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Thinking about turning this and other short stories into a novel now.

Submitted:May 7, 2014    Reads: 41    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

I will not sleep, until I hear the last sound they make, until I take their last breath away, until all that remains is a object lying before me, with the last soul lent out now in my arms, before I make my escape lest all the emptiness of the world swallow me up. I don't know what your soul will be like, whether it will simply melt away from your lifeless corpse into my hands or whether it would be the hardest soul to ever return, though it matters not. For your last soul marks the end, an end that is not too far now.

I will not fall, for no powers between your make-belief Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory can sustain me, much less stop me, for no energy generated from the largest reactor to the tiniest split atom can begin to even phase me, for not one man, nor ten men, nor a thousand or even the entirety of humanity can win in a tug of war for your soul if it is I that is pulling from the other end. Every one of you humans truly believes that the medicine you create now will save you, allow me to spare you. No cure will save you and no antibiotic will delay it more than as was written for you. For I am no virus, or bacteria, but rather a pawn in something much larger.

I will not rest, not when children are still laughing, not while people still wake up, arising to a new day seeing the rays of hope and a bright future tearing through their darkness and despair, not while life goes on. For only once I have redeemed every soul placing it back in the sea of life, then and only then can these hands of mine be stripped off me and used to take the one soul whose only longing for all eternity was for this eternity, the gift of the Goddess, to cease.

I will not stop, not until the screaming stops, not until there is no tomorrow to wake up to, forever trapped in a dream slowly turning into a nightmare with all of humanity to be encapsulated in, not until life ends. For I have been cursed by my Goddess and though I am but a servant to her, just a pawn piece for her to dispose of or make use of as she pleases, I am immortal in the eyes of you humans. Ever since she gave me these hands, I have become death, the destroyer of life.


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