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The Fisherman's Son - Part II

Short story By: Puppet

Sequel to The Fisherman's Son - Part I

Submitted:Feb 18, 2014    Reads: 65    Comments: 17    Likes: 5   

Push and pull.

Twist and turn.

Rise and fall.

The sea fell into a steady rhythm as it repeated its chosen pattern. It's insides sizzled with apprehension whilst it prepared to venture into unknown depths. Samuel, completely unaware of the devious plans the sea had for him, long tired from his inspection of the buoy, had started to make his way back to the docks.

Almost... ready...

As the sea raised itself to show its full form, Samuel started to notice that the water depth was lowering. A low, wailing voice found its way into his ears, it refused to be ignored. Come, little human... it cried, What things I have to show you... What wonders, you are yet to conceive...

Watching pitifully as Samuel turned helplessly in the water, the sea pondered over whether this little human was worth such trouble. Samuel's confused look was certainly entertaining. But was the revelation of such a well kept secret worth it?

Of course it was!

Yes, Earth and Sky would not be pleased - but when were they ever? After it's banishment, the sea no longer felt the need to abide by the previous laws of its existence. It's Mer creatures were not too far away to be summoned, but it wanted - needed - to do this by itself.

It pulled itself up the last few metres and prepared for the revealing of its true nature.


Samuel stared up at the wave before him, his mouth agape with fright. What was this beast? It seemed to be made solely out of water, yet it could not be so! Was this some sort of magic?

Looking into the mass of water above him, Samuel noticed an arrangement resembling a pair of eyes. Their pupils were darkened at the centre, and as he inspected the mass further, Samuel saw a face emerge.

Little human... it boomed, It is time for the great revelation!

As the sea continued to speak, Samuel found himself lost for words. He did not register what the sea was saying, and did not hear any of the sea's story. All Samuel did, was stare.

Spread the word! The sea went on to shout, Till the rooftops shake and the mountains fall! Let all of Earth and Sky's puny creations see the power of the banished element! Let them all hear my words, and bear witness to my wrath!

Once finished, the sea let out a maniacal laugh that echoed throughout its entire kingdom. All it's Mer and sea creatures became aware of its plans, and as Samuel began to swim hurriedly towards the Docks, they pled desperately with the sea.

Please, ruler!

Do not do this, sea! We will all suffer greatly if you do!

I beg you, my creator. This is not the way!

But the sea did not listen, it ignored its children's cries and allowed Samuel to reach the Docks unharmed. The sea did not retaliate, when Samuel told all the villagers what had happened to him. It did not shout out, when fisherman began to hack at its waters. The Mer creatures' cries went unheard, and their killing and suffering was eternal.


Earth and Sky watched in pleasure as the sea brought destruction onto itself. They chuckled, when the Mer creatures were finally wiped out by their humans. The creators even managed to celebrate, when the sea became no more.

After these events had taken place, there remained only two creators. Earth and Sky. The sea became a mortal creation, and no longer held a place among them.

Thus, the story ended here. The sea's revenge turned out to be it's undoing, and the Earth and Sky reigned supreme.

@ Copyright 2014 - Puppet. All rights reserved


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