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A Story for everybody, chapter 3

Short story By: RubyRose81196

OK, this is the third chapter to the story. Read the rest PLEASE here: http://www.booksie.com/fantasy/novel/mr_dragon/a-project-for-everyone-(novel)/chapter/1

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All Theta could do was stare. The Stalker was accompanied by an aerie silence, which filled your ears and head, making it impossible to concentrate. She wished she didn't know what a stalker was any more. She wanted to run, but there was nowhere to run. She wanted to fight, but likewise, she had no weapons. She was starting to panic. Then, from somewhere behind her, Theta heard a loud bang and the Stalker exploded into millions of tiny glittering pieces of dust, which fell to the ground, giving it a slightly metallic look. Theta spun around, the commotion of the battle returning to her ears. There, right behind her was the bookish looking man who's father had been an Archivist. Jadnet, and there was another man in the shadows behind him. She looked at him blankly and blinked. How had they got there and why didn't they run with the rest of their colleagues?

"I thought you might need a little help." Said Jadnet, grinning at them. He had one of those smiles that you couldn't help but return, and Theta's face soon broke into a huge grin also. "This is Gimel" He said, motioning to the man behind him. They looked very alike, Theta presumed they must be related. Next to her, Renman was already busy checking his belt for something.

"OK, we'd better be off. Jadnet, Gimel, you follow behind Theta. Oh, and thankyou for saving our lives."

"No problem." Said Jadnet and tightened his own belt before following Theta, who was already walking steadily after Renman around a corner.

Around the corner was a fairly steep cliff, not too steep to walk down though, and the three of them began the decent at a steady pace.

After taking the decent at a solid pace for about half an hour, they had seen more death than most people would see in three lifetimes. But these days, death was becoming quite common. Theta had taken her hair out so that it fell either side of her eyes, limiting her peripheral vision so she didn't have to see so much of the battle around her. Finally they reached a huge white tower. There was a huge bustle at the bottom, but Renman pushed his way through, pulling Theta along behind her. Theta put her hand out for Jadnet, who grabbed it, taking Gimel's hand at the same time. When they reached the door, Renman held his wrist up to a little scanner to the right of the door.

"All the commanders have chips in their wrists," he explained, "They are the keys to these towers." Theta didn't have time to respond, before they were thundering up many flights of stairs.

"Where are we going?" She asked Gimel and Jadnet.

"To the top," Gimel panted.

"That's where the controls are," Said Jadnet, also panting, "and if we're in any luck, that's also where we'll find some people who know what they're doing."

"O...K…" panted Theta.

"Hurry up, preserve your energy. That means stop talking." Shouted Renman. When they finally reached the top, to their dismay, they found it deserted.

They walked forward, cautiously. Pointing the rifle Renman had given her when she'd hoped out of the pod. All was silent up here, the height of the building and thickness of the walls blocked all sound from below. Then around the corner, Theta saw movement. She motioned for the others to stop, listening. Then, from out of the shadows came Upsilon. Theta lowered her sword and relaxed, running to give him a big hug.

"Where did you go, you weren't in my pod after we crashed. And where's Epsilon?"

"I don't know where she is, we got separated, I'm sure she's fine though. But me and her teleported near here from the pod, we tried to grab you, you were flung to the other side of the pod and it was already too late, and those teleports are only meant for emergencies, they give you a one way trip."

"OK," said Theta, avoiding thinking about what had happened to her best friend, Epsilon, "We are here to try and get rid of that net, then we are going to try and turn it back on when the Scion comes to land."

"That will probably work, OK, follow me." Said Upsilon, walking off down a dimly lit corridor and into a room full of controls and screens with warnings and positions and lots of flashing coloured lights and beeping across many different control panels. "I didn't know how to work this, but I'm presuming one of you knows how?" Said Upsilon, gesturing to Renman, Jadnet and Gimel.

"Yes, our father was an Archivist." Said Jadnet, walking over to the controls and fiddling with buttons.

Theta suddenly had a terrific idea. "Gimel, do you recon you could find out where Epsilon is?"

"Yeah, sure. No problem." Said Gimel walking over to a chair on the opposite side of the room to Jadnet. Here, there was a massive screen. It was blank, except for a tiny logo in the bottom corner. Gimel began typing on a keyboard and the screen came on. It was showing the net. Gimel panned the screen down and typed 'Epsilon' into a little search bar at the top. The camera zoomed out, paused, and zoomed in really fast, moving to the left as it did so, then stopping abruptly. There she was, Epsilon. Lying in a ditch next to a pile of dead bodies. She looked scared, but had her rifle out and was shooting every now and then at what was presumably another battle. Gimel turned the screen back to the net and turned around.

"Can we contact her?" Asked Upsilon.

"No, but we can try to teleport her here, there's a teleport matt over there" Said Gimel, waving his arm to the right. Theta went over to the little teleport matt and looked at the screen. She typed in "Epsilon" and it came up with her coordinates. She pressed the 'teleport' button and there was a buzzing sound, and then Epsilon appeared, but there was somebody with her. They had some kind of dagger and were trying to stab Epsilon, but she had their hand behind their back, but they were much weaker than her. Theta raised her rifle and shot the creature. It crumpled to the ground and disappeared. Epsilon was covered in blood and collapsed onto the ground. Upsilon raced forward, picking her up.

"There should be a bed and medical kit in the fourth door on the left if you turn left down the corridor, said Renman, rushing forward to help Upsilon.


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