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The Trouble with Lust

Short story By: R A B Bradbury

Written for Malaxter's Short Story Contest.

Submitted:Jun 18, 2013    Reads: 42    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

The Trouble With Lust

After five hundred years of peace and prosperity, Lustra the Temptress returned to the world. She had been locked away by a wizened old wizard all that time ago because of the trouble she inadvertently caused where ever she went. Lustra was different to all the other girls when she was born.

Her parents, along with the rest of her family, were humans. They had been travelling through the Ruby Forest that covered almost the entire of the Land of Iania, shortly after Lustra was born. The fairies that inhabited that area of forest had blessed the baby as they passed through, wishing long life, beauty and love upon the child for the rest of her life.

As a result, Lustra had always been more beautiful than her peers in the village. Strangely, none of them ever held it against her, everyone had loved her dearly. As she reached her teenage years she had discovered she could use her looks to manipulate the men around her, who instantly fell in love with her when they looked into her vibrant green eyes.

By the time she was a fully fledged adult, Lustra had taken every man in the village as her own. She toyed with them and tossed them aside when she was through. She had no concern for the others in her village, and soon many women's husbands were sneaking away to Lustra in the night.

Single handedly, she had turned the entire female population against her, and the whole village against each other. The men of the village were all warriors and fighters of the land, and they were stalwart in the defence of their Lustra. For though they belonged to her, she had given herself to them totally, loving each of them in her own way.

The little village and its simple people soon grew tiresome for Lustra, and without so much as a word she packed up and left in the dead of night. The people of Lustra's home village were at first stunned, and quickly relieved to find her gone. No more would she disrupt day to day life in the village.

They had almost forgotten about her when in one terrible night they were almost burned to the ground in their homes by their usually friendly and peace loving neighbours from the Kingdom of Elves. Apparently Lustra had gone there after she left, and had wreaked havoc from day one.

They had forced her out with magic and, assuming she had returned home, descended onto the village astride their shining unicorns to end her and her troublesome ways once and for all. Lustra though, was not there. She had wandered through the forest and settled amongst the fairies of the forest.

The fairies should have known what they were in for, as it was these that had blessed her in the first place, but soon they too were enthralled by her radiance. She stayed with the fairies for a few years, until they too got tired of her ways. Lustra had manipulated and used the men of every nation on the fair land of Iania and they came together to find a way to be rid of her for good.

After weeks of deliberation and dismissed plans, an old, wizened wizard grew tired of the talks, and took matters into his own hands. He scoured his books and found what he was looking for. The spell he used banished Lustra from the land, and locked her in a second plane of existence. The land of Iania was finally free of the temptress's grasp.

Lustra awoke in the strange land and, fearless, wandered until she came across the people who lived there. With her thick, wavy auburn hair and piercing green eyes, no man could resist her charms. She spent the next five hundred years travelling from village to village in this new land.

Everywhere she went she found the males of the villages unable to resist showering her with lavish gifts and never ending attention. She didn't pay any attention to the ever increasing anger of the women, and her charms never dulled with age, as her during her long life, she never aged in appearance.

Eventually the womenfolk of this land united across the world, and together they hatched a plan to remove Lustra from their lives. They had spoken to her many times about where she had come from and, after much searching through ancient scrolls and texts, they had found a way to send her back.

They kidnapped Lustra at the blackest time of night and across the land and held her prisoner where she could get to no men. They needed time to open the portal to send her back, and they couldn't afford a lust-stricken man to undo all of their work.

After many months they were able to send her back to the world she came from.

After five hundred years of peace and prosperity, Lustra the Temptress had returned to her world. The people of the village had long forgotten about her, and they welcomed her into their lives happily. Yet forever ungrateful, Lustra was soon back to her old tricks, and soon the village was torn apart once again.

The Elves however, had been watching for such and event. They quickly informed the fairies of the return of the woman, and together they journeyed to the human village. Once there they cast spells and blessings to save the men not already under her spell.

Before Lustra knew what was happening there was a while army facing her, and her followers. The men already in her power were helpless, and couldn't be saved. They fought valiantly to save the woman they had come to love above everything, even themselves. Side by side they fought and died.

They cared so little for each other, that as the men around them fell, they simply stepped over his body and continued the fight. Lustra was working hard to recruit more soldiers for her fight, but the fairies and elves had done great work with their own magic.

Soon her recruits were dead, and the army of angry women, immune men and the fairies and Elves, had the woman trapped in a corner.

'Please! It wasn't my fault. I didn't know.' Lustra begged the approaching mob.

'Lustra, You have committed terrible sins for your own gain. You are a terrible excuse for a human, and are the reason other races have such a low opinion of your peers. You must be stopped.' A tall Elf had stepped forward, taking control of the situation.

He was tanned and muscular, with a high brow and high cheek bones. His jet black hair fell to his shoulders in a smooth silky wave. Everyone else stood back as he calmly took over the proceedings.

'We are benevolent beings, Lustra. I do not wish to see you murdered for being only yourself. You must change your ways.' His voice was deep, commanding.

'The fairies did this to me! Take it back.' Lustra screamed, tears streaming down her perfect face.

The mob tied Lustra to a stake in the centre of the village, and retired to a nearby cottage to deliberate. Many hours later the leading elf returned with a small group of fairies.

'It has been decided, Temptress.' He spat the word temptress, as if he held nothing but contempt for her lifestyle.

'Please, I'll do anything.' Lustra had never felt so out of control of her own fate.

'You shall be allowed to live, and these fairies are here to remove your blessings. Making you a normal human once again.'

The Fairies joined hands in a circle around the miserable woman, and began to chant quietly. The air around Lustra began to shimmer and sparkle as the blessing bestowed upon her were removed at last.

The mob had lied to her though. As soon as the blessings been successfully removed, Lustra shrieked. The sound was piercing and shook everyone around to the core. Her long life took its toll on her immediately, and soon she was nothing but a pile of disintegrating bones on the earth.

'May this be a lesson to everyone.' Called the Elf. 'No man or woman can live forever, and no more shall fairies bless those they find wandering through the forest. Nothing good can come of it!'

And so ends the story of Lustra the Temptress, a woman for whom lust was her only weapon. The men involved we so caught up in loving her, they gave their everything for her. Many men died in her name the day she was vanquished, and for nothing more than a pile of old bones, walking around in a time they had no business in.


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