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The Rest Of Forever

Short story By: swords edge

my contest peice! first none rough draft on here lol

Submitted:Feb 21, 2011    Reads: 60    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

Ariana didn't have to look behind her to know that the men were getting closer, she could hear their shouts grow louder as they closed in on her, that much was obvious, but what really gave them away was the clink of beer bottles as more became empty and were quickly tossed aside to make room for more.
"where that girly go!?" one of them shouted pushing Ariana forward, she was dodging through the park trees knowing that she didn't have much time to hesitate in her unfamiliar surroundings.
Her and her mother had just recently moved to big New York, NY and between her new job as a waitress at a near by grilling joint and her home work for the beginning of 11 grade she hadn't had a lot of time to explore the nearby attractions such as the park or, something more helpful in her case, the police station half a block away from her work which she would have ran too if she knew it was there but since she didn't this was the best place for her to hid, so she thought.
The moons eerie white light played across the trees seeping in through the branches here in there playing across Ariana's golden blond hair giving it a strange shine that you would expect angel hair to have, but the difference between them was that angels had wings and she really wished for them right now.
The wind picked up as she ran sending a shiver through up Ariana's spine since her white blouse and black skirt offered no protection against the elements, she prayed she was home right now and not running for her life from some drunken men that she had annoyed earlier when she didn't bring their food on time. Right after her shift had ended she found them in the parking lot and was disturbed because they had fallowed her until she toke off running into the park where they ran after her yelling stuff about how they were going to show her, her place. Ariana half tripped over a upturned root but gained her balance again as she ran forward through the ever darkening night.
"they stopped," she mumbled after a while stopping so she could turn and look behind her to see if the men really had stopped, slowly she began to walk backwards to anxious to stay still.
"ah!" Ariana screeched falling backwards some how tripping over a root she swore wasn't there a moment ago, she squinted her eyes shut and waited for the wind to be knocked out of her body as she hit the ground but as seconds ticked by the cold ground never made impact with her back, but something else did.
"are you alright?" a male voice asked, Ariana felt her body being shifted in his arms. she opened her eyes, startled at the sudden change in events, and found herself staring into the eyes of a boy around 17 who looked like any other new yorker but he was dressed like he belonged in medieval china because he was wearing a long white dress with a lose blue fabric around his chest that hung down to his wast then was tied down with a small white rope and he had cut of sleeves that were pulled to his elbows but then where left hanging but Ariana barely noticed this, at first, because she was focused on his sloppy cut white hair and golden eyes staring down into her plain green ones.
"i asked if you where alright," he stated his voice was warm and comforting but something about him made her want to get up and run.
"i-i'm alrigh-" but she was cut of by the drunkards shouts from the line of trees surrounding the clearing, she shuttered knowing that there was no way she could get away from them now. The strange boy looked from her to the men who where slowly seeping out of the line of trees like deformed goo.
"please," she whispered looking up pleadingly to the boy, "please don't let them get me," she whispered her line of sight shifting from the boy to the nearing drunks.
"what do they want with you?" the boy asked gently helping her sit before standing in between her and the sight of the men, Ariana shivered slightly at the thought of what they could do to her if the boy let them.
"they want to put me in my place by-" but she was cut of by her own quite sob that she could no longer hold back, the boy looked down at her crying figure, rage racking across his features as he realized what the men wanted with her.
"where I come from-" he stated pulling his hands over his head as if he was about to swing a sword, "men are killed for doing such things to a women. . . this world should hold to exception," on the last word a long sword appeared in his hands and it curved in a half-moon to the ground and where the blade of the sword meet the blades of grace a strange white light would shimmer around it and sent a wind up and around the boy.
Ariana sat quietly behind him in both shock and horror but as the boy ran to meet the drunks with his sword pulled behind him everything went dark and Ariana slumped unconscious to the ground.
* * *
The boy shifted Ariana's body his arms making sure he wasn't waking her, she deserved some rest. The white hot flame that had burned through him when he first realized what the men wanted to do to this fair damsel was still burning inside his veins, or what use to be veins at lest, by the time he had scared them off and had came back to find her sleeping peacefully
"the poor girl," he sighed lifting her up into his arms ever so carefully so he wouldn't hurt her already browsed body then stood letting her arms cling to his neck like a life support, he smiled softly remembering when he was alive and his little sister did this to him every night when he carried her from the pound, where she often stayed till he came for her, to her mat in the sleeping chambers but he quickly forgot about it knowing that the memory was still one of the very few things that brought him to tears, if he could cry anyway.
"no! Please let me go!" the girl in his arms muttered in her sleep, his grip on her tightened slightly knowing that she was having a nightmare about those pigs, quickly he walked to the shimmering pound where he had come through earlier to preform his duties as the guardian of that certain portal. His shift was almost done and he had to return before the first brake of dawn or he would be stranded in this world forever but as he neared the shimmering water he knew that he couldn't leave the maiden by herself in case those. . . those dogs came back for her and he didn't even want to think about what they would do to her if they found her alone like this, alone and unprotected. But he had no time to bring her back to a safe place knowing the sun would rise before he could make it back to the pool but the thought of those men still made a fire burn in his body to protect her, so he made quick decision and started to walk into the shimmering blue water allowing it to lap up and around his body as he slowly made his way deeper and deeper.
"don't worry," he whispered into the girls ear, "i promise to keep you safe," and with his final words the water lapped over his head bringing him down into the world of the forgotten along with a girl he barely knew but wanted to stay with him for the rest of forever.


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