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Three Daughters. (Unfinished)

Short story By: Sparrowadex

This is a story about a young prince with big ego, who became king at a very early age. With a prophecy of being betrayed or De-throned, he got so drunk on power and paranoia, and sought out to destroy anyone he finds to be threatening in anyway whatsoever, even the people he loves, with the hope of retaining his powerful state.

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Many Centuries ago, In a Kingdom called Dimikus, there was a young & fearless King called Ademeus, who was told of a prophecy about a daughter he will father to become a great Queen, a daughter who would challenge his existence on the throne. Determined and with a massive Ego, the young king closed his heart to love, and swore he would never marry, and never father any children.

Years rolled on, and Ademeus, who was now feared all over his kingdom, and the rest of the four kingdoms, as a ruthless & vicious King, was getting to an old age and advised to marry, so he can father a successor, just like his father before him. Thinking of everyone who talked about him having a wife as a threat, Ademeus ordered them killed. Content with living his life as the greatest ruler the kingdom has ever known, he only kept advisors who he deemed loyal, and would obey his every word. But after many years, Ademeus began to get lonely, and during one drunken night, he sought out one of the prettiest maid, Giselle, to spend the night with. The next morning, realizing what he had done, and in fear of the prophecy, the king called one of his closest advisors, and ordered the maid to be killed. Pretending to still be asleep, Giselle, quickly got up and got dressed as the king leaves the room, and secretly flew from the castle. Enraged that the maid had fled, the king took his sword and killed the advisor he had ordered to get her killed. He then ordered for Giselle to be found and killed instantly.

Giselle, not having anywhere safe to go, left the kingdom to get shelter from the nearest kingdom, called Eurake. After a while searching, the army of soldiers, knowing of the king's rage, went back to the castle to tell the king she was dead. Happy his mistake had been corrected; the king went back to his chambers, and back to his old lonely world.

Meanwhile, Giselle now heavily pregnant, and almost ready to give birth, went back in disguise to Dimikus, knowing her child is the sole successor to the throne, and would not be able to claim it, if born in Eurake. She hid with one of the palace maids, Tetana, whom had always been a friend to her. When the time came for Giselle to give birth, assisted by Tetana, and the king's physician, Peagaius, who was sworn to secrecy by one of the other advisors, Levaties, who had grown tired of the king's terror, she gave birth to 'three girls'.

Giselle, worried about how the girls would react to the news of one of them being the future Queen of Dimikus, and the rivalry and bitterness it could create between them, decided to randomly pick only one of the girls to raise as the future Queen, while she left the other two in the care of her closest friend Tetana. Hoping to keep distance between the girls, Giselle moved away to another town, and distanced herself with Tetana, and the two daughters, who were named Ansari and Amira.

Naming the daughter she kept, Anabella, Giselle made sure her daughter was well behaved, and raised to know about the policies and ways of the land, hoping for her to one day be the great Queen the kingdom would be proud to have, like Ademeus 's father, who was feared, but respected throughout the five kingdoms. But unknown to her, Anabella was working towards a different path. With many influences around her, and the desire to fit in, Anabella rebelled against everything her mother taught her, and joined the local rebels who were planning a coup towards the king, after being tired of his malicious ways while deciding he wasn't fit to be their ruler. Conspiring with other rebels across other regions of the kingdom, they decided to form a unit, and called themselves "The Libertas; meaning fighting for Freedom, and Liberty for all". Not knowing her father was the king, Anabella was more than determined to fight for the cause.

Meanwhile; Ansari and Amira, who were both brought up by Tetana, were more like best friends. They enjoyed each other's company, and never kept any secrets between themselves, while living respectable lives. Amira chose to be an assistant to Peagaius, the King's physician, whom she had known has her uncle, while Ansari followed Tetana to also be a maid in the castle.

Amira, being a pretty and likeable girl, was quickly noticed by the king, who took a shine to her, and insisted she comes with the physician anytime he was summoned.


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