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Darkness: The Blood War

Short story By: Sammy Wang Yang

Prelude to the Blood Wars story arch. A war between the Ancients (Vampires) and the Fallens(Darkness).

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The Blood Lake

A long time ago, there was a great lake of Blood. The blood belonged to a Brother who was slain by his own and He cried out to the Heaven for aide. But because he was dealt such a violent demise, the demons bathed in his blood and tainted its essence.

The Blood Lake gave birth to many fiends. And there was One who was powerful. He is the Guardian of the Blood.

Ages passed and the world was filled with the Wicked. They were influenced by the Blood Demons who filled their heart with Anger and Hatred. These wicked men knew only Hate. They were violent beasts and aspire to damage those who were Innocents. They were tempters and deceivers.

I grew into existence because of this. I am Envy. I am Hate. I am the vassal of each.

I was once a mortal man they called Samayam. In the Great Lake of Blood, I witnessed the sacrifice and the offerings of the Innocents to the Blood Lake. I witnessed the Shamans take a young girl and shredded her physical being, tossing her pieces into the Blood Lake. This was their offerings to their "God".

I learned from these Wicked Shamans and stole their teaching. I was filled with contempt at the Sons of God. And I aspire to be one day, a Man of God's stature. And so I watched the Wicked and their beliefs. And I revealed myself to them. I proclaimed that I want to join their rank.

But the Wicked sneered and cursed. For they do not accept anyone in their rank. They believed they were "selected" by the Guardian to serve Him. They assaulted me, but I fended them and retreated back in the shadows. I cursed them for shunning me.

I watched the sacrifices and the offerings. And at a certain time, I watched the demons rose from the Blood Lake. They were hideous and filled with violence. They were sadistic and vile.

I saw in another offering, two mortal couples they had brought to the Lake. They were filled with Fear. The Wicked sodomized them in Offerings to the Demons. And when they were finished, they shredded the flesh and drained the blood of the man and woman. They feasted on the flesh.

In their drunkenness of atrocity, they sodomized one another. And they feasted on each other's flesh. But the Blood Lake remade them whole again. And they went out to continue their Wicked existence.

One night, as the Wicked departed from their rituals, I crept toward the Blood Lake. I took with myself, a sample of the Lake. It was then, when a Demon emerged from the Lake and grabbed a hold of me.

It roared with Anger. "Why did you steal from my Lake?!"

My mortal self answered with venomous hate, "Why must you keep it for yourself?"

The demon spat back my venom, "You are not worthy for this great power!"

I answered back, "It is foretold that all that is Wicked will be wiped from Existence! I wished to preserve this Lake of Blood for your own continued existence."

The demon pulled me into the blood lake. My lungs filled with the vile blood and I found myself in the depth of Hell. I saw a figure in a pale white glow. His whole form stained with blood. His white hair had a pink outline. And his eyes were bleeding red.

"I am the Guardian!" he proclaimed. "What makes you believe that the Blood Lake will be lost?"

I revealed that the Virtuous called upon the destruction of all that is Wicked. If I were to take a sample of the Lake, I will continue its existence and mobilize the Blood Lake onto another province. Therefore, there would be passage onto other regions.

My argument was sound and the Guardian himself approved. But It wanted a sacrifice. It ripped my flesh apart and my soul chilled. Only for a moment as the New Blood filled me and distort my image. My body burned with burning fire.

I emerged from the Blood Lake, bleeding and naked. My mortal flesh, disintegrated. I cried in pain. I ventured away from the Great Lake and I burned forever in torture. I dug myself in my own tomb of Earth, as the world felled upon a great Flood. The Flood of Heaven washed away the Wickeds. It disinfected all that were immoral.

But I was hidden.

Centuries passed and I awoken later. Although the world was washed and clean, there still were, Not the Wicked but the Sinners. They were given Free Choice and chose to turn away. They are the Fallens. They are still the Sons of Heaven, but they follow a Darker belief. They are the Ancients, as they wished to proclaim. They were protected. And they did not perish along with the Wicked.

These Fallens spread their Darkness upon the Innocents. They took over OUR purpose. And I was filled with Hate.

The Fallens whispered their influences to the Innocents and brought them to their Fall. There was One who spread the word of Darkness. He, of the Darkness wrote complete tomes about his "Words".

It was then, when I emerged and found loathing upon these Dark Followers, that I began my purpose to bring back the Blood Followers. Indeed, I still held with myself a sample of the Blood Lake. And I came upon a pond, in which I deposited the sample in. I bathed my essence in it and the clear water became stained with Blood.

The ripples of wickedness energize the new Blood Lake and all that was Wicked and Vile returned. I became its Guardian now.

There was a time when two Lovers came upon my Blood Lake and they became filled with Lust. They bathed in its essence and drank from its malice. I appeared to the Man and whispered Doubts and Envy. In his anger, he murdered his young Love and offered her to my sacrifice. With her remains, I tossed into the Blood Lake, to re-shape her image. And she became even something else entirely. With her own Hate, she mauled her Lover and feasted on his bones.

I influenced many into the Blood Way and I whisper my Hate into the heart of the Wicked. Thus, a following began of the Blood Followers. There are times when I did not need to care for the Blood Lake, for the Followers bring forth their ritualistic cleansing. I simply watched from afar.

Oh, but there was one moment in time that I grew even more Hate in my Existence. This, I became Fallen!

I had a vision of the Guardian of Blood; the Blood Demon who gave me that authority of Guardianship. It spoke to me and proclaimed that it wish to be reformed into Existence.

I found a mortal girl who was Damned by her own people. Thus, I whispered my Hate and filled her with Envy. She accepted me as her Master. I took her to the Blood Lake to cleanse away her Damned. The Blood Lake swallowed her, and kept her for itself. I waited for her new form to emerged so I can use her for my purpose.

But the Blood Lake never released her. I was confused at first, and a little envy because she was my "pet". I do not know what happened to her within the Blood Realm. But I continued my existence beyond that.

I came upon the One who called himself Darkness-Incarnate. He had spoken about the Darkness and the Fallens, and how he broke away from his own Word. He spoke with conflict. He influenced with his Darkness, but spoke against it. It was like two entities within one shape debating against one another. He was rather confusing.

But I found I had a close bond with this being. For I am swayed into his dilemma. I too am contradicting from my own role and belief. I, who had brought forth the Blood Belief, began to stray away from the Blood Followers.

The Dark One spoke of loneliness, and I began to feel his aura within myself. I wanted to be his companion. I found myself under his influence and he told me his stories, as I told my own secrets to him. Thus, I brought him to the Blood Lake to bear witness what I had brought forth.

He, of the Darkness, understood where our existence began and where it would Fall. He revealed to me the Mother (First), who was called Lilith. She tainted the Blood Lake and was the bringer of the Blood Demon. The Dark One told me of the Demon Darkness, and the Blood Demon, and their two opposing Beliefs.

Our roles were of Representative. He of the Darkness, and I of the Blood. We are close to each other, but our Words create conflictions. Our followers will wage wars against each other, vying for authority to control the weak minded and the free-wills.

When I was with him, I did not felt Hate or Envy. The two powers I control was gone from me. He had tamed me with his presence. But those two "influences" returned to me some time later.

Unbeknown to me, the Blood Demon has resurrected and returned into Flesh. I was not present upon that revelation. I did not received word from the Blood Demon himself, as I had thought It would notified me. Instead, it called upon someone else. It called forth the Dark One.

From the Blood Lake, the Dark One witnessed the creation of the Demon Mistress, Nephrilla. She was the Blood Demon's incarnate. I was filled with Hatred and Envy. How could the Blood Demon not called the Master of the Blood Lake? I am that Master, I am THAT Guardian! I who had rescued the Blood Lake from extinction, from destruction!

Why was I not informed of the incarnation of the Blood?!

I was wrought with Anger and Envy. I, who have become the Demon of Hate! I denounced the Blood Path, and I accused the Dark One as a denouncer of the Darkness. I appeared to Him and accused him of interfering with his own Path. I went to the Fallens and revealed this to them, that one of them have sided with the Blood.

The Fallens did not fare well, that a pawn of Darkness had fallen from its pact. The Dark One fell from Darkness, but he stole their "influences" and reformed it into his Own Belief. The Fallens felt my Enviness and they were under its influenced. They disown the Dark One. But He was the originator to the Words of Darkness. He was the Darkness incarnate.

The Dark One said to me "How do I deviate from the Darkness, when the Darkness is Me?"

It was true, as the Fallens were followers to the Darkness. And the Dark One was Darkness incarnate and walked among His followers.

Thus, the Dark One and the Queen of Blood began a pact. From their union, the Demon Mistress created the Blood drinkers. The Vampires that spoke of Darkness, but relied on the Blood for their existence.


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