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Submission for Niau's Writing Challenge

Picture 30. Story of a kitten named Knight and a small dragon name Haku's journey back to Knight's home.

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The rain slowly stopped as the warm sun showed its face from behind the dark gray clouds that filled the sky in every place but the one opening that shined down upon the two small animals as if it felt sorry for them. The small dragon climbed down from the stick the black kitten held that was keeping for them dry for the most part, letting the stick drop onto the rock the kitten looked at the little green dragon before leaping off the rock and started running its way through the thick green forest that surrounded them, the dragon not far behind the little fur ball gliding over the ground dodging leaves and twigs while the kitten jumped over fallen branches that to a small kitten seemed normal at least not till the poor thing was stopped by a huge piece of tree. The black mass with big yellow eyes looked up shocked at the log that to us humans was medium size but to a small kitten like him was huge, leaning forward on his front legs and shook it's butt preparing himself before he leaped threw the air getting about half way up giving off a soft 'thump' before the small but sharp claws the animal had dug in and he slowly scooted his way up the log, getting to the top was just the beginning of the troubles now at the decent height the large yellow eyes looked over the green paradise that he was lost in, his ears folded back onto his head feeling discouraged wondering if he would ever get out of this foreign place and back home into the little girl's arms. The little girl, brown hair with big green eyes the girl that picked him out of the litter of 10 and named him 'Knight'. The girl he spent the beginning of his short life sleeping next to and following around the small house weaving threw her parent's legs at the smell of food, the hours he spent playing in the yard with the girl keeping her company and chasing her threw the trees, looking at a field of unicorns from the hill tops watching dragons fly overhead "Oh how'd I'd love to see a dragon up close" She once said, which gave Knight an idea why not go into the forest near them and find her a dragon just a small one, shouldn't be that hard right?

Knight regretted that decision, he didn't know the forest as well as he thought and though he did find a dragon he was now lost with no way out. The soft heart breaking mews filled the area around them as Knight hoped maybe someone would hear him and come to help them, after a few minutes he knew there was no hope of that. He looked at the dragon who had landed beside him watching Knight's every move, the dragon could feel how distressed the kitten was and even though the dragon was following Knight he had no idea why, honestly the kitten just interested him, never have seen a kitten before he let curiosity get the best of him and was following the black furry thing out of pure interest. Knight softly mewed again this time out of sadness feeling like a kitten that had lost its mother, finally jumping down from the log and started threw the green forest again at a slower pace hoping he might find the way out sooner or later. The small dragon quickly took flight following above the kitten, the dragon was starting to also feeling worried but he didn't know the way out either and with no way of communicating with the four legged creature below it seemed hopeless, even if he could fly he didn't dare fly above the trees where the most danger was, other dragons, he'd be eaten in a second if he was caught so he stayed below the leaves and followed the best he could while trying to dodge the branches but in trying not to hit any branches he ran into a bushel of leaves and losing sight losing his flight as well before tumbling hitting a few branches on the way down and hit the ground pretty hard. Knight stopped looking behind him at the dragon before he ran to him, only to see the dragon lying on the ground slowly getting up to its feet, trying to flap its wings the dragon flinched turning to its right wing that looked bent, broken. Knight looked at the wing sniffling it not knowing what to do, clearly the dragon couldn't fly now, he turned his back to the dragon trying to tell him to get on, the dragon who was given the name of Haku quickly got the hint and crawled his way into the back of the furry animal his good wing folded close to his body while the one he had broken laid flat off of the side of the animal, if he laid down it would look like Knight had wings.

Knight had been walking for a long time having the dragon on his back meant he had to be extra careful not wanting to knock the dragon off him so he had to slowly step over things instead of jump and go around instead of going over. The sun was slowly going down and he had enough sense to know being out here at dark was like being open game, Knight quickly found a small opening sniffing around to find it was abandoned meaning it would make a good place to sleep for the night. The small opening was dark but it kept the warmth in so that was a plus, curling against the back of the hole near the wall farthest away from the opening for safety, Haku laid beside him his broken wing laid out as well while his good wing draped over his body to keep himself warm threw the night having no fur like Knight did meant even if it was warm he'd get cold quickly.

The morning was cold and cloudy, seemed like the sun was disappearing more and more by each passing day, Knight and Haku were already well on their way heading in the same direction as Knight was yesterday and already had a good start since he was well rested though he was hungry, being a domesticated cat he knew nothing of hunting for his own food and Haku was still a youngling as what his mother called him so he didn't even have one hunting lesson, this was dangerous neither of them having any hunting skills if they didn't find easy food they wouldn't have enough energy to go another day and might not make it out. Knight felt droplets of rain hit his head making his mood damped, he should of never came into this forest but the little girl wanted to see a dragon so bad he just had to make it out to her to show her what he found and brought to her. The rain suddenly stopped making Knight look up to see a green wing over his head, he glanced back to Haku who looked back, his head tilting slightly, if only they could understand each other this wouldn't make the journey so bad. Knight looked forward and continued going strong but after a while his stomach started hurting which slowed him down but maybe if he could make it out before night time which wasn't far behind them then he might just be home in time for dinner, he could only imagine how worried the girl must be with him suddenly gone for close to 4 days, two to find the dragon and hopefully 2 back he just hoped he was going the right way.

A few hours went by the hunger they both had was now constant pain even if Haku wasn't even moving it still hurt and night had already fallen upon them, Knight was searching for a place to sleep but unlike last night there was no small hole, not even rock with a ditch under it leaving them out in the open for the night, finding a decent cover under a plant that leaves hung over like a drape at least hiding them, taking their sleeping place in the back and next to each other for warmth they tried to catch what sleep they could, Haku already asleep but Knight barely catching any sleep cause of the pain his stomach felt and to make matters worse he could hear noises outside the leaves which he wasn't use to and frightened him greatly, he missed his home right now he could be curled up next to the little girl warm and comfy safe with her and have as much food as he wanted. He fell asleep with the blissful illusion of a dream that he was back home in the little girls arms safe and warm. The night was cold really cold without the warm hole that kept them nice, warm, and safe the night before and the warm body next to Knight was getting colder.

He woke up with a sad surprise, Haku wasn't breathing, and he was cold. Knight nudged the little green body that was stiff; he sat down watching the lifeless being, tilting his head slightly confused never seeing something like this but every bone in his body told him it's wasn't good. The soft mews from Knight as he gave one last try to try and wake his traveling partner that kept him dry with his wings and just willingly followed him with no question, friend, but he still didn't move. The mews were more often and sad, nudging his friend a few more times but eventually he had to give up his body telling him he had to go and hurry before he ran out of daylight, hesitantly Knight left leaving the shell of his friend behind, the sky was raining as if crying. Keeping his head low Knight ran not having anyone on his back made this easy again but he missed that warm body on his back that also kept him dry in this kind of weather but Knight pushed forward running as fast as his little legs could take him, his black fur once soft, silky, and shiny now dull, wet, matted, and dirty with clumps of mud knotted into his fur.

He didn't stop running the whole day, his stomach in agonizing pain but he ignored it thinking he was almost there he would surely make it by tomorrow afternoon just beyond those trees was his home and the little girl waiting for him. Slowing down he looked up to the sky seeing it was getting dark at least this night he had a hole to crawl into and curled up against the wall, Knight was sure by tomorrow he would be home and safe, and fell asleep quickly this time nothing to keep him up or scare him from sleep.

Knight was woken up from a voice. His head lifted, ears perked as the soft, gentle voice called to him, it was a very familiar voice sounded like the little girl's. He crawled from the hole leaving behind a now lifeless body, looking up to see the little girl just at the entrance her dark brown curls braided into neat pig tails on the side of her head, she was in a nice white dress the one she usually wore when her and her parents were going into town for the day the only time she left his side well besides this time when he left her side, her green eyes glistened with happiness "There you are Knight we've been looking all over for you" She said picking him up gently cuddling him close, Knight purred softly nuzzling her chin before she turned. He looked out seeing her parents smiling her father's arm around her mother, but something was in her mother hands a green body with wings, it was Haku he was there happily nuzzled into the center of the mothers hand "Thank you Knight" The little girl whispered softly as she smiled hugging him gently and walked to her parents before they all went towards a warm light that filling him with warmth and happiness. He was safe, he was warm, and happy, he at last was finally home.


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