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Alice falls asleep one day during class only to be rudely awakened by an ominous future that is far from fantasy dream lands...

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Yawning Alice slowly woke up from her long slumber, had she slept through school. She gazed out the window to see a pitch dark dusk. The moon was glowing a pure white through the school windows as the wind was blowing through the slight cracks in the windows. "Night time? I slept this long?" Alice said to herself. It was at that moment a door opened. She jumped out of her seat startled like a cat and stared at the doorway. A boy was there with short golden hair, yellow eyes the color of sunflowers and in the same school suit outfit. A brown suit, red tie and a black undershirt. "Yo girly." he said to Alice. He began to walk towards her, she stepped back at least once. "What are you doing here at this time?" he questioned Alice. Isn't it more odd that he is here she thought. "Well, I fell asleep and when I woke up it was already night time.". He smiled a kind of wild smile and proceeded to walk closer to Alice's face. "Aren't you pretty...I should probably take you home now right?". Alice felt uncomfortable, every breathe he took sent shivers down her body.

"I-I can walk myself home but thanks!" as she was about to walk out of the ominous room, she felt two hands grip her shoulders with enough power to keep her at bay. "Let go of me!" Alice shrieked! Trying to get him off but it was no use.

"Not today, it's not often I find fresh virgin maiden blood." his eyes flashed between crimson and yellow. What the hell is going on she thought! Alice could feel cold breaths on her neck, making her slightly blush from the feeling. "Get off me!" she shrieked one more time. Charles pulled back his head showing his entire rows of teeth to be sharp fangs that could devour a boar. She closed her eyes in waiting for her to be struck...but nothing happened. She heard a sound of a fist making contact and Charles' scream. She opened her eyes to turn around to another boy standing there. He had dark black hair of the night that reached to his shoulder but didn't cover his face at all, bright crimson red eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness and the same school outfit the males wear. "Are you ok?" he said. "Y-Yeah I'm fine, who are?" Alice asked. He smiled a slight grin and replied "Just call me Alucard and you, I've never seen you around before". That goes for both of them, he was someone Alice had never seen in her class before. "I'm Alice. Alice Hellsing." at what was just said Alucard's eyes burst wide but then slowly went to it's calmer fashion. "I see...Well then, what is a human doing here in Night School?"

Too many questions were rolling in her head but she had to ask them. "First of all, what's this Night School?"

"Night School is the name of this schools other classes. This may come as a shock to you but Charles Maximere over there is a Vampire, as am I. Night School is a school made just for monsters of all kinds of races to get together for classes, as for why it's set at night...It's so they don't attack humans." It was a shock for her, she began to shake as it made sense. The attacks and the eyes. She slowly sunk to the floor as her knees gave way and became like jello. "I...I see. Monsters..." she was shivering from head to toe. Alucard looked at her briefly with sentimental eyes. "Ergh..." Charles began to arise waking up from the sudden attack. He grabbed a desk and before Alucard could react he had bashed it on his head knocking Alucard to the ground in a bloody mess. The desk broke apart and the legs scattered across the room. His head was bleeding from a gash wound that was slowly regenerating itself. Alice quickly woke up from her shock and crawled to Alucard's side. "A-Alucard! Are you alright?!" she panicked and was still shivering, possibly with even more violent convulsions now. "I...I'm fine, it will heal..."

"But..." midway into Alice's sentence Charles headlocks Alice and pulls her away from Alucard. His face was demented with anger, a grin full of malice and his eyes a beaming red. "Now try to get me, you dumb ass!" he laughed a cynical cackle while Alucard was stumbling to get up while blood dripped to the floor. "I will make this bitch my slave, I will drink her blood and you will get out of my way!" he screamed at Alucard. Alucard looked around the room, his vision still hazy from the heavy blow he received. He noticed the legs of the desk had broken off, he walked to one and picked the spike ended metal pipe up clutching it tightly with both hands as he pointed it upwards towards Alice and Charles.

"What? Going to kill me? Haha! Forget I have this girl in my arms? The admirable Alucard's going to slay humans, isn't this a laugh..." Charles snickered.

"Alice...Trust me. Please" and what could she do? It was either be eaten by that creep Charles or sacrificed at the hands of Alucard, she had no options. Alice merely closed her eyes, in realizing her future has come to a halt...Her life, has come to a cease. Alucard lunged at Charles and Alice with the spiked pipe and pierced it forcefully through Alice to get to Charles' heart. She cringed and screamed in pain feeling the metal rip through her delicate tissue. "D-Damn you Alucard!!" as his voice resonated he instantaneously combusted and then almost immediately after poofed into ash. The remains of what used to be...A vampire.

Alice felt deaths door knocking for her, her vision became blurry, her eyes were slowly beginning to close while blood was swimming out of her body staining the floor . Alucard looked at the red pile but ignored the urge to lick it and then caught Alice before she had fallen. He removed the leg from her body as she screamed in pain, hacking up blood. He placed Alice gently on the floor, kneeling over her "Alice, you have two choices. Lay here and die a cold death until morning comes for help if you survived the bleeding...Or, let me bite you and convert you into a vampire. You will live amongst the creatures of the night, no longer human. What is your answer?"

Alice raised up her hand slowly it was shaking violently as her life was dwindling, her vision fading to black. Alice's mouth was trying to move but the words were faint and distant. "I...Choo..Se..."

The End


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