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Timeless Tale

Short story By: Quincy

A story about a trip to hell and back into grace

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Timeless Tale

Standing amid the timber, young Thelo leaned with the taste of tears on his lips. Life was not kind to Thelo. Looking down upon his humble abode, Thelo felt the unbearable pain of disgust and strife. Staring at the cracks of the walls that were letting the screams of his father echo up the mountainside, his heart fell into the pit of his mind. How could he deserve such suffering at such a young age? Why was he born into this? Thelo knew only one thing. There was a better life. To give into this one would keep him from ever finding that one. Feeling so odd, and looking at the world so different, Thelo sought to learn. Knowledge would be his escape.

Knowledge is not something that comes at a cheap price. Thelo first turned to traditional education, provided as a public service to all. Quickly learning this to be hollow and unlike the truth that he sought, Thelo began searching for more meaning. Enter the free open mind. He began to question if what he had grown up taking for granted and truths where anything more than fables turned tradition. Thus, Thelo stumbled upon a most treacherous truth. Good and evil, though completely opposite, work together more than anyone could imagine. They go hand in hand, with good being as graceful ballerinas in the king's heavenly court. Evil, however, is most treacherous. It will make a young life hard to bear at times, resulting in an unfulfilled life to which pain comes masked as love. A terrible realization Thelo would one day realize staring through the tears of a heart in shambles.

Through the use of magic like Merlin, Thelo began to form around him a life that was more suitable. Helping bring peace to his father's insanity, more prosperity came to the family in need. Through false encouragement, the heart of a wrecked woman achieved more than was destined. Calling upon his demons Thelo was seeing good coming from evil. Balance was under his control, but the taste of success often leaves the aftertaste of greed. Sensing the world at his fingertips, young Thelo sought out things undeserving without effort. He asked for money, love, and life for himself. The three things that tend to lead to happiness in life, yet he did not possess the wish in his heart to earn them. Without the balance it was doomed to fail.

The first of his wishes to come true was life. Times three did he gain from that wish. Melted sands of his chariot did not give way to the impact of his body harshly thrown. The lurid depths of summer recreation did not rob him of his last breath. Not even the depths of the earth itself could break his frame in pieces. For Thelo being protected was shown the balance he did not expect. The hot sands scarred his face in agony. The depths made sure his every last breath was painful to take. The earth, it also showed balance. It made his body feel pain every time it moved upon its surface. A terrible plight upon his body so callously leads Thelo to regret his wish and to hope truly for his last day to become quick revelation.

The second of Thelo's wishes to come true was money. Money, yes the root of all evil, would make sense for a wish so vile. What balance could money possible give? Thelo travelled. He travelled to the great city. A place that Thelo was sure would lead him to greater prosperity. The city, though, stands as a titan against dreams. It is a city, people often believe, that will make a dream come true. The city does not take pity, and prefers you bring your dream with you to add to its splendor. Thelo had no dream in his backpack. He soon, had no backpack.

Returning home, heart broken by the vice grips of balance, Thelo soon received his third and final wish. Starring at a window that talks but never listens, love appeared as a box in the middle. Carelessly, Thelo embraced the unknown love behind the veil devoting his life to the balance in disguise. Thelo would soon experience the culmination of his greed. His health quickly deteriorated leaving him standing before the mirror a man he did not know. The love he took for pure, quickly spoiled and showed him hate his heart could not take. However balance in life is the one true constant. Thelo did find happiness through all his evil. He spawned an angel with wings as delicate as a duckling in love with its mother. The angel, a natural magician and perfectionist of balance, showed Thelo the responsibility of earning the next day of her life. Looking in her eyes, Thelo began to learn, the wrong of his ways.

Having learned the balance and deciding to earn what he held kept, Thelo had to make one last sacrifice. He had to give up everything that he had earned effortlessly, to start over to right the ship headed to Bermuda's triangle. Rewarded for his revelation, Thelo soon discovered his true love. A paradigm of hope, intelligence, and wisdom, his love brought down to earth that which the clouds could not touch. Grounding Thelo into the face of reality, she stood tall as the wish he had always hoped for. Her grace bestowed a sense of awe the borealis strives nightly to discover. Thelo now wise, did what he must. Knowing that the rewards in the end would be incomparable to the fake life he was tormented by, Thelo stood now a bastion of hope and wisdom. A man walking a path no longer riddled with twist, turns and dead ends found himself walking softly on the straight and narrow.


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