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Secrets and Fate

Short story By: Rhensis

This is my entry for the Enchanting Picture Challenge for picture number 10. If it recieves sufficiant interest and comments, I may turn it into the basis for a novel...
NOTE: I have turned this into a novel! Its on my second account, Awniasa, and is called Secrets of Chiansha: Daybreak's Magic

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Lauren Fletcher
Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, England

The gentle breeze had caused the leaves on the ground before me to begin to dance. Misty sunlight poured through the treetops and onto my face. Savouring this moment of pure peace, I sat next to the rippling water of the Maona Lake. I had fiddled with the clasp to my locket and managed to undo it. Staring at its reflection in the water, I wondered why anyone would ever want to give it away. The events of the day previous once again began to playback in my mind. The noise of the market had been a familiar and welcome sound, and I had skipped through the numerous stalls and gazed at the mysterious produce. The smells of vegetables and fruits had mingled with the essences that women were trying to sell to the passers by. I had approached a small stall with only one item on it-my locket. The man behind the rickety table noticed me looking at the jewellery and told me it was mine for nothing. I had been somewhat bewildered, as I was sure that it was worth lots of money. But, nevertheless,I took the deal.

My own reflection made me smile. My windswept hair looked wild, yet it almost suited me, but I was drawn away from this sight when I saw something that startled me. My locket glowed a hazy blue, and it was all I could do to not drop it into the mystical waters below out of surprise. When it stopped, the dim sunlight was replaced with a blinding light that lasted for a few seconds. Once I was able to open my eyes again, I was astonished at the sight I held before me. The creature was a pure, angelic white, and its eyes were a deep black. When I looked into those eyes I felt a sense of pride, and another emotion which could only be described as love. Love for the marvellous world in which this creature lived in. Its mane was as crystal white as it's coat, and so was its tail. The last feature was a magnificent, magical horn on his forehead, which lit up when he saw me. I felt pulled toward the unicorn, and slowly walked forward until I could place my hand on the unicorn's soft hair. He seemed somewhat frightened to begin with, but the aura of emotion surrounding him soon changed from anxiety to relaxation. I looked down upon the locket in my hand. The star pattern engraved onto the silver had turned into a deep blue, and I opened the locket. I didn't know why, I just knew I had to. Gold dust poured out of the necklace and onto the palm of my hand. I looked up at the creature. He nibbled my hand that had the gold dust on it, and the sun began to emerge from behind the trees that had grown over the Maona Lake. The grove soon became infused with life. Noisy animals and birds began to yell or sing their stories. Flowers burst out of buds and scattered more of the same gold dust all over the grass which had turned a luscious green. Lily pads appeared on the lake, and the reflection in the water changed drastically over the next few minutes. All I could do was stand and stare into the unicorn's eyes. But among the sounds of the newly appeared wildlife, I could only hear one sound-my name.

"Guinevere. Guinevere..." My name repeated over and over again in my head, and it possessed me to follow the unicorn, who was now moving away from the lake and toward a clearing which I had never noticed before. At the time, I could do nothing but stare at the amazing transformation that had come over the wilderness surrounding the Lake. Those ocean deep eyes which the unicorn had were all I could think about. But as I came into the clearing, I was also able to clear my mind. Suddenly, I was filled with a cocktail of emotions. Fear and worry were equal to joy and happiness and surprise. As the unicorn moved further and further into a deep forest, however, there was one thing I was sure of-this was the way to the truth. And sure enough, it was...

My eyes grew wide at the sight I now had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. The clearing was populated by magnificent wild flowers of all the colours of the rainbow, and ancient trees that must have guarded the creatures for centuries. But the main beauty were the unicorns. Unicorns of all sizes and colours stood or galloped about the area. My unicorn looked at me, and once again spoke through my mind...

"You bore the locket that so many have bore before you. But if we are to live at peace here, we need you to understand us. We have to be kept a secret until the time is right. When the world is in peril, then you may call upon us, but for now, we must be kept concealed" I only had to think to reply.

"I could never betray you. But I have one question, what is your name?"

"Adair. My name is Adair. Now, place that locket around your neck..." I did as I was told. My head was too full to do anything else. "That locket gives you the power to communicate with us at any time, but also to read people's minds. But if you misuse the power, we will take action..."

The grove's unicorns suddenly all looked upon me. But I saw not love in their eyes, but revenge and hatred. I knew that if I betrayed them, this would be my fate...

And so I have kept my promise, right up to this day. But I hope the day for me to show the unicorns to the world will never come. I have seen into so many people and animals alike, and I know on the day the unicorns return, a great deal of suffering and pain will be brought upon the world...


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