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No Way To Live--Chapter 1

Short story By: SuperLoveMonkey12

Summary~ I am the most powerful immortal in the world. Don\'t get me wrong, i don\'t abuse that power. In fact, for the past year i have been hiding out in a house my father built from a man named Stark Veenire: another very powerful immortal. I suppose that is what happens when your warlock father marries your fallen angel mother. I just wasn\'t meant to be and now i am. There\'s not much i can do about that. This is for a project that i am doing with a few other writers here on booksie. It is the first chapter and hopefully ya\'ll like it.

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Sorry if it seems a little short, but this is what i came up with and it doesn't matter how long the chapters are so i guess we can make up for it with having a bunch of chapters. :) Hope you guys like it.

xxNo+wAy+TO+LIVexx Chapter 1

I've seen the days turn to night; watched the trees morph into buildings, seamless and colorless. Still, here I am. In the same house my father built fifty years ago. Back before I was born, my father built this house for protection. There are no glass windows or doors so the open window overlooks the city of Kartula, and there is still a need for the protection it provides.

They were after my family and now they will soon be coming for me. You see, my father was the most powerful warlock of his time and he married a woman with bold white hair from a group of fallen angels, my mother. There was no law against inter-racial marriage, but no one had ever tried it before so It was new and not very well accepted.

The bond between my parents was so strong, that when they had me, their powers were passed on to me. I became the most powerful being in the world. This made a lot of people jealous and though we had to worry about all the people who were jealous, the worst was a man named Stark. Stark Veenire. [Next to me of course] He was the most powerful immortal and he wanted to use my power. If he couldn't do that, then he wanted to take my power.

My parents refused to even allow Stark to see me. This made him furious so my mother and father used what little power they had left to protect me and hide me away here, in this house. From all I've heard, no one knows what happened to my parents. That was all twenty on years ago.

The only reason I am protected now in this house, is because the magic surrounding it blocks out any way of tracing me. I don't want to stay here forever. I have decided I will leave soon. Twenty years of my life was spent hiding. Now it is time for me to use my powers and fight back for a normal life. So, here I lay, next to the window overlooking Kartula. My glass of red wine next to me because it helps me to remember things more clearly. Everything is alright as I drift off to sleep.

I jolt awake to find the blue curtains of the window pane, blowing in the slight breeze. The air feels wrong. I stood up slowly just as a figure came barreling through the open doorway. I'd never seen him before, but the look in his eyes told me he knew who I was. He was bloody and bruised. His mouth moved, but nothing came out. I stared in shock at seeing some strange man in my house. No one ever came up onto the mountain. They tended to stay down in Kartula. Then without warning, he collapsed on the brown rug on my wood floor.

Without thinking, I kneeled down in my white dress, which I am told belongs to my mother, staining it in the man's blood. I lifted his head carefully to see if he was still alive. The man's eyes flashed open wide, making me jump and drop his head as he said, "Run!"

In fear, I stood and began to run, not needing to be told twice. The last thing I saw before I faded out the door into the distance was the man's right hand lying on the rug. The symbol on the ring on his finger burned itself into my mind. A reminder I could never return to that house again. Somehow, they had found me. Stark had found me.


38 years ago (Tarn: 18 years old)

"Are you listening to me, Tarn?" I managed to catch my friend, Mort's last sentence. I glanced at him sheepishly.

"Ugh…sorry, no. I missed the entire thing." Mort glared at me.

"I was saying that we have to go shopping for new magic books for school or the professors will laugh at us for having outdated ones." I nodded, zoning out again.

"Tarn!!@!!" I snapped my head to stare at Mort, surprised.

"What?" I asked obviously missing why this conversation was so important to Mort if it was about school.

"What?!" He asked me incredulously. "You haven't heard a word I've said for the past hour. What has seemingly caught your attention?" Mort angrily placed his hands on his hips.

I smiled. He couldn't begin to understand.


38 years ago (Rosalina: age 16)

"So what do you think of this?" My friend, Kari, held up a skimpy pink bathing suit. I stared at it, shaking my head no really fast.

"I don't even need a new bathing suit, Kari." I whined.

She just laughed and kept flicking through the racks. This was the first time we had come down to the market for all magical beings. OR at least the first time my parents had let me. I glanced around, completely bored, when my eyes landed on a boy about my age staring right at me.

I could feel my wings shiver when the feeling ran through me. He was so cute. I had to find out who he was.

Note: Oh and in case you missed it, Rosalina and Tarn are the main character's parents. So yeah. :)


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