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Behind Those Trees

Short story By: swords edge

Samantha and her best friend Isabelle are planing to camp out on the roof of an abandoned storage unit for a going away party for Isabelle but on their way there they find out that the wolfs that live in their forest that surrounds their town aren't just wolfs and aren't the only ones living in the dark trees.

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Samantha walked down the dime road with her best friend Isabelle, behind them the sun was setting to the point of where every thing was a gray black, in the distance they heard wolfs howl.
"what the?"
"ignore it Issy, you know the woods around here are full of wolfs," Samantha stated pushing Isabelle forward past the abandoned gray storage unites that occupied the edge of their small town, Isabelle glared nervously at the woods beside them having second thoughts about camping outside the old buildings, what she didn't know was that Samantha felt the same way. Why am I doing this? Samantha thought trying to ignore the wolfs cry's from somewhere in the dark woods. Why did I let her talk me into this? She tried to convince herself that everything was going to be fine but there was something that nagged at Samantha telling her that she should run but she shuck off the feeling knowing that she had to do this for Isabelle because she was moving tomorrow and this was their last night together before Issy moved away from their small town to a big city some where.
Slowly they walked across the paved blacktop road both jumping at each new sound that broke through the cold twilight air.
"Issy, you sure you want to do this? I mean what if wolfs come out? There's no one around here that would hear us if we called for help," Samantha stated beginning to have second thoughts also as more wolfs seemed to fill the early night air with their own unique cry, Isabelle stopped and turned to face Samantha, her face a mask of horror.
"don't-turn-around," she stated looking to the woods behind Samantha who had been walking on Isabelle's right until a few moments ago when she had skipped backwards to her left so that her back was to the huge old woods that surrounded their little town.
"why?" she asked Isabelle thinking that she was pulling her lag, but when she whispered one word Sam knew that she wasn't joking.
"run-" she whispered, deep growling cut what ever she was about to say off next. Samantha turned her head around slightly so she could see the 5 wolfs standing behind her baring their teeth threateningly at the 2 girls.
"Issy-" Sam started giving her friend a look that she knew would get the next word across, giving a slight nod Issy mouthed her thank you and quickly turned around to sprint to the nearest stairway to the top of the building. Turning to face the wolfs so that her friend could get a head start, they all looked from her to her friend only giving chase when Samantha turned to run after a few moments hoping that Issy was some what close to the buildings, behind her the wolfs gave chase growling nosily as the sprinted towards her.
"ah!" Isabelle tripped and skidded across the ground and crashed painfully into one of the storage walls.
"Issy!" Samantha screamed running to her ignoring the fact they were cornered with 2 walls on ether side of them and there was no ladder to get to the top of ether one of them. "Issy! Issy can you hear me?" she cried kneeling beside her knocked out friend, behind her deep laughter sounded.
Samantha turned fearfully to the 5 men behind her each one with long fingernails and canine teeth. "wh-who are you?" she whispered moving so she was semi-sitting in front of her friend protecting her from their view.
"deary," one of them stated talking a step forward, "the better question would be what are we, and the answer would be-"
"werewolf's," a smooth voice said echoing through the dark night, slowly a young man around Samantha's age probably 18 or 19 with short dark red hair walked up to the pack of men shaking some of their hands in a gangster type of way.
"but-" Samantha was cut off by one of the werewolf's kicking her to the side wall.
"shut up," he growled his voice was thickly accented British, she gasped and coughed when her stomach hit the stone wall and was glad that she had thrown her arms in front of her face so her noise wouldn't be smashed.
"hey Eric, you want this one?" the British guy asked pushing his foot into the small of her back so that she was pushed tightly to the wall without a hope in the world to escape.
"way not? I haven't eaten yet," the guy with red hair said sending a jolt up her spine as the sound of his foot falls grew closer. Eaten? He's going to eat me? She gasped when she was given a final shove before Eric grabbed her trembling shoulders kneeling down beside her, gently he pushed her hair away from her neck and behind her ear then slowly brought his mouth down to her earlobe and gently laid his teeth on the tender skin, Samantha gasped when she felt his fangs slide out.
"please," she whispered squeezing her eyes shut excepting her fate, "don't hurt me friend," she whispered feeling his fangs slowly push down on her earlobe and slowly sliding down to her neck. "please, do anything to me but just don't hurt her," Samantha breathed feeling the first tear fall, the pressure on her neck got lighter but it was still there.
"anything?" Eric's smooth voice asked, Samantha nodded, "swear it unto your own life that your blood is mine as long as your friend I protected," he whispered.
"i swear on my life that my blood is yours as long as she is protected," Samantha choked out knowing that the vampire was smiling.
"wolfs, leave that girl be," he spoke standing, "her blood is now forbidden property,"
"but all the vamps get the good ones!" one of them complained.
"that's because we work for them," Eric stated ignoring Samantha's attempted to stand but was now kneeling in a half hunch and was coughing furiously.
"then can we have that one?" the British one asked taking a step forward at an attempt to grab her but Eric was quicker.
"she is now under my protection, you touch her and I'll kill you," he stated grabbing the other guys hand and bending it backwards until he howled in pain, "that goes for all of you, so one more step and I'll show you why my race is in charge," he growled sending a death glare at the pack of men around him standing my Samantha's side and putting his arms behind him so they couldn't see her that well. "understand?" he growled, the werewolf's gave slight nods before turning to leave, Eric watched them all dissatisfied into the woods and didn't turn his back to them until he was satisfied that they were gone.
"Issy," Samantha whispered giving another brutal cough, Eric dropped down beside her helping her sit, "is she-ok?" she choked out looking into the vampires deep red eyes, he nodded while slowly laying his hand on her check and gently brushed the light brown hair away from her dark blue eyes. Relived at the good news Samantha allowed the tears she had been holding back to escape knowing that they would anyways.
"don't cry, your safe now," he whispered whipping away some of her tears, "shhhh. . ." he whispered pulling her into a soft hug only pushing her back when he realized that she was shivering from the cold fall air.
"I'm sorry," Samantha whispered as Eric pulled his jacket around her quivering body, he shook his head slowly.
"no, from now on I'm responsible for your health and safety because-" he started sliding his arm under her lag and his other one around her waist then picked her up bridal style allowing her to wrap her arms around his neck and resting her head against his chest, "-from now on I own your life and your body and there really isn't anything you can do about it," he stated carrying her away into the dark woods where she was going to spend the rest of her life with him


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