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Kim has always looked up to her older sister always wanted to be her, to have all the guys attention. what happens if her older sister Lacy were to go on a feild trip for one week. Could Kim finaly find that special someone. Or will 7 days not be enough.

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I sat there in the snow, pondering.

"You write poems on love, criticize those who are in love, and long for it. But when its right in front of you, you denied it. Kim I can move on, but you, you can't you'll always be stuck knowing that you didn't except love when it was right in your face."

I replayed his words over in my head, the snow dripping into water freezing my hands. I racked my brain and suddenly i was all the way back, to the first day. My high school year, was suppose to be amazing. However my sister seemed to be the girl all guys had googol eyes for. No one ever looked at me unless i was by her. Suddenly i was sitting in Bio class completely drowning out the teacher, when this beautiful guy burst through the utterly boring door. The hole room lit up, i could feel the flutter of my heart. But he didn't look at me but my sister.

God how i wished she just was gone. Then like God heard me our teacher Miss Key announced that the hole science team would be leaving. I replayed my happy dance, i was playing in my head. Suddenly the world could actually be something other then my sisters chess board. I watched as Eric sat down in a set 2 tables behind me. His eyes were the palest green, his hair a dark black, his lips oh his lips they were the darkest color of a rose. The rest of that period i demented of kissing those plush lips. My sister had to nudge me when the class was finally over, she was smiling from ear to ear.

"Kim i saw how your eyes were glazed, is it cause the Eric guy?" i looked at my blonde haired crystal blue eyed sister and almost burst into laughter. I didn't answer her question, not even when we got home. It wasn't until i was helping pack her bag that i cracked.

'You know when you kissed William, was it nice?" my question caught her so off guard that she nearly dropped the pair of pants she was holding.

"Why are you asking, but for your info it was." she was so noise it wasn't like i was asking her if she had gas or anything. I shrugged and tossed in some of her bathroom crap into the very hug luggage bag she'd have to lug on to the plane.

"I won't see you for 7 days Kim, I think i might actually find a bit of silence." i gently hit my sisters shoulder.


The next day was almost perfect, everyone looked at me, wanted to sit by me. Every one except Eric. I was passing by his table in Bio and he didn't even glance at me. He was so into the stupid gas experiment, what a nerd! The only person i was trying to impress was the one who didn't freeking look.

I tripped over a back pack, falling. Two very soft hands caught me, and suddenly i was standing again. I looked over at Eric who had barely turned an inch, there was Mike his blond hair spiked up. He stared at me, i eminently re-membered that i was being rude and thanked him for catching me.

I felt kind of off. Mike hadn't been as close as Eric, but he still caught me so why couldn't Eric have gotten up long enough to stop me from face planting it into the cold floor?

I kept playing the sanoreo in my head pointing out any time Eric even glanced up, the total was 16 times.


Lacy would be back, for another 6 days but i was already sort of hating this week.

That night as i feel asleep i had the greatest dream, Eric was sitting right by me in bio and didn't look up at any one else because he was talking with me!

I woke up a bit sad knowing it was all but a dream.

"Honey its snowing!" i heard my mothers ecstatic voice call up the stairs. No wonder it was so cold. The tile was colder then ice as i stood up quickly grabbing my bunny slippers and gracefully walked down the stairs.

"What a great surprise for the week before Christmas" i shouted into the kitchen all the while knowing i only had 6 days left to rock my school.

I smiled, crabbed a pan and 2 eggs and started cooking. Eric i was going to have 6 days to make him like me which was enough. What a great Christmas present that would be, the present of love.

I turned off the stove flipped my eggs on to a plate and began to eat. When i was done i raced up to my room throwing on my long sleeved pink shirt that clung to my tightly some dark blue jeans and raced to my bathroom. I curled my hair happy that my hair was still a bit wet from my shower from last night.

It was all perfect i would throw the first snowball and hit Eric and when he chased me i would run giggling. I couldn't wait.


I stood there in the snow waiting as Eric start walking toward the school building. The snow ball in my hand was so packed it felt like ice. I drew back my hand, aimed and then was hit by a snow ball.

My mind went blank as the snow fluffed over my hair. I turned sending the snow ball sailing. It hit Mike right in the chest, and he burst into laughter. I ducked as he tossed another at me, and i couldn't help but start giggling. As he started chasing me. Finally a snow ball actually hit me and i stumbled laughing the hole time. I slipped to the ground making it look like i feel as i held a snow ball to my chest. Mike was there in seconds saying sorry and lifting me up. I waited till he turned me around and then shoved the snowball right in his face. I burst out in laughter as he stood there looking confused. Then he whipped it off his face and flicked it at me. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Six days passed, and instead of getting Eric to fall in love with me i was falling in love myself with Mike. I never realized that he had always been there waiting for me, and as i stood there waiting for my sister to come down those escalators, i knew he wouldn't have to wait anymore. Not again.

I sat in the car smiling as my sister commented about her trip. About this guy she met named Sam, the perfect one. I'd missed her more than i could have really spoken. But as we slipped out the car and into the house i could feel my jealousy build. So i made an excuse and slipped up to my room to control my self. Finally after crying a bit i slowly walked down those stairs once again thinking of Mike. When i got to the last one i heard voices echoing from my sisters room so i slipped toward her door. As i got closer i could hear my sister giggle, and then i heard Mike. I couldn't help my self so i snapped open the door. There he was kissing my sister on the cheek. Talk about anger, i felt like i was about to explode. Tears began to race down my face as i turned and ran out into the snow.


I feel after about fifty feet from my house. Instead of getting up i sat there in the snow and thought back to what Mike had said to my after our snow ball fight after i had told him that i liked Eric. He had said " You write poem on love, criticize those who are in love, and long for it. But when its right in front of you, you denied it. "You write poems on love, criticize those who are in love, and long for it. But when its right in front of you, you denied it. Kim I can move on, but you, you can't you'll always be stuck knowing that you didn't except love when it was right in your face." The snow was falling and as i re-membered how Mike had said that to me a snow ball clutched in his hand, i re-membered that i kissed him that day. I re-membered that that had been the day i didn't care about Eric, the day Mike said he was in love with me. In the distance i could hear the clock strike mid-night. Happy Christmas i thought, and i sware i could hear the faintest sounds of bells being jingled. It was all in my head i thought as I heard Mike crouch beside me.

"I sware nothing" Mike started but i turned to him and kissed him, on the lips. Christmas had its weird gifts, he could count this one as his. I knew nothing happened, it was jealousy that had gotten to me. So i kissed him in the snow, just like i kissed him the first time and if I'm not crazy i sware i heard Jack Frost snicker.


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