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Feeling like almost losing someone.

Submitted:Dec 26, 2013    Reads: 18    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The night sky above me is painted a dark blue and spotted with bright flecks of light. I roll over onto my side and look at you. I study your profile, so perfect, so peacefully gazing at the night sky. Our fingers lay in the warm summer grass, intertwined. Your eyes are as blue as the daytime sky as they look at me and you grasp my hand in yours. Your hands are cold, but I can feel the warmth in your eyes as they gaze into mine. I want this moment to last an eternity, but too soon I break my gaze.

Once again I look up at the sky, and it burns. The stars blaze with a merciless intensity. I turn around to see you, but you are nowhere to be found. I scream your name above the roar of the fire, but I hear nothing in return. My throat is raw now, but I keep screaming, so desperately trying and determined.

All at once, the sky seems to be crashing down on me. Stars and fire; they fall as one. They burn every inch of my body as they hit the ground and explode like bullets. I begin to run. Each stride is agonizing, each muscle in my body aches. But I know I must go on; I must find you, although I am certain that I shall not survive this apocalypse.

My legs have carried me to a clearing around which the inferno flares. Thunder bellows from the heavens above. Yet here, the little steppe seems unharmed by the pandemonium of destruction. The summer eve appears untouched and a light breeze stirs the grass.

Here is where I see you, in the middle of the clearing. You are looking up at the burning sky with agitation and confusion. You turn your head and your perfect blue eyes meet mine. In them I see passion and woe intertwined. I scream for you, a shrill wail leaving my lips. I see you say something, but I cannot make it out. I take a tentative step towards you. Without hesitation, I take two more, and I stumble. Still, I pull myself up and close the distance between us.

You try to speak to me, but once more I cannot hear you. You point to the stars. They are no longer on fire. They are now merely the pale specks of light we had once admired together. The fire is gone; he cannon-like thunder has ceased. All that is left is you and I, once again, staring into each other's eyes. We look to the eastern sky and it is beginning to lighten. We lay back down and try to catch our breath. I look into your eyes one last time as I lay down. I bury my head in your chest and you put your arms around me. I breathe in the comforting smell of cologne and summertime, and we drift into a dreamless sleep.


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