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If tears were Scars

By: Sophie Turner

Page 1, Inspired by Destiny Blue\'s If tears were scars.

Scars inhabited her face. Her soft pink hair and gentle, blue eyes had once been her most captivating feature, but now the scars were the focus of their attention.  Tears streamed down her cheeks, leaving evermore scars. “Scars,” She snarled, wanting to scratch them off. That would turn them permanent, though. A few durable scars were enough for Alex, never mind a building number. The curtains were drawn in her room. A crack of light slipped through the thin fabric, causing Alex to have to pull the duvet over her head. “Ouch!” She gasped as her arm brushed over a scar. Alex’s mother heard her, and came running. “Scars?” She questioned. Alex nodded, fighting back the tears. “You can cry if you like, Alexandra. You can do whatever feels right.” She comforted. Alex winced when she said her true name, Alexandra; she loathed it. When she had attended school, everyone called her Alex, even the teachers. They had even changed her name to Alex in the register. Now, she was home schooled, a decision confirmed by her mother. Fear now ruled her life, as she protected her daughter from an unforgiving outside world. “I know what right, Mother, is. Even though it is against your word. I promise, I promise the world, that I will be careful.” Her mother’s face lightened before fading again when she heard ‘against your word.’ “What is it, Alexandra?” She sighed. “I want...” She prepared. “I want to go out. Outside, out there.” She pointed to the window. When her mother’s head shook, more tears formed in her eyes. “Fine, but I must come with you.” She informed.

“Of course, Mother.” Alex smiled, lying. I shall prepare to go tonight. She thought to herself.  I’ll go without her.

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