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Short story By: poewhit

Tags: Short, Story

IS IT REALITY ?????????

Submitted:Oct 21, 2008    Reads: 213    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Here, I am lying upon my bed with the swirling lights flowing around. I Am a lighta point in the essence of space. Floating in my world. A star upon the stage an iconof wonder to the world. Paid very well with the gold of plundering. I spend more than I should, but I am more than wealthy. CARS, HOMES, HOUSES, VILLAS, ESTATES, etc opulence. Diamonds shroud my being, swirling around my body neck and arms. In my ears are a pair ofmatched diamonds which tell me things. Little girls looking for downs and other type pills.Outdated woman frustrated at the passage of time. Heartbroken, running after the past. Onlyto cry at the end of the day, in tragedy.

That light just swirls around more and more. Let me take another hit from that STUFF.Good STUFF. Feel great, another bottle of wine. More wine. Last up made me feel good. Thereagain the EARING'S, talking to me. That rich boy with the herd of girls. That one his fifth wifein one year, [ like going steady exotic style ]. Selling and buying his wears, by the swimming pool.MAN, MAN, let me have another hit from the STUFF. A merry-go-round, that is what it is now. BUMMER,now its time for party and goings. Who's to goof on today, oh-ho them again.Now those earing's talking-so & sois in an adulteress relationshipafter 23 years of blissful marriage.

The maid should be here soon. They do MOMS old job, work cheap, come over the border.NEED SOME ENTERTAINMENT, STUFF -OH him,watches KIDDIE PORN, seen the doctor. DOCTOR said, " retro-regression of ID". "role playing of pre-adolescence" - " 5 TH grade emotional maturity".[ Really nevergrew-up ]. THE MAN is here. Has the STUFF. YEA, good -CASH or CREDIT CARD - look good BABE, can't miss that part.Next door-OVERDOSED, all overthe BIG SCREEN. BIG SCREEN knows. That BIG SCREEN like BIG BRO. knows all.Like MOM & DAD, BIG SCREEN tells you.

GOOD STUFF, THE MAN right. Real good feel on MY CLOUD, MY WOMB, here meMY WORLD - HIGH.SOME RUSH - BIG SCREEN on theres BIG BRO. girl raped, stabbed dead, war more, H I V no cure, Kids demandrights. NO LAWS. MY THING. SPRINKLE TOWN is really great. good stuff MY STUFF, more. BIG SCREEN, game mode, yes-yes-TURN BARREL-yes-yes-POINT-yes-TOWARD HEAD-yes-yes-PULL TRIGGER-yes-YOU WON- - ******BANG!!!!!!!

copyright 2003 POEWHIT

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