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Careful For What You Wish For

Short story By: swords edge

something i have blowing around in my head for a book.... what do you guys think? worth pursuing

Submitted:Dec 31, 2010    Reads: 61    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Amanda stuck her hands in her pockets balling them up agents the winter chill, the town lights around her gleamed and sparkled with a mysterious light that was beyond her own mind. She had just gotten out of her towns movie theater seeing some random movie that didn't really perk her interest but was more like a reason to get out of the house and away from her ever suffocating mother and hot tempered father.
"if only, if only..." she sighed thinking of the adventures she had always wished for secretly knowing that if she ever told her mother she would laugh and tell her to constraint of her grades like her older brother who was the perfect student. "and son," she muttered walking through the parking lot looking for the car her mother drove hoping she hadn't forgotten the time she was suppose to pick Amanda up at, the December wind picked up blowing her barley past shoulder length blond hair making her stop for a moment to zip her jacket up more. She walked around for a bit looking for her mom but every where she looked it seemed like shadows encased the cars not allowing her to see right, she was guessing her mother couldn't see her back.
Amanda decided to turn around and ask for a phone or something so she could call her forgetful mother.
"Amanda," came a cool deep voice behind her making her swirl around to face her adresser. In the end she was facing a young man about 20ish 5 years older then herself his eyes were bright blue with a black circle running around the lightning blue defining them more. He wore a black leather shirt that had no sleeves and became a V neck worn along this was faded black jeans and spiked up light brown gold hair. "we've been waiting for you for some time..." he said taking a quick step towards her, Amanda's eyes drifted to his side where she saw a sword strapped firmly to his hip, then from out of nowhere 10 men tackled her pinning her to the ground before pulling her back up 2 of them holding onto her tightly.
"what? Why?" she was gasping for the air that was knocked out of her while trying to figure out was happening to her.
"princess! Hold on we'll be right there!" another voice broke through the fog that was slowly beginning to engulf them, moments latter another group of men where tackling the others around her, swords clashing agents swords rung out through the night though there was no way of seeing who was winning through the thick fog around her. The man with spiked up hair swore under his breath before he ran over to her and held her arms tight as he began to drag her to a car.
"no princess!" came the voice again, it sounded younger then the others but it was still male, moments latter she was tackled by a boy her age with spiky red hair and startling green eyes. Soon as she was on the ground he got back up to face the other man sword drawn.
"you shall not hurt the only heir of Uory!" he said in his strange accented voice, something hit Amanda's head causing her to black out.


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