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A story about a mix up between a young boy, Marcus, and a woman, Jasmin.

Submitted:Oct 30, 2010    Reads: 109    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

Jasmin raced around the corner, slowly speaking a spell, and feeling the power in her fingers.
Adrenalin Pounded through her body, giving her extra speed, making her alert and ready.
The power was growing in her hands. The spell was slowly coming together. She just had to keep the chase up until it was ready.
Marcus ran away from his sister, Mia. They'd just gotten into another silly fight, and as usual, Marcus' temper blew.
He was running away, and looking for a discrete place where he couldn't be seen by Mia.
Marcus did that when he got into one of his tempers. He ran off so that no one could find him, and he would sit and sulk, waiting for his anger to cool down.
Yes! thought Jasmin, feeling the heavy weight of her completed spell nestled in her hands. She allowed herself a small smirk of satisfaction.
She skidded around a corner, and slipped into a small, almost inconspicuous alleyway.
She crouched low behind a large pile of rubble, and waited.
Marcus ran around a corner, and spotted a small, neat alleyway quietly tucked away.
Perfect, he thought.
He ran on.
Jasmin heard running footsteps getting closer. That's right you fool, she thought bitterly, come and get me.
She'd waited a long time for this revenge.
Marcus was almost at the alleyway now. He could no longer hear Mia's voice.
The shadow slowly came into view, and Jasmin positioned herself so that as soon as he came around the corner, she could shoot her spell straight into his heart.
Marcus took one step, and he was around the corner.
Jasmin fired her spell.
Marcus saw a bright white light travelling towards him at tremendous speed, and beyond that, a person.
Jasmin caught a glimpse of the terrified boy behind her spell, and fell over backwards with shock.
The blood ran cold in her body. Her stomach churned and she was almost sick.
This boy was not her target.
Marcus felt a raw, immense power crash into his chest. It was so great that it knocked him flying backwards ten metres into a brick wall. He felt every ounce of air rush out of him as he slammed into it.
Jasmin panicked. She swore like she'd never done before, and fled.
Marcus knew that the back of the whole rack of his right ribcage was broken. He knew it. But he couldn't feel it.
All his mind and body could feel was the pain. The pain in his chest where the spell had hit. The fierce, flaming, intolerable pain.
An agonised scream erupted from Marcus' throat, but he didn't hear it himself.
Burning heat exploded in his body. All of his muscles were incredibly, unnaturally tight.
The pain was so huge, it made him blind.
Mia found her younger brother. She found him at the bass of a broken wall. He was as white as a sheet, and had already given off so much sweat that his hair was plastered to his skull. His pain made him cross-eyes, and it racked through his body so that it was shaking badly and sending spasms through his muscles. His arms were wrapped across his chest, his fingers clawing at his hoodie. When Mia tried to move his arms, all he did was unconsciously pull them in closer to himself. Mia pulled harder, screaming his name, tears staining her rosy cheeks, but his muscles were as hard as rock and she found it was exactly like trying to move a log.
Mia stood, helpless, screaming at the state of Marcus writhing on the floor.
She didn't notice when their father came. He gave Mia a spell that calmed her down.
"What happened to him?" demanded Jeremy to his daughter.
"I don't know. I found him like he is now."
Jeremy was gently calling Marcus' name, while his hands hovered over his body, moving up and down. He found several breaks at the back of Marcus' ribs, but that wasn't what was concerning him.
"A spell is taking control of his body," Jeremy said, voicing his findings, "A strong spell."
"How strong?" asked Mia, eyes wide. Her father swallowed.
"Strong enough to kill him."
Tears were welling in Jeremy's eyes. But he angrily brushed them away. He couldn't lose control now. He had to help Marcus.
"Stand back, Mia."
Jeremy started a spell. The strongest one he knew.
His rich voice gathered a wind. His words rang out loudly. He could feel the spell growing around him.
Seeing his son's pain made him put every ounce of concentration into his spell. The air was growing heavy.
It was time.
He aimed his spell. After a slight hesitation, Jeremy fired it straight at Marcus.


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