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The Ant and the Elephant

Short story By: Snowy Owl

This story reveals how foolish to accept comments that make someone happier even though there is no truth in the comments. Powerlessness doesn't mean that we are strong in spirit!
Do not get flattered about our strength.

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The Elephant and the Ant
by Snowy Owl
An amicable ant on a summer evening walked up to a huge elephant and stared at him. The grey elephant seemed to be a white elephant to the ant. The ant had never seen such a white elephant before. He shouted at the elephant at his might, raising his tiny little voice, it was a vain effort. The enormous elephant could not hear the little ant. At last the ant thought of climbing up the elephant through his massive leg. It was a terrific climb in deed, that took the entire day to reach the elephant's one of the ears.
By reaching to the brim of the elephant ears, he shouted again at the top of his voice. Even though the undersized ant made such an effort, the elephant was not aware of the ant's presence that he ignored the ant's hellacious labour. So he made a final decision that he could even risk his own life, entering the elephant earhole. He entered to the far end of his inner earhole at the cost of his own life and started prickling a sensitive part of the elephant's eardrum. This time the elephant felt the agony of the insignificant creature's bite. In spite of being the size of a vast animal, he couldn't simply tolerate the pain. He threw himself onto the dusty ground, started to roll and rub his mighty ears onto the ground.
The miniature ant felt that there was a hug struggle and a big fight outside to get rid of the ant from his ears. This time the ant did not make a loud voice, instead he whispered to the elephant. "Hey, friend, you are so gorgeous, and I love the complexion of yours! What a smart, white elephant you are! The elephant was so pleased to hear something which was not true about him. He did not want to disagree to the statement of the ant as it was so pleasing and flattering to him even though it was not true. He said, "Yes, I am the only white elephant on earth!"
When the ant felt his mischievous act, he became so arrogant and laughed up his sleeve and said, "You are enormous and so strong but why could not tolerate my diminutive bite! It means I am stronger than you! Unless you plead me, I will not leave your ears and will give you stronger bites!"
The elephant could not help pleading the miniature ant and said, "Please I entreat you to get out of my earhole!" By kneeling down and raising his fore legs and the trunk he made an ear-piercing trumpet while tears rolled down his wet, pint-sized eyes.
The agony, the wicked ant gave him was so excruciating! The ill-behaved ant felt like a hero over his vicious act and thought of giving up torturing the elephant for nothing but the elephant did not even thought of taking revenge on the inconsequential brute. The elephant is always gigantic and majestic but the ant is tiny and disgusting.
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth doesn't make sense at all.


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