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Let Me Sleep On It--Chapter 1

Short story By: SuperLoveMonkey12

First chapter of my team's story for jade1113's Working Together Contest. I hope i lived up to your guys's expectations and made a good start to the story. And i can't wait to find out what will happen next. :D

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Note~ So I really enjoy making unique names and I hope you like the main character's name and the title. Ahhh! This is so exciting! I can't wait to see where the next writer takes the story.


Chance. You only get one chance per lifetime. One chance to change things and make them better again. I guess you can call it a do-over. A chance to live your life over again; start anew. If I could go back, I would relive the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Mainly because I like the old times when things were simple; safe.

Florida is a somewhat simple state and for the most part, safe. I grew up there which I suppose heightens that feeling of safeness. Orlando is specifically where I grew up. There's something about the sun and heat that comforts me. Then there's the fact that Orlando is normal. Believe me; I prefer normal to strange any day. So I guess it took me by surprise when the day finally came when 'strange' started to become my life.

My name is Keita Reynolds and I am a nineteen year old college student living in Georgia and attending the University of Phoenix. I'm studying to be a doctor which has my schedule pretty tied up most of the time. My main reason for studying medicine is my parents died in a car crash when I was eight years old and I hated that I couldn't save them. So to make up for that, I have decided to devote my life to helping other people in need of medical care.

I haven't been on many dates because I'm average looking and in no way sexy like all those other girls who wear mini skirts that show off their legs and t-shirts so tight that if you gave them a hug, I was afraid the shirt would tear off. No, I have black hair down to my shoulder blades, dark forest green eyes, and I'm so small I could pass for a fifteen year old. So when something exciting or unexpected happens to me, I always have to be surprised.

Chapter 1

"So if you have to check the person's pulse on his neck then on his wrist, how come so many doctors just check one place? Shouldn't they be more thorough?" I heard Taffy (aka Tiffany my best friend) ask Brawnsie our apartment mate.

"Taffy, I believe you're thinking of all the movie scenarios you watched on television this summer. Doctors are thorough and as far as I can tell check the pulse anywhere they can get one. You don't want to make a mistake or you could lose your license." I smiled continuing to stare at the bowl of cereal in front of me, Chex Mix, as Brawnsie went on, "Besides, all you have to worry about, Taffy is whether or not you check the pulse on the wrist and the neck."

I looked up at the two sitting on the couch in the apartment living room. Then I laughed directing my statement to Taffy, "I think you have a bit more studying to do before the hospital will grant you your license."

Taffy turned and stuck her tongue out at me, giving me that look which said Oh, poo, think what you like. I know you're only kidding anyways. I smiled again, finishing off my bowl of Chex Mix. Brawnsie gave me a high five when I walked past her towards the kitchen to rinse out my bowl in the sink.

"You guys are so mean! I can't help it if I ask silly questions. It's my nature." Taffy put on that cute little pouty face she wore any time Brawnsie and I teased her.

"You'll get over it." I said.

Brawnsie stood and slipped on her jelly shoes. "Well, I gotta go to class, but I'll see you guys at lunch." Then she disappeared out the door with her purple bag in tow.

I turned to look expectantly at Taffy. "What do you want to do now? We have a couple hours before we have to be at the hospital for trials."

She got that expression on her face that told me she had an idea all along and was going to use it to get back at me for making fun of her. Great. "Well…I heard about this new club for people eighteen and older called Pop-It-Chic. I think we should go check it out."

Sometimes I wondered if Taffy was really serious about becoming a doctor. I mean, she had the capabilities and she was smart enough, but she never seemed to be, well, serious about learning all she needed to learn. Taffy knew I hated parties, let alone clubs. I guess this will teach me to be more careful when I tease her.

Ugh. "Fine, let's go." I said very unhappily. Taffy jumped up and hugged me then about tore my arm off yanking me into our room.

"We aren't going anywhere until we change that…tomboy outfit you have on."

I glanced down at my attire: faded blue jeans and a t-shirt with the words 'Yo!' printed across the top. "What's wrong with my outfit?"

Taffy got a disgusted look on her face. "Believe me; you don't want me to answer that." So she got to work, poking and prodding me until I felt like a Barbie doll.

When I finally go the chance to look in the mirror, I was amazed at what I saw. The girl staring back at me looked nothing like me. She was wearing pink lipstick and eye shadow. Her sleek, black hair was pulled back into a ponytail with three braids hanging down. The outfit she wore was breathtaking: form-fitting jeans that flared out at the bottom and a ripped and tied, white and red striped t-shirt that said 'Rock' on the front.

"See, Keita, you're beautiful. Now let's go!" Taffy grasped my hand and pulled me outside to the car.


The club was packed when Taffy and I arrived. Apparently still in its early morning fun hours. Thankfully there was no long line outside the front doors. It was situated in a small not very well-known area of the city. The guy at the door studied both of us with hard eyes. His name tag said "Bill."

"IDs please." His voice was rough and he was certainly a big guy. It was obvious he was there to prevent any trouble.

Taffy and I flashed out IDs. Both said we were nineteen. Bill scrutinized me with his eyes in slits. "Are you sure you're nineteen. You look fifteen."

I sighed. Curse my being so small. "Yes, I'm sure. I can even show you my university ID if you'd like."

Bill nodded his head so I thumbed through my wallet and handed him my ID. He stood there looking at it for a good five minutes before he stamped both our hands and let us through the doors.

Inside, people were dressed much like me with the exception that everything the women wore was tighter and shorter. Yep, this definitely was NOT my scene. I was interested in all that was going on, but at the same time, I just wanted to run and escape out the front doors.

Taffy had disappeared and I was wondering if I should try to make a break for it when she suddenly appeared again. Carrying two beers. Which was funny because the bar wasn't supposed to sell alcohol to minors and Taffy and I were both minors.

"Here you go." She extended the beer towards me and said when she saw the look on my face, "Oh, Keita, live a little."

"How did you get those, Taffy?" I tried to keep my tone steady and under control.

"I promised the guy at the bar a little…fun." She waggled her eyebrows at the word fun.

"Taffy, what are you thinking?! We can't drink right before we head off to a trial at the hospital. We'll be working on live patients!" I was furious now.

Taffy glared at me. "Fine. More for me." Then she turned on her heel and sped away.

I tried to stop her. "Taffy, wait! Come back!" But my voice was drowned out by the music: Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger. I lost sight of her in the large crowd of bodies. Now what? I needed to stay and make sure she didn't do anything stupid, but I was so angry that I had to get some air and cool off. I pushed through the dancing bodies to get outside into the fresh air. When I could finally breathe, my head cleared up and the anger faded away to just a spark. I'd walked a few feet from the front doors of the club.

"Rough morning?"

I jumped at the voice, then turned to see who it had come from. A man stepped out of the shadows alongside the club. He looked about twenty-three and had hair which was a burgundy brown accenting his golden eyes. How strange for someone to have golden eyes. And he seemed to tower above me. (Mainly because I'm short, but he would be tall even if I was average size.)

"No," I tried to sound convincing, "it's a bit hard to breathe in there."

The man smiled revealing a set of perfectly white teeth. "I'm sure. All the people in there; they must take a lot of the oxygen."

I don't know why I was even bothering to speak to this stranger. I should have turned and went back into the club, but I wasn't ready to talk with Taffy yet. So I decided I should try to get rid of him and make him leave.

"So, what's wrong." He asked, getting right to the point.

"Oh, it's nothing. I have to head back home now." I tried to turn and head back towards the doors of the club, but the man grabbed my wrist tightly.

"I know when I'm being lied to, Keita." The tone was deadly and the look he gave me was even deadlier. (I swear, if looks could kill…)

"How do you…?" I asked. I knew I did not know this stranger, yet he knew my name.

"I know a lot more than you can imagine, Keita. Your name was easy to find out." He interrupted me.

"Please let me go." This was getting really strange. Whoever this guy was, he was scary and crazy and I did NOT like him gripping my wrist.

Note~ Okay so, I hope that wasn't too short for the first chapter. I was really just writing what came to mind and I hope it wasn't too weird that I included some adult things such as a club and alcohol. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. :D


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