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Jewels edition one

Short story By: stargirl2

Obsidian learns how to have fun.

Submitted:Mar 31, 2012    Reads: 21    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Opal's foot slams into the chicken. It soars in a high arc and landed a good mile away. Cheers erupted from the few girls surrounding Opal. The girl the farthest away from the group reminded them all that they had an important job. All these girls defended Morella, their dimension. Princess Lydia relies on them to fight whenever Morella is endangered.

Opal is the one who doesn't show as much brutality as the others. She's the life of every party, and 9is the first member of Jewels to ever disobey Obsidian in the name of fun. She has pale blonde hair and white shimmery eyes that flicker different colours, like an opal.

Diamond is the second most serious member of Jewels. She rarely messes around, and when she's messing around, it's only before a huge battle. She has white hair and only wears white. Her eyes are clear, but they sparkle, just like a diamond.

Emerald is the encourager. To her, it could always be worse. Obsidian gets along with her okay, but sometimes, her optimism gets on everyones nerves. She has curly brown hair and tan skin, but she has bright green eyes.

Obsidian is the leader. She is a firm leader and beleives that a sad team is a disciplined team, thus making them unbeatable. She is dating Bernard, who likes her for the rare ocassions that she is fun and carefree, which is only after they've won a battle.

Bernard is Obsidian's boyfriend. He's from dimension 3, Earth. He ran into a portal by accident, and fell into Obsidian's training field. It took him months to get that kiss, but he got it. and isn't afraid to flaunt it to all the boys who want Obsidian. Which is a lot.

Obsidian may have told them to stop fooling around, but her team just loved fooling around. It's the one break they get from all the magical battles and the interdimensional wars. So if kicking chickens around the village makes them happy, they'll kick chickens till the cows come home. Obsidian sat on a bench and watched her friends, her boyfriend, her sister, even the townsfolk kick around chickens. She would love to join them except her leader instincts told her not to let her guard down. Every time she does, something happens to make her act serious again. The fiddlers were playing their finest tunes and the people who weren;t kikcing chickens were dancing together on the outskirts of the kickers.Bernard held out his hand to Obsidian. She stood up and joined everyone else in chicken kicking.



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