my sailor. My sailor, mine.

"Listen and feel those blue emotions in intermerging sounds," my voice, strong even though my heart was not, spookily filled the underwater space near me. Only a faint different noise sounded in my water-filled ears. My stomach was growling - I hadn't eaten in days, not since I first saw my sleeping sailor. But I didn't want to eat anymore. I would live of seaweeds or die of hunger before I'd swallow human flesh again. I knew that I wouldn't last for long, though - sirens were natural carnivores, they couldn't live of underwater plants or liquids.

"Feel the song of her longing, tinted by heavy loneliness." On the last word of that line, my voice broke down involuntarily. Yes, I was lonely. No matter how many of my kind would accompany me, no matter how many fish swam in the oceans, no matter how many living creatures existed on this earth - both on and below the water's surface - I would always be alone for now on. A black hole appeared in my heart as I realized that, and I sighed heavily.

"Like a pearl in everlasting dark resounds this plaintive song," I whispered, my voice cracking. The last line. The last line I would ever sing. With a final struck of my tail, I reached the bay's bottom and sat down to wait, the pressure of the tons of water keeping me down. I wouldn't eat human flesh anymore - I wouldn't even think about it - so I knew I'd die. I knew it, and I accepted it. So I sat down and waited for my death, without anyone knowing my intentions, my feelings or even my location.

Oh, they'd find me. They'd find me as soon as I died, as soon as I would slowly start drifting to the surface, like a dead fish.

Which, of course, I would be by that time. Just a dead fish.

Without ever knowing the color of his eyes.


A/N: Hello :) My third and last entry for Unknown girl's round challenge! I had to rush to make it to the deadline, with my exams and stuff, so I hope it's a bit good :S Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading! xx Paige


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