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Red Ridding Hood: rewritten for contest

Short story By: swords edge

red and her family have been fighting for longer then any of them could remember. no wit's her turn to fight and take lead of the war. but will she only kill her self and others? or will she be better leader then her mother before her?
for nickystocks contest

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We all know the story of little red ridding hood. A young girl who wears a red hood where ever she goes? Then one day when she goes to visit her dear old grandmother but along the way talks to a wolf who then eats her grandmother whole then swallows little red as well, then of course a lumber jack comes along and saves them by cutting the wolf open and stuffing stones in its belly so that he drowns in the river when he goes to drink. Of course you probably heard a more descent one made by Disney or something but that is the real ones, well one of them anyways. So you think it ends there? That the little girl gets away and lives happily ever after, well I'm here to tell you that you are so dead wrong.
My name is Atalanta Alonza and I'm the descendent of that little girl. You see what some people don't know nor realize is that the hunter who had saved red ridding hood fell in love with her mother for she was widowed for over a year and was overly grateful for him saving her daughter and her grandmothers life. The hunter and her mother had children and they grew up to be married along with little red, then one day little red and her now grown up half sisters were washing their clothes in the creek and found themselves surrounded by the wolfs brothers who were out for revenge and when there was no one around to protect them, besides little red who had fought them off more then once in her life, they looked to her and In the end little red killed the oldest brother with a nearby ax, this made the wolfs infuriated, well more then before. So they ran off into the dark woods shouting behind them that they would seek revenge a pone them and their daughters for generations to come.
As it turned out the wolfs told the whole clan and they told other clans sparking a war between the family of red hood and the big wolfs.
Over time we have developed a name for these creatures, which you should know now days as werewolf's. Ya so all those fairy tales that you heard when you where little where actually true, well except goldy locks… she was just plain lazy and was eaten, but other than her the families of the other fairy tales, like Hansel and Gretel who you can latter on hunt down their great grand kids to ask about how they hunt witches and sometimes helps my family out with the hunt but right now your hearing my story so listen closely.
It started since red ridding hoods time and since then their children and their children and their great grand kids have fought the creatures of the night that most prefer to call werewolf's or shape shifters, but me I call them blood hunters or black furs and my favorite, skin stealers. As I was saying the wolfs have wagged war against my family for ages just as they have promised. The skin stealers have not only promised to wag war against us for this long but they have, if you remember my earlier story, promised that their daughters will be fighting them cursing all of the red hood family to bar only girls and no sons. so that means all the descendants of the red hood family are girls and are chosen husbands at birth meaning that we all have different last names since we are promised to a man, and no I do not mean like my cousin. I mean men that are allowed to join our cause if they swear into secrecy.
But anyway all that stuff is complected so back to the story, The red hood family are the only ones aloud to wear red hoods symbolizing our leadership and power over the other men, the women of my family always lead the hunt for the blood hunters. And then men that join wear black hoods so that ours stick out making it easier to identify who is where and its kinda like a pride thing too.
However, my family is the only one who allows women to fight, the wife's and daughters of the other men must stay at camp for they are counted as innocent life's that should be spared from the fury and blood of the moon light battles that I have seen few of so far in my life.
But tonight it is my turn to lead because my mother, being the direct descendent of red ridding hood herself and not one of her half sister, had recently died on the hunt leaving me, her only daughter, to lead an army of 50 men into the dark forest to invade a skin stealers camp.
The Story
The semi-thick red cloth from Atalanta Alonza long ridding cloak. Behind her, her mothers second in command rode up on his brown stallion.
"there going to be tuff to fight tonight," he stated dumbly, since her mothers death Atalanta was in command of the little tropes that they had to only make it worse almost none of them thought her ready to lead after such a loss and she was barley 15 yet making the older men doubt her even more.
"yes, I am fully aware of the full moon over head," she replied coolly, her black mare shifted uncomfortably under her weight. "shhh girl…" she replied gently patting the spooked horses neck gently trying to reassure the mare. along with herself, that they would be just fine. The man draped in black beside her shifter from where he sat waiting for her to give an order, or just talk to him.
"was this part of the forest always this dark?" she asked him becoming uneasy of the deathly silence surrounding them. The man looked from the black landscape before them back to her again, his brown eyes almost seemed black from the bags around his eyes and the black beard that ruffled across his aging face.
"no, they are much darker then this. It's the full moons light that gives us even the slightest sense of sight and about the where about's of the enemy on this God forsaken night," he said slowly making sure she heard every word he said for he had to say in a whisper, the entire troop was trained to be silent and it was only when one of them must speak to her or another red hood that they could be heard. Atalanta smiled shakily, she had no doubt in her mind about her leadership over the men but she was still nerves about the fight, it was her first time fighting by the full moon that meant that they were at their fullest power, and could change at will into a man or black fur, blood hunter, skin stealer wolf.
"when do you say we go?" asked one of Atalanta's aunts. She had ridden to her side on another black mare without notice, this didn't surprise Atalanta nor did it faze. The old women was wrinkled with age and marked with plenty of scares from her more frequent fighting days, this was her first fight in 3 years she was only doing it for her niece.
"hello SIlvia, I don't know… do you think this black curtain will lighten a little if we wait a few more moments to wait until the moon reaches the highest point?" she asked her new guardian, the old women shook her head quickly.
"if we wait until then they'll just become more powerful," she said quickly looking at Atalanta.
Atalanta stared out into the night, the wind was picking up swirling her long, lose blond hair around her pale white face that seemed even paler compared to her lightning blue eyes. She nodded slowly knowing she could not stall the attack any longer, they had to attack now if they wanted to have any chance of surviving or even winning for that manner.
"ok, tell the men to mount the horses, we attack in 1 minute," she told both her mothers second in command and her aunt. The word was whispered among the troops quickly, stirring their anxiety back to the surface making them fidget and mumble to themselves.
"red hood,' said the second command, he referred to her as her new title making her flinch a little, " the men are ready, will you make the signal?" he asked her quietly, she had to strain to hear him over the creaking of the black branches overhead. she sighed, she use to see her mother make the signal all the time when she had first went to battle with her when they had raided a small camp of skin stealers that had kidnapped some young women to turn at the next full moon, since then she had drilled the sign into knowing that one day she would have to do it.
that day was today.
Slowly, but steadily, she raised her hand to make the symbol that would tell the men it was time to go. Her hand was twisted up like she was crossing her fingers with both her pointer and middle and then with her ring and pinky, these then crossed over each other.
It means good luck, and that we will always be close by to help you… she remembered her mother told her one day a few years back when she had learned that was to be the next leader. She was about to lower her hand when men behind her screamed out, snarls of the filthy black furs came forth as the trees moved revealing the waiting animals. Dozens of them came forth showing themselves to the shocked hunters.
"ambush!" yelled Silva, men all around her pulled their bows and swords, they didn't believe in using the guns now days and preferred the old ways, but as quickly the wolfs made their move and charged the men quickly making the field into a blood bath.
So it's begone. . . she thought knowing if she failed tonight she and every last one of them would die.


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