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The Siege of Cheyrse-Morlock's Vision

Short story By: sherry1

A continuation of the story.

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Something in the air was not good today. Morlock looked around and knew. He felt it, felt the unrest. Today was going to be the day.

The day that changed Cheyrse. Walking down the cobblestoned road, hearing his footsteps echo, he was mentally preparing himself

for what was to come. Usually he liked to remain distant but today that was not possible. Potions stocked up ready for the battle to come.

Enduring another was sure to take it's toll. But, a cleric's work is never done. Always someone needing something. But, this was different

this time, for this battle was for his home. He only hoped his magic would be strong enough to save them all.


The closer he got to the village the stronger the feeling of unease became. If only he hadn't had that vision the night before. It really

did make him uneasy, for the things that he saw were not good. People that were important to him were going to be hurt. He knew there was

nothing that he could do to change what was to come, but he hoped he could at least prepare them and make it a little better. With a heavy

heart he entered the village and looked around. Everyone was busy, doing what needed to be done. There was an eerie silence almost

even though there was so much going on. A cloud hung over them all. Hopefully, today would be the day that Cheyrse was finally set free.


As he walked around the corner he saw all the archers getting their bows and arrows ready. Not a word was being spoken, everyone intent

on the job at hand and thinking undoubtedly about what was to come. He said hello to a few and received a nod in return. Moving through the

town he realized how much this place and these people had come to mean to him. He sincerely hoped that this time they would be able to do

what so many others had not. If they could just stand their ground and keep control of this one little village, maybe, just maybe, things could

begin to change for the better. Alliances would have to be made and that would take some work, but not out of the realm of possibility.


Passing by the women intent on getting the food done for the day he caught sight of Destiny. She was a beautiful woman and a good mage in

her own right, but had so much to learn. She was getting better, but he was not sure if she was truly ready for today. She had a bad habit of

going into a battle and just going all out at the beginning. The bad part about this was that by the middle of the fight she was exhausted and

had nothing left to contribute. He needed to talk to her and give her some guidance, but the woman was so stubborn! Truth be known, he had

taken a liking to her a long time ago and that made it very hard for him to do what he needed to do. But, today was important and he needed

to put personal feelings aside for the moment. If they could pull this off, there would be plenty of time for Destiny later and he intended to pursue

that road.


As he walked up to her and saw her dark hair glistening in the sunlight he had to stop and get control of himself. Just looking at her seemed

to distract him in ways that he didn't want to acknowledge. Well, might as well get it over with he thought. Time was running out. He asked her

if he might speak with her for a moment and as she looked at him he saw something in her eyes he had never seen before, the look of fear.

Trying his best to keep control, he told her of his plans for the battle ahead and gave her the advice that he hoped would help not only her but

their cause. She surprised him by listening intently and telling him she would do her best to do as he asked. A little stunned by this sudden

change in her he said his goodbyes and moved on.


Next stop was the warriors. He didn't really have any worries about them though. They trained vigorously every day and were probably in

the best shape they could be. These men had families and were very committed to fighting for what they believed they deserved. As he neared

them he could hear the clanging of their swords. Here too, he noticed a seriousness that hung over them like a clould. They all knew what was

at stake today. It didn't have to be said. They all felt it. As he walked up to them he nodded and they stopped for a moment to ask if anything

had changed. He assured them that everything was still going according to plan and with that they returned to their duties.


He needed some time to himself before this all began so he went to the one place where he knew he would be left alone. The cave that usually

calmed him and helped him to think did nothing for him today though. His heart was heavy and burdened. Just a few more hours and it would

be time to either win this battle or lose Cheyrse for good. He couldn't bear that thought. They had to win today, not just for Cheyrse but for all

the others who were waiting and watching to see how they did before making their own decisions to fight the tyrrany that was threatening them all.

As he gazed into the pool of water, he saw the reflection of the battle to come and it did little to calm him.


Suddenly he heard the commotion that told him the time was here. Standing, he steeled himself for what was going to be one of the most

difficult battles he had ever fought. He ran back down the path to the village because he wanted to be there in time to give them a few words

of encouragement before they started. Already he could hear the horses coming down the cobblestoned road and he knew that he didn't have

much time. The children had already been moved so he didn't have to worry about them. Some of the women were gone also, but most had

decided to stay and help in any way that they could. He gave his words of wisdom and then gave the orders for the men to get into their positions.


The village that was so quiet moments before was now bustling with activity. Everyone was in their place, ready to defend what they had

worked so hard for. He looked to the back and saw Destiny there. She looked as ready for this as he could hope. He gave her a nod and she

returned it with a smile. Oh yes, when this was done that unfinished business would be taken care of. She would be his once and for all. He

had made up his mind.


As the first arrows flew he once again gave his orders and told them all to ready themselves. The next few hours went by so fast. The arrows

were nonstop, the clanging of the swords was deafening at times. The cries as men lost their lives were so hard to hear. Destiny did exactly as

he had told her and was holding on. She really had become quite powerful and was an asset to them. His spells were doing what they should

and for that he was thankful. All of a sudden there was quiet. Then the cheers began. They had done it. They had kept control of their

beautiful Cheyrse. All of a sudden he was exhausted and crumpled to the ground. Several of the warriors lifted him and moved him into one

of the smaller huts.


As he opened his eyes he saw the sun pouring in through the door. He looked to the side and saw Destiny beside him. She was sleeping so

soundly in the chair beside his bed. He moved a little and her eyes fluttered open. She smiled and asked if he was feeling better. Much better

he replied. We did it, she said. Cheyrse is finally safe. He said yes, it was a rough battle but we managed it with dignity and little loss of life.

He raised himself in the bed and looked at her. She had a questioning look in her eyes as she looked at him. He asked her what he had been

wanting to ask her for the longest time. For a moment she didn't say anything and he was worried that he had read her all wrong. Then she

smiled took his hand and said yes.


As he laid his head back down, he felt content. Things had worked out so much better than he had thought they would. The vision still

bothered him, buit at the same time, he was sure that things would be okay for a while. Talk had already begun in several of the nearby

villages and he was sure that in time, more of them would join the cause. At least now they were moving in the right direction. They would

get stronger and larger as a group and that would be the end of tyrrany they had dealt with for so long.


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