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The Sisters

Short story By: SynHawk

This I so enjoyed writing. I love the interaction between all three of them. It's not the amazing writing but I just enjoyed it. Oh and it's also just a extract from my novel. But with the flashbacks edited out.

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The Sisters

Hawk fell against the wall as the arrow smashed into his sword. He hit the ground, his sword sliding from his grasp.
"Come on Hawk, you can be faster than that!" Avia laughed as Hawk looked up at her. Grinning he stood up and his eyes passed over her bow.
"Well if I can even the odds a littleā€¦ so I'm not just being shot at... but shooting back" his hands drifted up and the air around his hands strobed a light blue. Hawk smiled as Erika cheered from the sidelines. He and Avia looked over at her; each with a smile on their face. Blushing slightly Erika looked a little sheepish.
"What? I like magic " her voice trailing off slightly at the end of her sentence. Avia looked back at Hawk and then spoke. Her eyes gleaming playfully
"Want to have a little fun?"
Hawk grinned and looked at Erika
"Sure, lets turn up the heat a little" he motioned to Erika to be by her sister "Here. Help her out if you can" Erika's face broke out into a smile and she ran to her sister, her aura beginning to glow a faint shade of red. As she reached her sister she turned to face SynHawk Tsavo. The air around her started to glow more brightly and the red deepened. Hawk's eyes danced in the light of the room. The red and blues bouncing off each other. Avia looked at her sister and smiled down at her, Erika's attention fully on Hawk. Moving her eye's to Hawk she winked and then let her arm up, stringing an arrow and pulling it back. Hawk put his arms up, ready. "Ok you two, show me your best" They looked up and down into each others eye's and then back at Hawk. Their voices almost as identical as the colour of their deep red hair.

"You're on" At that Erika's hands flared into a red flame and she spun, flinging a small ball of fire at Hawk. As his eyes were on the ball Avia let her finger slip from the string and the arrow shot forward, slicing the air.


Hawk ducked in time to miss the small flare of fire but the arrow was not as far off. The head slammed into his palm and shattered. Silver coated iron tinkling over the floor. Erika smirked at her sister's broken arrowhead. Her own red aura igniting her hands and heating the air around her. Shimmers of distortion clear. Avia whispered to herself teasingly.
"Alright Hawk" She ran towards Hawk, her hand whipping to the grip of her Rapier. A small volley of fire arching over her shoulders, the room brightly lit as Hawk's eyes narrowed. His hands flaring as one slipped to the back of his waist. Avia's blade flung forward towards SynHawk Tsavo as he slipped between the rain of fire. The tip almost grazing his chest as his hand swerved in-front of him. Deflecting her attack with his dagger, the side shining red in the power of Erika's flames.
"Quicker Avia" He winked and jumped back, the floor singed as a ball of fire slammed against it, a young smirk on Erika's glistening face. Spinning away from Hawk, Avia was smiling to herself. If he want's faster. He'll get it. The two ran at each other as the fire lessened slightly. Avia's blade twirling in her hand. Hawk had a gleam in his eyes as he ran at her, aware or Avia's agility. They reached each other and Avia ducked, sending her blade to Hawk's waist as he jumped. Diving over her quickly he rolled away from the two sisters. His free hand darting to his ankle and slipping his second dagger from its catch. Placing his foot on the floor he sprung up and looked back at the sisters, ducking again as a new ball of fire streamed over his shoulder.
"Alright Hawk?" Erika's young voice came through his ears as he got up and turned around
"Never better" He grinned and crossed his arms over his shoulders, blades shining as they covered his chest. Erika was almost hopping from one foot to another as Avia walked back to her. A smile edging into her features. Stepping back from the fight for a little while she called out to her sister.
"Alright little sis, your turn. I'm not in your way now" Looking back Erika gave a sly, cheeky grin to Avia. Her hands glowing as she turned back to Hawk. Looking at his own blue hands. He grinned at her and his hands slowly faded.
"Give it your best shot Erika, I'm not going anywhere"
"But this time, no arrows to freeze"
"Right" A small smile spreading on all three of their faces. Their minds darting back to Hawk's duel with Avia. Hawk's flashed white and blue, bolts of lightning swirling around the edges of his blades. Erika and Avia snapped from their minds and Erika's face hardened somewhat. All too knowing of Hawk's own magic. The air slowly started to shimmer around Erika's body, the red silk on her body wavering in the light. The edges of her glowing deeply. Hawk closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His own mind probably more aware of the power she held then she knew herself.
"Watch yourself!" Erika called out as her body flared and set alight, heat bellowing off her as she swung her arms forward. Sending the eruption of fire from her body at Hawk. Grimacing slightly he stepped back and braced himself, the wave of fire enveloping his body as it passed over him. His figure vanishing into the body of the ball. Three whole months had passed since Hawk had awoken from his fight with Sholdon, and he was fast on his way to recovery. Wing almost mended and his cuts and bruises close to un-noticeable. The time had passed quite quickly for the trio. Soon after Hawk had retold his history for the second time, the truthful time, the Avons seemed to take him in once again. Sheltering him as he healed. A quiet stillness sunk over the room as the ball sat around where Hawk had been standing. Burning fiercely and lighting the room. Slowly, Avia moved forward. Now slightly worried about Hawk, not her sister in the duel. As she did this she saw a glimmer of white and her face broke into a wide grin behind Erika's red back. The air around the sphere started to break and two large wings of white were beating the fire. Sucking the oxygen away from the flames as they slowly died
"Erika..." Hawk spoke playfully "That was all show" she smiled as her fists were still aflame
"Well I did tell you that when we first met Hawk" she giggled slightly and threw her two ball of fire at Hawk. The air sizzling as they veered to his body "But not all of it is always show" the first ball struck the window behind Hawk and it shot right through. Melting the glass. The second was pelting to his face, but Hawk's dagger shot up and cleaved the ball in two, the flame dieing as it was split. Avia smirked at her sister's broken projectile.
"In a way. But heat isn't everything. You'll see that one day. When you're much more powerful than you are now" These words hit Erika's ears and her eyes sparkled. There was a distinct slap as Avia smacked her forehead behind Erika. But the younger sister was too eager to hear the sound
"You really think so? I mean I know I've got better but, how much more powerful am I going to get? Will I be like you Hawk?" she was bouncing on the heels of her feet and it was obvious the duel was over by a long shot. Avia however was silently mouthing other words to Hawk
"I told you not to tell her that" Hawk smiled at Avia's slight frustration and then spoke to Erika
"Yeah, sure. You could be, if you practice as much as you sister does" Erika spun around and grinned up at her older sister. Hawk just winked at Avia.
"Can I practice with you whenever you do?" Avia sighed at her sister's eager willingness to learn more of the magic Hawk had taught her. Hawk had been teaching them how to fight and defend the town against what was coming, and just teaching them to fight in general. It was hardly wasted skill in the mountains, with bandits hiding up in the far regions.
"Yeah, sure. You can, if you don't burn my bowstring anyway" Hawk laughed silently at this. Erika and Avia had been having fun with a small practice battle and Erika at flamed Avia's string in two.
"I was only once sis..." Erika looked quite embarrassed at the comment
"It's all good kiddo" coming up behind her he ruffled her hair and put his daggers away. Erika looked up at him and grinned at his full white wings, the wound barely noticeable.

"Don't suppose you can fly on it yet?" Her voice full of youthful curiosity


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