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Jinxed: A Witch's Tale

Short story By: Richmond

Tags: A, Witch, Story


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Issue 1#: a witch's tail
Three men sat in what seemed like an office, two of the men were in black suits while the third wore white as he got off his chair.
"I grow wary of all this waiting" he utters
"Prince Izack relax today is the day we've been waiting for, the day you ascend"
The Prince turns to his men "your right, its power is just within my grasp"
"Yes my Prince and with it you will bring honor and glory to the Triad"
The room door suddenly opens as a woman steps forward while the three men gaze from the black heels which cover her feet up to her black skirt then up to her blouse, amazed by the sight Prince Izack chuckles.
"My… my Nisa your just full of surprises"
"Please fallow me he's ready to see you" she states giving Prince Izack an unpleasant look.
"I'll fallow you anywhere you want baby" whispers one of the men.
Into a much larger room the all enter, they looked at the man while he stared at the portrait of a man who's dressed in a red amour sitting on his throne.
"Adrian..." the Prince utters
"Prince Izack so kind of you to have waited all this time I know you're very anxious"
"Yes I can't deny that I'm not as it is your time, is just about up, it is time you pass it onto me"
Adrian turns to the Prince "it was your father who handed down its power to me and so I should do the same but"
"But… There's no but" Prince Izack says but quickly holds his tongue "I mean where are you getting at we had a deal"
"When your father passed on the power of the TRI-ACE to me he made me promise that I would hand it down to you but as we all know the power should be given to the Jinx witches"
"They don't exist anymore weren't they all wiped out by the Legions (demons)?"
"One stands before us as we speak"
They all turn to Nisa…
"And so you've decided to go back on your word and give her the power"
"No not her but one of true blood, a true descendant of the Jinx witches, she will be given the TRI-ACE power, I I'm deeply sorry but I have looked into the hearts of many and see she is the only one capable of bearing the power of the soul flame"
"Then as much as it hurts me I understand Adrian, I must take my leave and inform my Elder"
"Very well"
Prince Izack and his men whisper a spell and magically disappear in a cloud of smoke.
Nisa turns to Adrian after hearing the crashing noise of the tea table falling over and sees him barely keeping his self-up from falling to the ground. She whispers a spell and swiftly dashes to his side as she helps him to sit down.
"Adrian its power is making you age faster than normal you look like you're in your 50's"
"Call Alex tell him he has to bring her to me before it's too late"
"So you're really going through with this, you're going to give her the soul flame"
"Nisa you're a Jinx witch to but this power I can't give to you"
"I have accepted that but why her have you seen the trouble she's been causing lately?"
"I know she can be rather unlucky, but that's what makes her unique"
Nisa walks over flips out her cell phone and begins to call…
Within the office Mr. Lipton eyes turns at each crashing sound outside his office while he taps his pen on his table patiently waiting for her. His phone beeps.
"Mr. Lipton I'm sending her in"
"Yes… Mindy"
The girl enters the office back first whilst speaking to her coworkers.
"Sorry… sorry…" she keeps saying as she closes the office door just as something crashed onto the ground.
"Ms. Smith could you please have a sit" utters Mr. Lipton
"Yes sir" the girl says as she walks over to the desk accidentally knocking over a small green vase.
Mr. Lipton faces changes but keeps his cool. "Don't bother with that, do you know why I called you to see me?"
"No sir not really" the girls replies
"I have a talent for hiring persons who are focused, positive, fast thinkers etc. I thought that I did it again when I hired you but turns out you're the opposite, you have a tendency of attracting negative energy around you, do you know that Mr. Jenkins will be on sick leave for the next 3 weeks cause of that accident you had with him and then there's Jason in tech, Lisa in accounting and even my wife who wants to sue the company, our own company" says Mr. Lipton as he walks over to his father portrait.
"Sir in my defense I caught Ms. Lip…"
"Please quiet I'm speaking, honestly I don't want to know what excuses you have, the point is Kira Tracie Smith, all the employees, members of the board and I have all agreed, I'm sorry but we have to let you go"
"Can't say I didn't know this was coming" Kira whispers as she gets off the chair, walks over to the office door opens it then walks out just as a gust of wind slams the door shot causing the portrait to fall onto Mr. Lipton's head removing his tope which he bends to pick up but sees a mini camera…
Out of the office and up the busy street of the city Kira walked whilst she wipes the tears from her eyes as she pulled out her cell.
Sitting on a bench few feet away a young dashing man got off his cell and proceeded to fallow her.
In the dark alley a woman appeared breathless and tired as she was being pursued by a man who suddenly appears as well.
"I told you there is no where you can run to now, your mines"
"I know I'm special… it's just that bad things just keep on happening around me" Kira says as she walks up the street.
She walks pass a dark alley and strangely hears the sound of a woman pleading for her life. She stops when she hears the sound of the woman again.
"Kira… Kira are you there?" says the voice of a woman in the cell phone
"I'll call you back" Kira says as she hangs up the cell while she walked into the alley which gave her a strange sensation.
Kira stands and looks at a man dressed in brown ragish clothing attacking the woman dressed in a flowered dress, her hair was like the petals of a red rose, as she fell to the ground. The woman notices her flower wand and uses it to cast an energy projectile tossing the man unto the wall.
But he only gets up unharmed...
"Your magic can't cause me no harm witch thanks to the last two I killed I'm practically immune to your Tinx's magic" says the man who quickly rushes up to the woman grabbing her in her neck.
Stunned by what was going on Kira yelled out. "STOP…"
The man turned his head towards Kira and swigged his eyes a bit wondering how she could have gotten into the alley. He tosses the woman aside and rushes over to her as she fell unto her butt in surprise.
"I'm sorry" Kira states
"Who are you?" says the man as he sized her up "you seem like a human yet you were able to pass through my force field" the man eyes glowed as he summoned to more men.
"Hold her, I will deal with her later" the man says as he heads towards the flower witch.
"You must stop this madness or else all magic will be lost" the woman pleas
'Don't you think we know that, think of it a world free of witches, the sage, fairies, winx all of them including your brand the Tinx, witches of flowers and beauty. In time legions (demons) will rule this world once again"
Kira struggles to escape from the tough man who is holding her.
"Please let me go and I will not tell anyone what I saw or rather did not see"
"Shut up girl before we make you shut up" the other says
In fighting to escape Kira sees the man holding the woman as her life force was being drained into his hand.
"Noooooooooooooo" Kira cried out
The woman looks to Kira and smiles as the flower wand in her hand disappears just before she fades away. The man suddenly turns to the sound of his men crying out seeing them disburse by energy balls by a young dashing man.
"Oni…" he whispers when an energy ball hits him on his shoulder just as he disappeared.
Shocked to see what the man did tries to pull away but only felt dizzy, her blurry eye sight saw the young man whispering something as she fell asleep…
Through the dark carven fallowing the screams down the carven halls and into the main chamber which was devilish a place not fit for the living.
Lord Bragin sat on his throne whilst he stared at his reflection in his mirror as he begun to use a special flower to heal his old aging skin. The flower began to turn back time as his white turned black, his skin got younger…
"You no doubt look like you're in your fourths sir just little more of the cherry blossoms and you'll never age again" says Daren after he appeared in the chamber.
"Funny we demons are immortals and through we age much slower than humans when we do get old after a few thousand years or so our flesh is like a corpse that have died"
Lord Bragin gets off his throne while his mirror vanishes…
"Did you get the Tinx witch?" he asked
"Yes I did"
"And where is her flower wand or have you forgotten about that"
"It was lost"
Lord Bragin eyes narrowed. "Without the flower wand the spell is useless"
"I know my lord give me a second chance and I will find a new Tinx witch"
"Do you really think finding a Tinx witch is that easy?"
Lord Bragin walks around Daren. "Judging by your torn cloths I see she put up a fight"
Daren eyes inches to the corner of his eyes looking at his right shoulder which was bruised by the energy ball. "I had an unexpected run in with an Oni"
"Is that why Rex and Nox have not returned?"
"Yes my lord, the Oni was protecting a human girl"
"That is unexpected but it is something we have to deal with later for we have more pressing matters at hand"
"But my lord the girl, she passed through my barrier, no human can do this we should…"
"In that case drop everything for a human girl who got through a barrier that could have been weakened by the witch"
"My lord…"
"Daren… I have found the hidden location of Rushell"
"My lord Rushell she's like a myth…"
"Yes she is because no demon can see her until now; once we have her we will get her sister the Queen that is why I want you my most trusted and feared warrior to go and bring her to me"
"Yes my lord it will be done"
"Take as many legions (Demons) you need, but don't come back here without her"
"Yes my lord" Daren answers as he turns to live.
"And Daren, take care of your shoulder before it becomes infected by Oni magic"
Daren nods his head and walks off…
Kira slowly opens her eyes to see an old man standing over her, she leaps up knocking over the tall lamp at her back causing it to hit the center table sending the paper weight onto the shelf as it knocked over few potions causing an explosion as the mixture of potions to create a dark cloud.
"Well her first day here and she is already making an impact" Nisa says as she whispers a spell which causes the cloud to disappear.
"Now do you believe me Nisa, I told you she's a Jinx" the young dashing man says
Kira just stood still her head turned to the old man then Nisa then the cloud as she tried to make sense of all of this.
"You, you was in the alley with me did you bring me here?" Kira asked
"Yes he did" replied the old man "please sit everything will be explained if you just keep clam"
Kira looks at the door which catches the eye of the old man.
"If you insist on living then I will not stop you but remember this if you leave then you will not know what your true purpose in life is"
"I don't know what's going but I do know I did not fall down a rabbit whole, so Where I'm I?" Kira asks
"You're in Rivendell, a magical place where no evil may enter"
"So I can leave anytime I want to"
"No you can't" Nisa answers
"She means not right now because there is something very important I must tell you, after you can live"
"Okay… I'm listening"
"My name is Adrian, that's Nisa and the young dashing man that saved you is Alex, no need to tell me your name I already know it"
"You're joking right"
"No Kira Tracie Smith, do you feel you're in danger here?"
"Alittle cause of her" Kira replies
"Nisa, oh do not worry yourself as it is you two are related"
"What… I've never seen her before, if we were related I would know"
"You don't have to see or meet someone to be related to them, in the world of magic everything is connected"
Kira leaps off the couch. "You ask me to listen to you, you know my full name which no one knows, you say I'm related to this girl I've never heard of and I'm supposed to just do what exactly?"
Kira claps her hands closes her eyes and knocks her heels together while she whispered.
"There's no place like home…"
"What are you doing Kira?"
"Can't you see, I'm trying to get out of here"
"I understand how you feel and what you went through, no one knows but I can see it in your heart, you thought it was over but it came back on your fifteenth birthday which is the day your grandmother died and the night of your prom which you declared as your worst night ever"
"Please sit let me explain"
Kira falls to her knees. "I'm nobody people hate me, all my life bad things happen around me yet you want to share something important with me why?"
Adrian kneels and takes Kira's hands as he lifts her unto the couch.
"That's because of the great power within you Kira, in the beginning of time and magic; there were a family of very powerful witches, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Because they were so magically strong they were cursed with bad luck. They were so unlucky that they were known as the Jinx witches, a curse placed on every generation and their descendants whom would carry on the legacy of the Jinx"
"So you're saying I'm a Jinx witch?"
"That's right, you're a descendant"
"But you said I'm related to her so does that make her one to?"
"Yes Nisa is a Jinx witch as well"
"Let's say I'm buying all of this, what's so important you have to tell me?"
"You middle name Tracie do you know what it means or why it's spelt the way it is?"
"Tracie… what's wrong with the way its spelt?"
"Your name Tracie means TRI-ACE"
"Tri… what?"
"TRI-ACE which means three ancient magical beings"
"All that in two syllables"
"Pay attention…" Nisa says
"The Tri-Ace are made up of three magical beings who are the leaders of their clan, the first is of the Jinx witches, the second is the Triad Warlocks and the third is the Oni Dragons. Together they became known to all as the TRI-ACE, with their combined magic they could see into the future, into the end of time. and what they saw shocked them so much so that they used their combines power to change the future over and over again but the end result was still the same, the world was covered in darkness no trees no beauty no life and most of all no magic. They decided that if the world was to be covered in darkness then there needed to be something that could not be destroyed or forgotten and so they sacrificed they life to create a powerful light that will stand in the darkness when all is lost"
Adrian opened his hands and in it an azure flame bloomed.
"The soul flame, in order for the flame to achieve its purpose three children were chosen one of each Tri-Ace, no one knows who was the first to receive the soul flame but it was given to one and the other two were it's protectors. The three children of Tri-Ace were known as the soul knights, every 1'000 years the soul flame would be passed down from an Oni to a Triad and then to a Jinx this would be repeated again every other 1'000 years in each generation of the Tri-Ace soul knights until it was passed onto a human"
"If you're the one who has this soul flame which descendant are you?"
"None of them, I'm the human which inherited the soul flame but now I must pass on its power to a true descendant of the Tri-Ace, a soul knight"
"You're not referring to me" Kira says when she notices everyone staring at her.
"Kira descendant of the Tri-Ace except your ancestors legacy and become the Jinx witch you were born to become and with that I shall pass on to you the power create to shine within the darkness do what you're destined to do with the soul flame"
"Are you crazy I can't do anything right I just got fired from my fifth job I'm sorry but I can't va sisk ki do" Kira says as she suddenly disappears.
"Relax Nisa it seems Kira remembers the last words her mom said to her"
"But I never heard a spell like that before"
"That's a Jinx teleporting spell the reason why it's not used is because you never know where you'll end up"
"Adrian, Nisa we got a problem" says Alex as he rushes into the room.
"I know Legions are attacking the Tinx witches" Adrian replies
"I just got word, their after Rushell"
"They seek to find the Tinx Queen" Nisa adds
"The real problem is if the Legions find the Queen not even here will be safe, you two go and help them I will try to find Kira" Adrian says
"Adrian, do you think she will come around?" Nisa asks
"Destiny has a way of working out its self, we just have to have faith and believe"
Alex and Nisa lands directly in an all-out attack on the Tinx witches in the Tinx garden, they look on and realize that the Legions have the upper hand while Rushell fights Daren. Nisa quickly creates a force field to shield her and Alex from a Legions energy ball.
"Nice save" Alex says
"Let's get to work" Nisa replies
Alex grabs Nisa arm. "Hey don't overdo it"
She's brushes off his hand and goes on to save the Tinx witches using ice spells to freeze and lightning to crush the Legions without mercy while Alex use yellowish lightning energy balls to defeat them.
"Could you not look like your enjoying this so much" Alex yells to Nisa
"Cover me I'm going to help Rushell" Nisa utters
Unto the ground Rushell falls after being knocked down by Daren.
"Your magic does not work on me Tinx witch" he gloats
"Maybe mines will" Nisa says as she releases thunder bolt from both her hands tossing Daren away.
Meanwhile Kira appeared outside of town on a side walk just as a car passed by splashing water all over her.
"This is just great someday this turned out to be" she says as she tries to wipe herself off but yet another car passes by and does the same thing over again.
Kira starts to cry but hears a ring noise coming from her small hand bag, it rang over and over but did not sound like her cell phone but she puts her hand into her bag and pulls out her cell which ends up falling into the water. She bends down to see if she can see the cell but then she hears the same ringing noise again coming from her bag and so she looks within it and finds the wand.
She quickly remembers looking at the flower witch just before she disappeared remembering her smile when she looked at her. Kira stands and stars at the wand only to see a truck coming up towards her knowing full well that she would be getting a bigger splash down.
The truck passes over the pond while Kira only closes her eyes preparing for the splash while the flower wand jingled as the splash of water covered the side walk.
Minutes later Kira opens her eyes to the sound of battle screams only to see Legions and Tinx witches Nisa and Alex fighting.
"O-M-G, how did I end up here?" Kira says to herself.
"Kira dock" Alex yells out after send an energy ball to destroy the Legion at her back.
'How did you get here?" he asks
"I have no idea"
"Stay close"
"Do I have choice?"
Though badly injured Nisa and Rushell were surprised by the fact that Daren did not die from the injuries he sustained by Nisa's thunder bolt spell. They are quickly over powered when lord Bragin appears younger and tosses them aside.
"You disappoint Daren"
"My lord the human girl she's here"
Lord Bragin looks ahead and sees the girl which Daren speaks of. "Hen Do Kar" he says as he summons a flaming energy spear which he lunches at Kira.
Seeing Kira helpless Rushell whispers a spell to slow down time while she uses her flower magic to teleport her in front of Kira excepting the spear meant to kill her.
Kira shocked at what just happened helps Rushell to the ground while she cried.
"Why… why did you save me?" Kira sobbed
"Do not cry, my sister said she saw you in her dreams so I was expecting you"
"How did you know it was me she spoke of?"
"You carry my sister's wand, Kira don't be afraid of your destiny embrace it" Rushell says as she spoke no more.
The clouds begin to change turning darker and filled with the sound of lightning which then crushed down unto many Legions killing them before landing in one area shaping into a human. Adrian appeared from the lightning and released a thunderous bolt of lightning towards lord Bragin who counters by releasing a burst of flames causing the two massive energies to exploded cancelling out each other.
"The witch is dead there's no point in me being here but mark my words this is not over" lord Bragin says as he vanishes along with Daren and the surviving Legions.
"Kira are you alright?" Adrian asks
"She died saving me, all my life I felt like a… nobody, no one wanted to be near me because I brought them bad luck but she… she scarified herself to save my life" Kira sobs
Adrian puts his arm around her. "I can take you home and erase all the memory of today so tomorrow you can be free to live your life as if nothing ever happened"
To Be Continued…


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