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The Shadow, A.K.A ShadaStorm.
Hatred and pain pulled him into the shadows, and he now wants to get revenge and will do it in the most worse way imaginable, but first, he needs to escape the hunters.

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Time is spent with friends and family, all having fun, laughing and putting up decorations together, most people on this side of the world, at this time of year, are all having fun, except for me, with me, it's all meaningless, every celebration, every fun moment in a normal life.

Mainly because I am anything but normal, I only have fun when others are not, and I lurk in the shadows, going unnoticed.

But before all this, it was a different story, I had a girlfriend, and I had something to live for, but now, I live for a different reason.

Being on the run and the memory of my girlfriend being killed right before my eyes has leaded me to this.

With an intention to make someone pay, I will get my revenge, and I will do it, in the most painful way possible, I guess you can say it made me crazy. *sighs.* but it's just an act, I hide everything behind an insane smile, every feeling, every emotion, well, almost all, enjoyment still lives on. *Smiles then laughs insanely.*


Now just the shadow of a man, he carefully watches others bussing around the shops from within the darkness, then a grin crossed his face, indicating something bad is going on in that treacherous mind of his.

Most commonly known as 'the shadow,' ShadaStorm slowly got to his feet then cautiously started to approach a man from behind. Even in the dense snow ShadaStorm didn't make a sound. Now just an inch away from the man, he stopped, a familiar voice could be heard.

ShadaStorm listened for a moment before realizing who it was. "Argh, they're close."

The man swiftly turned around after hearing the deep, worried voice of ShadaStorm, but he saw nothing, ShadaStorm was gone, a faint cloud of black smoke lingering in his place.

Moments later he was seen again, though this time, unrecognizable.

Down on all four of his limbs, he silently strolled the cliff side, just below was a thick forest covered in a blanket of fluffy white snow.

ShadaStorm's eyes glowed a brilliant ruby red, and long coal black fur covered his body, the black became paler as it trailed down to the tip of a soft, furry tail, and his ears had completely changed shape and shifted place, they were now pointed, much larger and directed upwards, on top of his head.

ShadaStorm, with the magic of an item that hung around his neck, has the ability to change form, into a shadow wolf.

ShadaStorm started walking closer to the edge of the cliff, when he heard a gun being fired, it alarmed him of how close they were getting, he looked over the edge before jumping over and landing in a tree.

ShadaStorm then slid down the tree landing on a sturdy branch, just strong enough to hold his weight; he leaped off it then swiftly landed on the ground like an agile cat.

ShadaStorm then started to speed through the forest, he stopped running when he felt something slippery beneath him, looking down he saw his paws sliding against ice, he found himself standing on a lake.

ShadaStorm's eyes narrow, shifting back to human form he then says "I hate ice," before he stamped his foot, hearing another bang from a gun, he quickly turned around to see who fired it, after turning around he heard a crack, his eyes widened, slowly looking down, his constant frown deepened, just before he fell through the ice.


One pine tree standing out, being taller, and being an outcast, different kind of trees surrounding it, all fitting into their own space, except the pine tree, being the only pine tree here, it stood as the tallest tree in the forest. This is where I live, next to that pine tree, in a house and next to my house is a lake, frozen within ice, and next to the lake is me.

I was weaving in and out of the trees. I've lived in this forest for almost my whole life, and I sensed darkness, so being the curious girl that I am, I was looking for its source. When I reached the lake I saw a male, he looked to be almost the same age as me, maybe 24?

He looked down then a defining noise sounded through the forest, my head turned in the direction of the noise, there was a man standing there, his age was probably about, 30 something, and there were slightly younger looking men around him, then I heard a splash so I looked back over to the lake where the man stood, only, he wasn't there anymore, I saw that the ice had broken beneath him, and the men had started laughing at him, I then noticed them turn around and start walking off.

When they were a safe distance away I stepped out from behind a tree, and focused back on the lake.

I saw a hand grab onto the edge, the other followed, and then the man pulled himself out.

I walked over to him. "Are you okay?" I asked with concern, the darkness is stronger now, so it must be coming from him, and his eyes indicate I am right.

He looked up at me, and then when he stood, I was the one looking up at him. I haven't really seen a person taller than me, because people around the forest are short, but this guy, for once someone is taller than me, I am 5.4 feet and going by that he would probably be about 6, maybe more.

"What do you think?" he replies coldly, his crimson red eyes narrowed.

Wow, grumpy much, oh well, can't blame him, that water would be freezing, I shake my head before saying, "hey, um, you should probably come to my place to get dry; you don't want to get a cold… or worse…" Okay, why is he looking at me like I'm crazy?

He was reluctant to come with me to my house, but after a while in the freezing cold wind and snow that escaped through the trees, he finally decided to come.

When I entered my house the lights appeared to be off, so it was very dark, and when I looked behind at the guy, it almost seemed as though he enjoyed it, I have really good sight, even in the dark, so I can see him very clearly, I guess you can say I have the eyes of a cat. I fully turned around to look at him properly, stepping back to let him inside. "So, what's your name?" I ask before adding, "I'm Desire."

He must have found something I said amusing, because he just laughed at me.

Grinning, the male then said, "Deadly Desire, hmm, sounds better that way."

I shake my head. "Ah ha, take a seat," I say pointing at a black two seated leather chair in the corner of the room, there is something seriously wrong with this guy, that I'm sure off.

The man sat down then says, "I am most commonly known as 'the shadow', but you can call me ShadaStorm." Then he adds in a more serious tone, "ShadaStorm, one word, not two, not Shada, Not storm, just ShadaStorm."

"Okay, I get it," I reply before going into the next.

The next day, ShadaStorm must have been feeling much better because he sure didn't want to stick around, he was gone, didn't even say good bye, but oh well, maybe he just had other things to do.


Howling, ShadaStorm stood on the cliff side once more, he could clearly see the house in a clearing in the distance, he then changed back to human form, "and now, time is closing in, for my revenge, the day everybody has been looking forward too, now, me included, Christmas day, is my revenge day. No mercy and a lot of pain. For, I just don't care, and I am the shadow, and the shadow remains in the dark." And with that he was gone, disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.


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