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Side Story to " A '666' Step Program" By Orynnfireheart

Short story By: poet 3

This is just a short story i wrote after reading Orynnfireheart's short story "A '666' Step Program"
It's not as funny as the original but i guess it'll have to do!!! Sorry in advance for any religious people who read this, It isnt meant to offend!

Submitted:Jul 31, 2007    Reads: 122    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Walking into the room I see six people sitting in chairs all eager to hear my little speech,

I get up to the podium and say the first thing I can think of. "Hi all, I'm ummm.... Jake! yeah, Jake.... Well thats all i have to say so...."

I looked around and amazingly everyone started to applaud, I had no Idea why. Why are they applauding, all�I said was a name...� I look around the room for a place to sit and decide that I should sit next to a guy with stunning blue eyes, as I sit down, He turns to me. He smiles and says in a hushed voice,

�" Hi, I'm a Demon, I know what your thinking, Why is there a demon in this group? Right?" He asks without really expecting an answer.

" Well," He continues, "I got kind of bored with being a demon, I mean sure, the torturing and the killing and corrupting was fun for a while, but it got kind of dull y'know? So i got to thinkin' What's the point? So now I'm here to help anyone who comes along like me!"He finished kind of breathlessly.

"Wow," I replied, "See, I am an Angel, Well, Arch-angel persay, But it got kind of boring watching over things up there, So I came down here to look for a new profession, and I thought I'd takeup a managing job among the humans, that didnt seem to be working out to well so I tried the Guardian Angel thing but I got stuck with this punk who was in to danger and drugs, so a better Guardian Angel came and took over, Then I heard about this group and thought I'd give it a try!" I said, equally as breathless.

"Well" Says the demon,"I have a proposition for you"

"What is it?" I ask, kind of sceptically, since he was a demon and I still held to my Angelic Beliefs.

He smiles and says " Well, Why dont we try and switch places for a day!"

"Hmmm......." I replied, What an interesting propisition....


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