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The Wind Cries Mary

Short story By: saintminya

A woman reflects upon her mysterious death.

Submitted:Dec 26, 2012    Reads: 45    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

¨What a peculiar place this is,¨ she thought as she strolled deep into the misty forest. Her name was Mary and she was feeling rather, well, lost. ¨This all looks so very familiar, but I just know I am not walking in circles, ovals, or any other roundabout way. I am just sure of it!¨ Physically, she was lost in a forest she swears to have never been in, and mentally she was lost in just how she felt like she had been in it.
The trees all slumped down on the trail as if the leaves were positioned to whisper in each passerby´s ear. ¨It looks like the trees would like to tell me something,¨ she pondered. Paranoia had struck her quite hard with the feeling of having been there before, so she was putting much effort into getting her mind off the matter. It failed to occupy her mind for long however. ¨Now I know I have seen these trees before!¨ she exclaimed upon glancing at a gimpy little willow and remarking that it looked not too dissimilar to a short-man she once knew. His name was Trent, and he always had hair drooping down his face as his eyes gazed at the floor. He had disappeared from her life sometime before.
She squatted on one conveniently located stone for some time to try to clear her mind again, since all that walking obviously wasn't doing her a world of good mentally. Trent was all she could think about. She hadn't known him all too well, only being introduced several months before he vanished. All she gathered from her short stint at knowing him was that he was an awfully lonely man. He kept to himself at even the smallest of gatherings, and if you managed to steal his eyes from the floor they transposed unto you a terribly cold feeling.
¨Oh my, what an awful feeling that always was," she thought as she stepped up from the stone and continued to walk through the forest. The moon was full that night, and it was shining down on her so blindingly. She couldn't help but gaze into it. ¨It looks so lonely up there,¨ she thought. She stared deeper and deeper into the moons face. ¨It almost looks like those eyes...¨ she paused and continued to walk further into the forest.
A small quail landed right in front of her. It had an almost puzzled look about its face, and it soon spread to the already uneasy Mary.¨That...that bird. It is so familiar, I know I have seen it before...¨ but she just could not for the life of her determine how she could have ever seen that quail before. She stood in confusion as the bird flew off.
The air gained a slight chill as she stepped out of her confusion and made her way deeper down into the forest. The breeze soothed her, and her mind was clear once more. She bore an essence of confidence as she happened upon a fork in the trail. The wind seemed to hiss to the left of her, almost as if it were telling her that it was the right way. ¨I have a curious feeling that this may be the way...¨ she thought, as she silently nodded to the wind.
Her steam of assurance soon grew thin however, when the cold light of the moon became clouded beneath the trees that seemed to be getting ever fuller as she moved. ¨Oh how I cannot stand this any longer!¨ she cried. The trees seemed to have cried back as a powerful gust brushed against the leaves. ¨Now that was eerie..." she whispered as she picked up her pace through the woods.
The leaves rustled more and more, and then suddenly, ceased. ¨Well that is pleasant." she exclaimed. ¨It´s about time that racket stopped, it was making me all queasy. ¨ She continued in silence. The air had calmed, but the moonlight was nowhere to be seen, or felt. Everything in the forest just seemed to have died. ¨Dead,¨ she thought. ¨It was all alive, and now, it just all seems, dead...¨
It was an interesting observation for her, and took her mind further away from the frightening feelings of remembrance that had lingered in her mind for so long. She was enjoying her strolling again. She wondered how such an obnoxious noise could bring such lively life to the forest, and with its stopping, leave it all for dead. She seemed utterly fascinated with that word, dead. ¨Oh no,¨ she gasped, as the trees began to flutter and her mind began to race to that awful sense again. ¨Its all living again now...and its all strikingly familiar...¨
The leaves began to rustle harsher than they ever had before. It almost sounded like the sky was shrieking. She started to run. ¨I must get away from this,¨ she proclaimed. ¨I must find my way.¨ She kept running, her heart beating faster and faster. She kept running as the rustling shrieked louder. She kept running to escape the lively ruckus of the wind. She kept running...
The wind stopped, forever she hoped. All was silent in the forest again, all except Mary´s beating heart. Two bats flew overhead as she dropped to her knees. A third flew straight to rest in the tree ahead. It was a weeping willow. A weeping willow that radiated death. Mary looked up and cried, ¨I remember now...he left me here...¨.¨


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