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Cassie has to deal with her inner demon. Witches are more prone to possession. Many demons have taken over the village "San Jose" and if she wants to die peacefully, without burning in hell, she has to free her soul. Can she do it?

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A/N: Hey guys! This short story was actual for a timed-test. After the exam, my teacher had me edit it because she found it very good. This is the copy I sent her which will be sent to the SQA. I hope i get a good grade! Anyhoo, enjoy the short story!:)

P.S I have entered this story in a competition. I own all the rights to this, it's MINE. Do not steal! Thank you.

No Return

Cassie lifted her head from her warm hands as the bus pulled to a stop. This was it − San Jose. Her mother had warned her about the village; it had once been a beautiful city full of lights, music and love. That was, until demons invaded it. They went after the guilty − people who had sinned and not made up for it. There was no one in this mortal world guiltier than Cassie Juan, which was exactly why her mother kept her far from there. They were witches, Cassie and her mother, and far too many people had died at their hands. Now, those same souls wanted revenge.

As Cassie hopped off the bus, silence fell upon the dusty village. It looked deserted, abandoned. But she knew better than to see with her eyes. Things were never as they seemed, her mother had often reminded her. Cassie tightened her grip around her leather bag and marched further into her fate. Once a witch entered San Jose, they never made it out. There was no return. Brushing those thoughts away, she fixed her gaze on a large building. Negative thoughts attracted demons.

The Paradise Hotel was grand, but old. The door creaked open as Cassie entered and she was overwhelmed with the smell of moulding food and rotting animals. She greeted the receptionist, collected her room key and fled up the stairs; the elevator looked unstable. She flashed a fake smile to the woman who passed her and entered her dark room, removing her dirty clothes. Cassie was quite the actress; people didn't look past her chocolate brown hair, cherry red lips and haunting blue eyes. They didn't want to look past the outside, for what was on the inside would scar them for life. They saw with their eyes and not with their soul, which was why they didn't see her for what she truly was − broken. For every person she hurt with her dark magic, her soul was torn off piece by piece.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul, mija," whispered Mama as she plaited young Cassie's hair. She turned her daughter around and cupped her face, kissing her softly on both cheeks. The two witches hummed a lullaby as they tidied up the hut.

"Don't see with your eyes, mija, see with your soul."

Cassie gasped as she awoke from her dream. Dragging herself out of the bath, she lagged to the mirror and grabbed a towel. Staring back at her was a young girl, grimacing. She tugged at her hair with the brush, still glaring at her reflection.

"Stop thinking like that, Cassie, they'll hear you," she mumbled to herself. They were here, they were everywhere. She had to keep her thoughts to herself until the book was burned. It wasn't a gift, being a witch. You could return gifts, this was a curse.

"Mama, I didn't mean to! I didn't, I didn't!" Cassie sobbed as she ran into her mother's arms. As Mama Juan touched her daughter's scolding hot skin, the vision hit her like a slap across the face. She shoved her daughter out of the way and ran to the village centre. There, on the floor, lay her husband. His pale and frigid skin highlighted the black veins which covered his body − the marks of a witch. Mama fell to the floor and wept.

"Why did you do it, mija?" she cried, burying her face in her hands and letting the tears stream down her face like waterfalls of depression.

"A demon made me do it," Cassie replied, and silently walked away.

After that day, Mama Juan kept quiet. She became enraged and killed those who didn't appreciate family. As Cassie grew up, the duties were passed on to her and many more died. She was taught the ways of a dark witch, which is how she ended up this way- desperate.

"It's time. It's time," she muttered, tip-toeing down the stairs and out into the village centre. The sun was already setting, which made Cassie quicken her pace. Demons would roam the place once darkness fell upon the humble village. She had one chance and one chance only, to destroy the book at midnight or she would face an eternity in hell with those her mother and she tortured. This was the only opportunity she'd get to free herself from a written destiny - with no return.

As Cassie searched the old abandoned library, she came upon exactly what she was looking for. She grabbed the sooty book and shoved it into her bag, before darting outside to the growing fire she'd made earlier. Circling the burning wood, she slashed her palm with a sharp stone. As the blood trickled into the flames, she chanted the sacred spell and sway to the nefarious tune. Just as she began to speak the final sentence, they appeared. The demons surrounded her and a tall, dark-haired man stepped forward. His inky eyes seemed to bore into hers as he walked, ever so slowly, closer to Cassie. Realising who this creature was, she gasped and stumbled back.

"Stay away! Papa, please, stay away from me!" she screamed, snatching her bag and taking out the book. The demons hissed, and her father lunged at her. He dug his black talons into her creamy, caramel skin and tore off bits of her flesh.

"You can't break the curse, fool! Only your mother was capable of doing so. And she was dragged down to hell by those she killed!" he shrieked, smashing a scaly fist into her face. Cassie kicked him off and booted him hard. Another demon thrust its knee in her back, temporarily paralysing her. She spluttered out a curse laced with blood, and willed herself up. She spat the last words out and a bloody grin crept onto her face as the demons crumpled to the floor. She watched her father shrivel into nothing as she dropped the book into the fire, flames singing her face.

"Goodbye, Papa," she murmured heinously. But as the Devil's creatures dropped dead, Cassie lost her balance. She blinked thrice and shook her head vigorously. Her chest tightened as her heart pounded rapidly and black clouds began to force their way into her vision.

"What have you learned today?" Mama asked, handing her daughter a small board and chalk. Cassie scribbled something down and spun the board around to show her work.

"Big spells need two witches!" she beamed and Mama clapped.

"Well done, mija!" she cheered, nodding approvingly. "Always remember that!"

"Yes, Mama," Cassie giggled, cleaning her board as her mother continued to teach.

"Oh, no," she croaked, as the memory faded along with the rest of the world. She'd been reckless, forgetting that lesson, and it was coming back to bite her in the butt.

"Big spells need two witches, Cassie," cackled a deep, sinister voice −Lucifer. The ground split as his cruel laughter echoed in her head and his dark energy pumped through her veins. She fell into Hell and as she did, her whole life flashed before her eyes. She relived every painful moment and cherished every ounce of love her mother gave her. She fell, agonizingly slowly, into Hell where each and every tortured soul rested- with no return.


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